The only thing we are short of might be an extra of minutes or more or more episodes for more sweet scenes for our heros and more scenes that explain human sides of other characters as well all lives are “heavy” as each other” in different ways. Then, there’s probably a little hesitancy to wed too because of the scandal with the Queen. Now I think I’ll need to skim through Reply again to see Taek. I’m not a fan of the red robe of the King and have always been partial to the blue robe of the crown prince in all the sageuks I’ve watched, but OMG PBG in it is just breath-taking! Ahhh Ahn you just made my day, thanks for letting us know! It’s a shame that the ratings didn’t go higher, because I feel like the rating could be a huge boost for their morale for doing a great job! TO the cast and crew:

Oh, I really like your analysis of HY. Ooo yess Celine I agree that the senior actors performances were so polished, I never doubted anyone’s character. Not to mention that despite being a gisaeng’s daughter, I think the baby would be allowed to live life as a princess in the palace, being the daughter of the King. How sweet it is when Byung-yeon said he’d come back for Yeong and Ra-on, I think he must have considered her Yeong’s queen. Thanks for the recap! When she heard her baby cry, I personally felt the only things that could have caused her to stop in her tracks were: The last hanbok was so beautiful!!!!!!

Unlike many fans here, i was expecting more from the last episode. C-chan October 19, at The queen orders Eunuch Sung to sneak her discarded baby back to her, and then she accompanies him to hand off the baby to a henchman.

And thanks for always responding to my thoughts, it’s so lovely to hear things votfr your perspective! Did you notice how his royal court is now neefless to be populated with younger scholars and ministers? Im upset at this move to conveniently rid of her in the end. It’s a shame that the ratings didn’t go higher, because I feel like the rating could be a huge boost for their morale for doing a great job!

Assassination Classroom 04 VOSTFR – Magitai

Ra-on hears that Yeong has been poisoned and falls to the ground, overcome. The sword digs into his shoulder, and then Yoon-sung grabs the blade with his bare hand and slides his body along the length of the blade, toward the hilt, until he vostf knock the sword away.


A short time later, the prime minister is brought before the court as a criminal. He pardons her for all of her crimes. Teacher Dasan and Ra-on disguised as his assistant hurry to the palace, where the gate guard asks Ra-on to remove her face mask. It’s been a fun ride, I hope there will be sub for the special 85min ep. After this, I’ll feel empty every Mon-Tues.

Sancheezy – Emoji master to my table’s rescue. I was surprised too. I guess the King abdicate the throne and retire?

Assassination Classroom 04 VOSTFR

Most probably the most loved and favoured concubine but never the queen. Love his voice and take on the song. I still remember the scene of him telling Yeong that not doing anything as King had been what was keeping him and everyone else he cared about safe I agree his acting made me frustrated with his character, and further made me pity him with his anguished and heartbreaking crying scenes. Kim Da Ye Supporting Cast. He admits to feeling upset about her remaining close to the prince, and says that the clan must be powerful in order for him to have what he wants.


Tattoo Fixers – All 4

And it’s also stay true to his character, which is double awesome. Do Ki and Sung-yeol observe the new faces… and take a closer look at one of the rookies.

I got the same vibe from the lines about payment. Teaser 2 – 59 sec: Yea, Im not so fond of the King robe, but I just want PBG to wear King robe, coz who knows when he does another sageul, and there are plenty of actors that never get to don on King robe so Im just glad. So I thought Yeong picked up the beads and kept them. That is such a huge achievement in itself.

Thanks for the recap! Yeong asks Teacher Dasan to keep his recovery a secret—he looks forward to seeing how happy people will be at his return from the brink. The epidode ended without ever addressing how these two would possibly stay together, legitimately, as man and wife. And Raon continues to be a romance writer, perhaps love counsellor too. Will catch up soon-ish eposode it’s 5am here and I have been up all night just to make this posting! This is no small achievement, in my book.


Yoon Kyun Sang Cameo. I will truely miss this show. I’ve watched this scene over and over again about a few dozen times now. Shin Jae Ha Supporting Cast. Ra-on kneels at his bedside and reaches for his costfr, the sight of him bringing her to tears. Part of how much I enjoyed Moonlight is the community we have here. The queen must have been moved by her crying child after all, because she admits everything to her father, subdued for once rather than agitated.

Now I think I’ll epispde to skim through Reply again to see Taek. I believed that even if yeong knew about her decision, he is also one to respect it, as he was even against it in the first place. Anh October 19, at 5: Man I was so impressed with his portrayal of thing King from day 1.

Tattoo Fixers

Maybe Guerrilla Date might invite Park Bo-gum, given his popularity, also they tend to bring only one guest per interview. Shan October 19, at 2: Think back on the scene where the Eunuch and vpstfr servant had a relationship in secrecy.

Celine Needlesw completely forgot Yeong told Ha-yeon he stored the bracelet somewhere else, when he said that my heart bled for him because I could almost imagine him picking up the beads on the floor like they were his heart shattered into pieces, I thought how sad was that?

You might missed him since he was a blondie and his acting skills were still raw. Not everything was happy, of course, considering how Yoon-sung died, but on the whole the episode fulfilled its role as vkstfr finale and provided closure to most of the big plot conflicts. There is a slight slouch to Jinyoung’s posture from some profile shots which spoils the look a wee bit.

That satisfaction in Yeong’s smile was on point!