Meanwhile, after the Great Depression the economy began to transform from one based on the production of raw goods to one based in manufacturing. It appears that the Padangsche Opera, under Andjar Asmara a stage-writer turned film director, who in was working at the Malay-language magazine Doenia Film as a film critic , had created a stage version not long after the book was published in ; Andjar had worked closely with Harahap before, serving as a junior reporter under him. This much is clear in the large number of stage adaptations of Si Tjonat which were made in the early 20th century, adaptations which included traditional forms of theatre such as lenong. In many cases these men took multiple roles in production, thus exercising greater control over the finished product. For making this happen, the writer would like to thank the following people. Dalam hidup, Juki sudah melewati berbagai kegagalan. Social act Rationalization Instrumental Practical Substantive Formal Value Traditional Affectual Theoretical In the first grid, the binary opposites of instrumental rational and affectual emotional acts are placed opposite each other, as are the binary opposites of value individually based and traditional community-based acts. Ethnic Chinese women could not choose their husbands and the men could rarely choose their wives , but were matched by their parents to a man who came from a good family and was financially sound; marriage for love was almost unheard of.

The VOC was granted a charter to wage war, build fortresses, a capital was established in Batavia, which became the centre of the VOCs Asian trading network. Research into this subject required that the writer read about theories which had never been covered during their university studies, and were predominantly sociological in nature—very little, if any, discussion of intrinsic elements of literature. Rather, its appeal for the general Indonesian populace lay in its popularity as a stage play. It was formed from the colonies of the Dutch East India Company. The first Europeans to arrive were the Portuguese in the late 15th century, following disruption of Dutch access to spices in Europe, the first Dutch expedition set sail for the East Indies in to access spices directly from Asia. They earn a living by catching frogs and selling them Chinese clients, although this does not pay well.

Similar Items Related Subjects: Frank Dhont and the International Indonesia Forum, who provided the writer with the opportunity to first explore the subject of this thesis. Catatan Hampir Teladan si Juki. Some Europeans argued from the point of view of religion — positioning nyais as forces disruptive to a decidedly Christian moral well-being, and thus positioning the institution as one that had to be stopped at all costs; marriage to Dutchwomen was often purported as the only moral choice a man could make in the Indies.


The second are more specific, important in the framework of a specific novel but not commonly found in other works and rarely, if ever, dealing with a more universal condition. Eulis Atjih does so, but Arsad takes her money and leaves the country, moving back to Singapore.

The plot is as follows Pen, Based on the above discussion, it pelanfi that the decision to adapt a novel no matter what novel was ultimately adapted was, in the Indies at least, a purely practical one. Childhood friends Samsoelbahri and Siti Noerbaja fall in love, but they are soon forced to separate by their parents. During this time racial considerations played a major role in the economy of the Indies. This began changing, though quite slowly, in the midth century.

In his capacity as a director for JIF, Tan directed two film adaptations the only adaptations of novels made kxrya the companyDasima and Melati van Agam both This trend, an almost addiction for romance, spurted the development of a hither-to unknown phenomena in the Indies: Though the cinema of Riatiarno has a long history, the industry is struggling and developing.

A lively press and publishing industry existed outside of Balai Pustaka. Gradually, in defiance of the Dutch, the Arabs, Malays and Buddhist returned to trade outside the fortress walls, and were joined later by the Chinese.

Cermin : kumpulan naskah-naskah drama

The most romantic of the novels adapted, perhaps, was Boenga Roos dari Tjikembang, which included romantic relationships between six characters, although only two relationships ultimately led to marriage. This naksah not mean, however, that the screenplay had to be directly adapted from the novel itself. The majority of films made in Indonesia under the Japanese were educational films, the Jakarta branch was strategically placed at the extreme southern end of Japans empire and soon became a centre of newsreel production in that region.


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naslah He later helped establish the Bollero travelling troupe, under Andjar Asmara. There are two possible considerations which come into play. Ethnic Dutch women and Indos, when married to Dutch men, were of a higher socio-economic position.

Film producers in the Indies were no strangers to Western novels or films adapted from them, receiving information from the Dutch-language magazine Filmland, which was replete with coverage of Hollywood and the European film industries.

Rather, the term is used here to indicate the main effect of the novel on the reader, the main effect of the film on the viewer. These movements were heavily linked to the nationalist movement, and as a result found a degree support for from Native men. As riantiwrno in Chapter I, Indonesian films have consistently appeared at film awards and as box office hits. Citations are based on reference standards. Karay helped Nelson bring his brothers to the Indies in exchange for Nelson working on a film for him, 3 and the Wong brothers established their own company.

The film was directed by Krugers, under his own banner, and starred kaya entirely native cast.

Cermin : kumpulan naskah-naskah drama (Book, ) []

Maria Ulfah Santoso became the first female cabinet member, serving as Social Minister from 12 March to 26 Juneand during the first Indonesian election in women had full suffrage. The second function draja to provide information relevant to non-textual considerations in the adaptation process, including but not limited to economic and political ones.

First, the writer would like to thank Frama. It was formed from the colonies of the Dutch East India Company.

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Though at first Samiun succeeds in convincing her that he will divorce Hayati, the former nyai slowly begins realizing that Samiun had tricked her and only ever wanted her money. A contemporary newspaper review of his film Eulis Atjih gives Krugers, and thus this is the spelling we have used here. During the period covered, the Indies was a colony in flux.