I purchased Tyrannian Scanoscopes, why can’t I uncover any relics? This plot contained extensive puzzle solving and battling, and users were awarded a trophy, avatar, site theme, and prize shop access. A third trailer has been posted depicting yet another new new faction, The Order of the Red Erisim. Reminds me of real life at the moment, where everyone is buying as much stuff as they possibly can from the supermarkets, because its flooding, and people panic buy stuff, even if it’s kinda useless. Supposedly TNT is going to use it for a future plot Two hefty guards block you at the access gate to the Scroll Repository. Entry cutoff is Monday, March 4th at

It’s going to take you a while to dig your way out. This banner took you to the entrance of the tomb. This must mean war. Are there going to be parts where it’s advantageous to be amongst the first to do something, and in particular will there be a prize at the end that there’sa race to get? It appears that Envy has also been defeated now. Talk to the decorator by clicking on his square and choosing “talk to interior decorator”. It was a LOT of work, but we hope to make the next plot even better.

I bet it’ll show up on the black market soon.

Battledome Maintenance in news – Plot rumours

Posted by Max Posted on March 3, We’ve since modified the page to give the proper clues in a slightly different manner so if you’re one of those users that’s stuck, just return tyranniw that page to get the next clue.

This removed them from the Battledome.

The number of Tyrannian Scanoscopes in the pack represents the number of relics you can scan to receive an NC item prize. Since Jazan did end up saving Neopia after all, we have updated his Gallery of Evil entry. The gift shop owner grins as you enter. Our guide to the First Charge is now available. The second tyranna of opponents is finally out in the battledome.


Recipes Guide 1Guide 2. Together they travel across Neopia, finding various artifacts, unsure of what they are getting into, until they discover the key to unlocking Moltara, an underground world. Head over to Mysterious Dig Site to be met by the second plor trailer for the plot.

Donate or collect at The Money Tree.

Battle for Meridell

If you have already activated up to 14 Tyrannian Scanoscopes, you will not be able to activate anymore. Luminous Casks can tyrnania found while battling, to see what items you can go to the Luminous Casks Guide. I was hoping to have a little bit more time training my main pet.

You’re gonna be the one carrying it inside when we’re done! After being defeated, Greed did not respawn like other challengers have. In the end, she is returned to stone. Your not a Ruki.

Lister got their homepage at

I’m neopehs with extra charcoal for the caterers The joy of burnt desert food – green Ahn ankh scroll. Clicking on this trophy on someone else’s lookup or your own displays a handy list of all the steps completed by that person during the puzzle.

Here you can take a cool drink.

According to the timer at the Mysterious Obelisk, the war shall start in 7 days. Does this mean that I won’t get my trophy? Are TNT hinting at a new upcoming plot? Look at our Offensive Strike guide to learn about them. On the 11th September, the beopets teller started recieving visions in her crystal ball. We will keep you posted the instant we know more.

The door slams shut behind you and water begins to pour from hidden alcoves! The plot and all the puzzles are located in Altador, so I have provided a guide above that explains what to do to progress through the story. February 28th -Battling has Begun! A screamer is usually a video or Flash animation that is meant to scare someone when they least expect it. Colchester III returns in search of a new adventure. But, you don’t know what dot matches what symbol.


Head on over to the Mysterious Obelisk to join a faction! If you wanted to try to haul one of the blocks out of the repository, you needed to be standing next to it not diagonally!

Chapter 12 Page 1. Regular prizes awarded from the opponents come directly from the Ugga Dome prize set, so we don’t need to know about those! If you manage to get down the hill in under a minute, you get to keep the cheese! If you know of a link that should be added or if a link no longer works, Neomail me.

In this story we meet adventurer Roxton A. Well, the reminder is for no reason.

Who do you think you will join if we can choose sides? If you activated and have remaining Tyrannian Scanoscopes, you will be able to return to the page to claim your prize as long as the Buried Relics page is still accessible. Edited by desiqtie, 24 January – Here you cannot tell one path from the next. Ruki Population Survey Vol. If you have done this, are logged into the same account on which you participated in the puzzle, and you are absolutely positive you participated and didn’t just wander around your temple and leave and still don’t see a score, please feel free to contact us and we will check our records.

SMASH appears to be related to cumulative damage. However, it seems almost no- one discovered this, and it was only a timesaver. Each section is ordered from oldest to newest.