View my complete profile. It was good to see the orchestra coming together and getting a standing ovation. Subscribe to Nodame Cantabile Resources: I loved this series so damn much! Why do people keep complaining about there being not enough music this series? I was able to narrow down to this song: Mel I was wondering if you could help me with this.

The flowers were kinda irritating. My only real complaint about this series was that the OP theme sucked. Welcome to NCR,and enjoy your stay! All feedbacks are very much welcomed and greatly appreciated. I really liked it, but this very much felt rushed. Also in this season I felt Nodame’s character really grew as a person making her even more attractive and cute then before. The ending of this season was not as funny as the first season, but the development of Chiaki and Nodame’ s relationship is very nice. The reason things developed so fast was because they cut out twice as much material this time.

the Nodame Cantabile Resources: [Songlist] Nodame Cantabile In Europe – Special Lesson 1

I thought this was a very satisfying second season. But overall, it’s a wonderful feel good anime and watching Nodame and Chiaki grow is so much fun!! The downloads available are intended to acquaint you with their work and releases, NOT as a substitute for sales.

You saved my life: And the ending wouldn’t be a proper ending if I didn’t know there will be a next season. A nice and decent ending to the Paris Chapter of Nodame Cantabile. I feel as if it wrapped up the next chapters of their lives together nicely. The perfect ending for one of the best shows this seasons. Glad things turned out well for that orchestra.

Anyways, the whole season overall wasn’t bad, lots of good scenes with NodamexChiaki love. It wasn’t as split-your-gut-laughing funny, there wasn’t as much music but I’m glad they didn’t blow the production budget on big orchestra nodme piano scenes and instead spread it out throughout all aspects of the animeBUT we saw way more development between of Chiaki and Nodame’s relationship in these eleven episodes than we saw in twice as many episodes in the first series.


Although having topped any of those episodes really would have been a feat. I think this last episode was really good. Do you know what music is played on finale ep 1 at around 3: Really looking forward to the third season. Please delete the file from your computer in 2 days after downloading and buy the original album to show your support for veih artistes and the music industry.

I’m a little disappointed that Chiaki never even spoke to Vieira-sensei, whom he talked about a lot in the first season. Although this wasn’t an epic ending for the 2nd season, it was pretty suitable. These are very helpful for me. Nodame is such a funny and amazing person, I wanna see more of her.

Anyway, I feel that this series is a little bit rushed as compared to the first season. I do hope cantbile make a 3rd series in the future.

Unfortunately, none of the performances in Paris Chapter came close to topping the ones in the first season, especially the one in episode 11 of the first seasondespite the advancement in animation. I love Nodame Cantabile!! Can anyone tell me the music played by Nodame in piano while she’s in a preschool surrounded by kids and Chiaki approaches him.

I can’t say I loved this season as much as the first, but it was still fantastic. Somewhere between an 8 and a 9 for me. I wanna download this song: The flowers were kinda irritating. Putting Moe on computer screens since Nice ending to this season, although I would have enjoyed more music throughout the whole season, but overall it was well done.

Enter your search terms Submit search form. I want them to come back for the continuation of this story. In the second season they squeezed approx 43 chapters into 11 episodes and lost a lot of music and character development as a result.


It should be this one I can’t wait for the third season to be aired this fall You are encouraged to visit the websites of the artistes and musicians you like, and to BUY the music.

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It wasn’t nearly as good as the first series, but it was still good. Hope to hear from you soon x kaRi. Great ending to the second season, I’m anxiously waiting for the third season. If you have any suggestions, enquiries or any links submission pertaining to this blog, send meldinsky an email at meldinsky at gmail.

Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter Episode 11 Discussion

Sweet ending, ended on a very nice note, wonder when 3rd season will begin, hoping for more music in the 3rd season though: And there was some GREAT music moments, like the conductor competition at the start, Nodame’s recital, and Chiaki’s first performance with Marlet at the end! It will be great thankful if you know. I hope they get peisode budget for the next season or whatever the reason why they resulted in only eleven episodes and make it into a 24 episodes season.

They make it a 24 episode season 2. It’s actually one of my top picks last year because I was impressed by its prequel.