The shoot itself took place in Malibu, CA and was shot over the course of four hours beginning right around sunrise. I had a look at your vimeo page. As a company that produces and streams content on a massive variety of devices, Netflix requires their original content to be at least 4K for optimal presentation. Despite missing the promised global shutter, it’s still a killer camera for the price. As if an Osiris LUT was applied to everything. I’m deeply shocked, how can you be so.. IR filters are probably your first issue. All products except the Nikon mount are shipping now from your favorite Blackmagic vendor.

Looking forward to it. Yeah I didn’t read that about the audio before, definitely encouraging. The handgrip seemed to be a simple LANC arrangement, which felt really limited on such an ambitious camera. Packed with atmospheric effects, Vapor is an ideal way to infuse your footage with an elegant, cinematic look. Noam Kroll October 5, at 6: The four program buttons on the backside of the LCD screen are easily programmable to a number of settings, unlocking a level of customization unprecedented in Blackmagic cameras.

The camera also allows for full control over SDI, for use fipm studio environments and with the Blackmagic Arduino. I wonder if he shot that way on purpose.

I ended up using tape on both sides of the mics to minimize movement. Currently it is one of the major deal breakers for me. We shot at least 10 takes of the dialogue scene, which is far more than I would usually shoot.

Looking forward to it. As some other ursq mention, if the camera had four channels it would allow for a more reliable scratch audio source. Noam Kroll November 3, at 5: What limited functionality do you mean? It sounds like a steal to me.

The New Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro K is 3 Cameras in One

Noam Kroll October 5, at 4: Would a firmware update allow for the possibility of having essentially 4 cards to record on. It’s almost as if they should announce that they’re releasing cameras in an alpha stage first and offer full support to get those cameras running the way they’re supposed to. If you mostly want to shoot 4K at sensible data rates you are better off with and FS7 or CMk11 which have much better codecs for the majority of work that ‘budget’ cameras are made for.


Leave this field blank. And here are some clips from Kholiwho has been working with Blackmagic for a long time. I would like to try the 4,6K and see what happening. Thus, the company included one on the side of the camera to make viewing settings, levels, and timecode easy while you work.

The New Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K is 3 Cameras in One

There are already known issues with the 4. When it comes to specific cameras, Netflix does provide a list of camera bodies that meet their specifications. In the same vein as 15 years ago when you had a lot of somethings running around with XL1s and DVXs shooting micro budget features where everyone was working for copy and credit.

Operating urs with a wide lens and a little minu stabilization, you can achieve slow tracking or pushing movements with pleasing shutter and smooth motion. The sound was good, but felt that maybe a little too perfect.

The Cameras Behind Netflix’s Original Films and Series

With a bigger than super35 sensor and switching from global to rolling, the options on this camera looks like it’s a winner. It all depends on how elaborate you want to get… But shool less is more, and for my personal taste, using less coverage often yields a much more interesting creative result. Although there’s a lack of fixed pattern noise in the images, it still needs light to really give its best performance.

There’s superior GH4 run-and-gun stuff rilm there. The lack of reliability, limited functionality, and horrible customer service are why I will be purchasing a RED Scarlet-W as well.


Viewfinder connects with industry standard SDI and power connectors, not proprietary. Since Nikon glass typically doesn’t have an aperture ring, Blackmagic built a smooth control ring into the body of the mount to enable the use of Nikon lenses. At times, I find myself schhool to remove as much weight as possible while shooting, including the EVF and shoulder pad, but it really depends on what you’re doing.

I know, you can find beautiful Nikon lenses, most of them with manual aperture rings. I had a full kit of vintage Zeiss Superspeeds MK I with me, but decided to shoot the whole film on a single lens — the 35mm. Shooting a feature later this year and seriously considering this camera. Blackmagic Built around the same third-generation sensor technology and stop latitude sensor of the URSA Mini, the Pro primarily focuses on ergonomic refinements to make it a more enjoyable camera to keep on your shoulder all day long.

And to think, you can get this camera now.

I shoot with that camera on a Glidecam HD on the back of the motorcycle. We did a read through of the scene and everyone nailed their lines. That may be too big a caveat for some people.

Orange is the New Black Camera Packages: Thanks so much Antonio! Noam Kroll January 18, at 6: Why did nobody tell me? But it was good, I almost like the sound, but it left a bit strange feeling. View the entire press conference, announced today, below: