Teressa Liane Eric Edwards: Charlies Sheila moans to Lou about the youth of today. Chris says it’s too late for Hudson to make up for what he did. Matt is stunned that Rhiannon is no longer giving a statement. No 32 garden Mason arrives to find Rhiannon having tea with Lauren and Lou. Imogen is trying to defend herself, but Toadie is furious with her amateur detective work – he says that she had no right to go through a client’s file and she’s put him in an impossible position. Would you stop your game – playing and just give me a figure? He then suggests they go to a museum or gallery together.

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Youve probably seen I’m getting a bit thinner? Paul looks smug and wishes him luck in getting the charge to stick. Chris tells Brad that he’s decided not to go, so Brad leaves again and Chris picks up his phone to reply to Miguel. Yeah the boss doesnt really like strangers in the workplace. We both know I didn’t offer my services to you. Police station Rhiannon tells Matt how Paul wanted her to go to Hewitt’s room, but she wouldn’t. She says that he made the school footy team, thanks to Mason’s coaching – she tells him what a great mentor he was, and says that he’s been through a lot – more than most adults.

As she leaves, she says that she might call by the Turner house, but wonders if Mason will even be there, or with Kate. Sheila asks if Jackson her 9 year old son was with Rhiannon.

She tells him there’s something she wants from him, but it’s not money. When she left here, she said she was going to be a better role model for him. Sheila suggests that Chris really has no idea what Hudson wants without seeing him and asking him, and tells him not to make a rash decision that he’ll live to regret.


As Brad prepares to leave for Hudson’s sentencing, Imogen finishes enighbours a phone call and tells her dad that she’s just had confirmation that Eric Edwards episdoe the back injury in a skiing accident. Josh turns up to ask if Chris wants a lift to Hudson’s sentencing.

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But Sheila insists that deep down they want you to step in, and show that you care. Sonya observes that shes surprised Josies training after their aerobics class earlier; Josie says its the endorphins, and suggests they try to get Callum interested in the gym too.

Toadie tells Brad his lawyer jeighbours have had the information, and he apologises for what Imogen did. He gives Chris a letter that Hudson wrote from Warrinor prison. Sonya offers her food, and they go to the kitchen. Sheila points out that Rhiannons still a very vulnerable person, and doesnt need to be messed about by Paul. But he might one day. No 32 – Back Garden: Chris thanks Josh, and looks at the envelope but decides against opening it.

He says she was great. Imogen thinks it’s unfair that Eric got away with all this, and she’s the one being punished – Brad still refuses to back down.

Miguel leaves; and having trampled on the poor guys heart, Chris feels rotten. Madison Daniel Miguel Fererer: No 32 garden Mason arrives to find Rhiannon having tea with Lauren and Lou.

Fitzgerald Motors Evening, and Chris is finishing up at work, when Miguel turns up bearing flowers! Lassiters complex Paul comes out of the hotel just as Rhiannon is going into police station.

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Imogen is relieved 66754 hear that the case has been dropped and says that, as she’s neihbours Brad’s career, she was wondering if he could return the favour and ask Toadie to take her back on. Lou says it was so rewarding to see Mai Ling earlier in the year, that now he wants to do the same with Lolly. He explains that they broke up recently, and Rhiannon tells him that he can always cry on her shoulder.


Previously on Neighbours – Kate is concerned as Chris continues to TITTNL with random men – Josh tells Chris that Hudson has been sentenced to four years inside, and passes on a letter from him – Karl is feeling old – Rhiannon is back, but decides not to grass Paul up for bribery as he agrees to give her a job. He replies that hes just trying to help Rhiannon, but Sheila doesnt neighnours it for a minute telling him shes going to make sure he honours his promises to Rhiannon.

She insists he can’t pay her off. Sonya stops Cal and Bailey playing their game, and they all sit down for afternoon tea. Later Chris is on a sun lounger with the unopened envelope beside him.

But just not to the things he should be! Sheila then goes over and tells Rhiannon that she’s doing the right thing, and Paul can’t stop her from telling the truth.

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Paul is surprised to spot Rhiannon, sitting outside the hotel, drinking a cocktail. Paul looks smug and wishes him luck in getting the charge to stick. Paul suggests that she’s remembering it all wrong, but Rhiannon isn’t intimidated, and says that she plans to ruin Paul’s life and be back on a plane home later that day. Brad says that he backed down quickly when his lawyer inquired about the cause of his injury.

Sonya demands to know exactly what Cal said to Josie.