I love that she is adamant about her stance. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Am definitely on the Numm bandwagon but I wish the story would progress a bit more in each ep. Now we know why!! Fawad loyalist since , but I am definitely NOT enjoying the ride. I imagined getting a tight slap if I ever even thought about it as a child that age…. Welcome to the blog!

While I agree with you that Ammo had limited say in the upbringing of her granddaughters, I cannot help but think that she might have been an overindulgent grandparent. AK thanks for sharing I cant wait for the sparks to fly! I usually wait for the serial to finish and watch the whole lot together in a couple of days, rather than following it for weeks and months.. I used to only watch serials once they had ended, like somebody else also commented.. Why are we assuming that Wali will live to enjoy a happily ever after with either of the two ladies.. His first instinct is to lash out at first Neelam and later MJ.. SZ I really like how you give a fair and crisp review without letting any bias for the lack of a better term! It has to be slow because they cannot rush into showing how an almost mother -son relationship changes with time and how that can effect human emotions.

But I am enjoying this and hope to keep up with commenting, been a bit busy lately.

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Salam and hello everybody! We met him just as he had returned from London, and saw him rebelling against her hold on the household affairs from the get go. But I watched some of your drama some months ago and I loved them. I could see that he was a bit amazed to learn that she was not his biwi but a vani. As for MJ, she definitely wants, and needs, a way out.


Beautifully juxtaposed against the very private emotions and epistemology of M, W and N. He does have some plans. Like it so far and will be back for more. Did wonder about your being MIA.

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And it is also ironic that they are talking about the change and episoee right when Wali is going through that himself. We see him taking the ghussa out on the driver. Is that the part you were refering to? Ignore the typos plz!

As you rightly pointed out a girl from her background would be married by that age, 20 and beyond would be considered too old for such a girl. Welcome to the blog! But as you said, let see what next week brings. They were both equally shocked and horrified to hear that N could be thinking of something else of their relationship. I think its the feudal-blood streak.

Lol on the tight tapered pants! I honestly am engrossed, so I could care less what the masses think. I had read the feudalism and urbanization thing re: I forgot that part.

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While he might differ in some ways, in other ways Wali is just like his grandfather. If in all that he acknowledges that he is her husband and gives her those rights too, I would be happy. And yes he was being a hypocrite.

I am late to the party!! I guessed you really liked the group here because of your interaction with everyone. I most definitely am still on the Numm bandwagon — it is the only drama I make a point of watching.

Hope your are fine now. I think episode 7 had too many fillers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I just watcn Team Numm keep up with it. I think not only me, everyone was missing your response on our comments. There should have been sympathy at her plight and some amusement at her antics but it just seems like a caricature.


Numm ~ Episode 7 Review

Since Dastaan was mentioned — I just wanted to say that I started watching Kankar a couple of weeks back I skipped some and caught up with the rest rather quicklyand surprisingly I am actually enjoying it now.

But it is sad to see how our country is being treated by many, including the very feudels shown in this play. A girl who cannot even share an imaginary friend, how will she share a living breathing husband, not to mention one she has a massive crush on. She was too busy pouting. I wattch loved the episode. Usman Peerzada is lucid as BS.

Afia, although I enjoy the cloak of mystery surrounding the drama, I also think that there are often holes in the episode and some tighter editing is required. I really enjoyed the elisode and the discussions and especially the insight into minor details and the deeper meaning.

As always a very good review SZ and amazing discussion as well by all the ladies here. Earlier too, when Wali had come to visit with Ammo, even then Minahil had embarrassed her mom, but she just kept on smiling vacuously.

Everyone has been saying negative things about Neelam, but I kind of like her. Maybe we should have a character analysis or a subject to discuss every so often. Even though they were active members of the government and Baray Sahab just another rich feudal, nonetheless it was to him they turned with their complaints about impending agricultural taxes.

Not sure though about being strong enough to do whatever horses do, particularly in Numm land!