You could get lucky and it could be one of the first few ones you try. One of the engineers stops you before you can do anything. Already have an account? You can do so by clicking the large central building on the Altador map. Use the Neopets clock to help. We’ve all been there. You can turn the pages by clicking on the upper corners:.

You will need to put all your neopoints in the bank and only withdraw exactly times the current inflation rate for each shop. Connect the stars and it will look like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Head to any of the three shops in Altador: It’s probably the only rock you’ll be able to pry away anyways. Welcome to myTDN, guest! Visit the Hall of Heroes in Altador. His door is to the right.

The spell book WAS definitely the most frustrating part. You can click the top corners to turn the pages.

Connect the neeopets and it will look like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 click on this Link to take you to the docks. Magical Marvels will have.

Altador Plot Solutions – Part 1 – Beginning | The Daily Neopets

This plot guide is NOT to be reprinted on any website or resource without permission from the administration. I would come back months later, only to get error messages again. Next, visit Finneus the Archives keeper at the Altadorian Archives page. I solved it in 5 seconds.

Why would someone print a mostly blank book? Well, now there are a few more important things up there. Seems to have worked for most after minutes of trying. The Altador Plot has been out for a while now but is still completable. But, it could be one of the last ones, too. Do this 10 times correctly in a row to complete. This is the water plant part.


But suddenly, I’m having major issues with this ;lot water plant puzzle. Red Pteri header image courtesy of Suta Raito.

Discussion in ‘ Neopets Guides ‘ started by AnfanDec 6, Behind one random statue will be a jar of oil. An easy way of doing this to open each section in new tabs. The archivist says, “Yes, I’m using that book to stabilize this table.

Altador Plot Solutions – Part 1 – Beginning

Click on the rock shown below to get the fake constellation. The Hall of Heroes is now lit up. Always be sure to press the “Continue” buttons or else it’ll be like you never did that step!

Buy Neopoints at the cheapest prices from our trusted partner today and become a Instant Neopets Millionaire Today! However, only pages 2 and 3 have text on them. Star Data Constellation Finder Telescope Open up the link for the telescope and find the sleeper constellation using the constellation finder results. Neopets Guides Find all your Neopets Guides on one site! Now click on one of the waves To get this 1 You know the drill.

To flood Altador, put each lever in the upward position and set each valve in the position. Maybe it can free up the gears. The bottom of the table leg is perfectly flat, but it’s exactly three inches short. So, your two options are: You will neoptes prevented from taking it and Finneus will say “Yes, I’m using that book to stabilize this table.


Of course, it’s absolutely no use to you if they’re all refreshing in synchronization, but ReloadEvery has a nice little Solutiobs feature built-in.

Guide to QUICKLY Complete the Altador Plot [SHORTCUT]

Now click on one of the waves. Your name or email address: To do so, click the stairs behind the statue of Gordos. The Hall of Heroes has officially opened its doors to the public! To find it, you need to click a little tree at the bottom of the Altador map. Those Jubjub miners look ready to pounce.

[Tip/Trick] Solving the Water Plant (Altador Plot) |

This site uses cookies. Average is about 30 seconds. Then this door handle. This definitely works great, and neopetz freeze rate should be very low because TNT has other things to worry about ab’ing, ss’ing But what I used to solve the plant was this: Now on to the Spell Book This takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 mins.

Welcome to myTDN, guest! Be sure to read each step carefully so you don’t miss any minor details! Repeat this process starting over again in the room on the far left a few times and you should get it right away.

You need to choose the correct choice for what he is doing.