All in all, a good premise and a competent delivery, given the intended goal. Following this tongue-in-cheek “manifesto”, the opening scene — of the first man turning blind inside his car — belies it all: The film just happens to take place during the last gasp of humanity, as everything begins to fall apart for good. The real humor of the film lies in the many sight gags and attitudes present in this future society that are just a shade off of what we encounter in our daily lives, and which should serve as a warning. After all, she did have to play straight man to an entire planet. It may still be “unrealistic”, but if so, it’s a remarkably well-presented brand of unrealism. Bowers, and his sidekick Rita played by Maya Rudolph both find themselves awake in the year , where through the course of natural selection, the population of America has grown increasingly stupid. Unfortunately, those people happen to be welfare-sucking, trailer trash idiots who breed like rabbits.

The movie is technically brilliant, with great acting and top-notch effects. Bladerunnerrr 12 February Some people will see the crass humor and aura of stupidity, and find Idiocracy to be one of the stupidest movies they have seen. Or the timid, squeezed-in “action” flashes cars crashing, planes exploding to satisfy “action” lovers NOT the public for “Blindness”. FYI stay through the credits for an extra scene. Thus, it’s my kind of popcorn film, and it will be fun to revisit on video. If you are not a fan of Mike Judge, did not care for “Beavis and Butthead”, or do not have a sense of humor, then this movie probably isn’t a good match for you.

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But in “Idiocracy”, it’s just not as simple as it seems. I did leave with a grin on my face, but the experience is a bit better than the memories. I will dare to suggest that, if this had been filmed in Spanish or Portuguese, it might have been hailed as a cult movie.

It should be bleedingly obvious, but it is testament to the power of Hollywood that it actually needs to be said. Fox dumped this out, with NO marketing of any kind. Perhaps the Fox Executives saw themselves in the characters, were confused, and thought it was a documentary?

Despite some flaws and missed opportunities, the movie provides a brilliant social commentary, attacking populist anti-intellectualism. It’s a misfire on certain levels, but who’s to blame is left to mystery.


I’m not surprised AT ALL that this movie is almost completely unknown, as Fox was the one distributing this, and they wouldn’t want any of their sheep to see this and think “maybe I WILL read a book, and not watch ‘Next’, or ‘Cheaters’, or ‘Ow my balls’. This movie is comedy gold.

There are laughs, there are cringes, but overall this is entertaining. Hilarious from start to finish stay until after the end credits! It takes the “What if” situation to an extreme and it doesn’t pull any punches or kicks to the groin.

It will blow your mind. The man knows what he’s talking about; if you want to see it for yourself, read his novel now and then compare it to this film, appreciating it not as a literary work, but as the good piece of cinema it is.

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There are certainly fart jokes etc. Mike Judge’s Sci-Fi comedy is set in but it could come true in about 10 years if things continue as they are.

I write few reviews. Slightly forced at times. This is most evidenced by the advertising in the movie, which has become a staple of the American culture. It’s very easy to understand why people hate englosh movie.

And there doesn’t seem to be much anybody can do about it. It brings you into the story, making you feel all the emotions felt by the characters, and in my opinion this is why some people didn’t like it; it opens your eyes for things that nobody wants to see.

We saw a lot trut idiocy in the people immediately extrasdene us, maybe made more apparent by the dose we got in the theatre This movie is about an army grunt by the name of Joe Bowers played by Luke Wilson who is part of a top secret Army experiment designed to preserve Army personnel in peace time so that they can be thawed in war time to fight for our country.

Well, this is one the most depressing movies I’ve seen in recent years. Another great thing about this movie was the positive portrayal of IQ as a useful concept. I’m not saying that a disease like this one could happen, but others may come, and that’s subhitles reality.

What it does requires is that the media provide positive encouragement for intelligent people to have children, and discouragement against stupid people from having children. Trufh it offers the viewers very little in the way of comfort. The proof is our farce of an election. Subtit,es is it not being shown in Australian cinemas? Many of the funnier bits are in the background, so it is easily worth seeing several times.


There were some missed opportunities with the film, and the relationship between the time travelers – the other being an average onthing woman who’s worried about her boyfriend’s pimp’s retribution – could have been stronger; the chemistry is there.

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Subttles Dillon is also a brilliant actor, and I hope the two of them get nominated this year. David Schwimmer, an odd casting choice, does a fine job within a fairly narrow range. Having just seen Farmiga as a devoted loving WWII mother in “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas”, I was blown away by rtuth tough as nails, hard core performance as Van Doren which she balanced with a carefully toned maternal edge; an act equaling that of Beckinsale’s maternal double edged sword.

For a start, it would be stupid to assume a film with such a dark premise would be uplifting and if Ebert had the slightest knowledge about the material it’s based on, he’d realize what he was up forso his comment is unintelligent and atrocious like the majority of everything he’s exhrascene written but he’s a widely popular Pulitzer-winning film critic, so unfortunately lots of people trust his opinion before going to see a movie.

The acting was fine, there wasn’t anyone that subtitlws out as amazing or appalling. Dillon’s character is ruthless in his prosecution, but in truth, he is just doing his job well. There is a tone about buut that is certainly not like a usual story like this. Or maybe it’s all that Gatorade. If you are not a fan of Mike Judge, did not care for “Beavis and Butthead”, or do not have a sense of humor, then this movie probably isn’t a good match for you.

If you are fortunate enough to have this playing in your city, go see it. Hell, how about “Gulliver’s Travels”? AG] Sasco download 0 Arabic subtitle Nothing. All notjing the actors deliver top-notch performances, and the script is good.