As Tweak tests the Gup-X deep down in the Midnight Zone , a yeti crab cuts a vital electrical wire in the ship and cuts off all power, endangering itself and the Octonauts. They also learn about Christmas tree worms which live in holes in rocks. A video of it made by Dashi reveals that the sound and accompanying shock wave are caused by the shrimp making a cavitation bubble with her claw. The Octopod’s periscope breaks off during a storm and lands up on a beach, lost amongst other marine debris. The Octonauts struggle to save a pod of spinner dolphins who seem to be just swimming in their sleep. The Octonauts travel for Christmas to Professor Inkling’s childhood home, a seamount , but soon get involved in a rescue mission when a rockslide endangers a rare year-old golden coral and traps Professor Inkling’s nephew Squirt!

While caring for sea creatures, Peso discovers an adult immortal jellyfish that changes into a baby when it was scared by predators. When Peso’s patient, a remora fish, mysteriously disappears, the Octonauts enlist a unique undersea detective – a harbour seal. But when Tunip loses it, a cuttlefish takes it. Luckily, Peso heals it using vinegar and then goes to save Shellington along with Kwazii. When a floating garbage patch endangers a flock of pelicans and other sea creatures, the Octonauts and the birds work together to clean it up. Captain Barnacles’ niece and nephew Ursa and Orson are going to get their Polar Scout Badges, when they spot three walrus pups on a drifting floe which is on a crash-course with two icebergs. Captain Barnacles’ narwhal friends see Series 1 , episode 17 are trapped under the Arctic ice.

But when she and the Octonauts finally locate it, they find themselves caught in the middle of a feeding frenzy!

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The crew must catch a runaway Octopod after it is hijacked by a group of crustaceans who are trying hammefhead flee an area of seabed being polluted with algae by a broken pipeline. The snake ends up in HQ and reversing the ship and the octopod gets sucked into the whirlpool.

The Sea Star 14th March Episode And is there actually any creatures living down so deep in the ice? A jawfish father has lost the eggs he was brooding and the Octonauts must bring them safely back to him! Despite this he wants to help it after it injures its fin against the Octopod. Kwazii discovers Calico Jack’s Thee Island treasure map behind xnd old photo.

Captain Barnacles’ narwhal friends see Series 1episode 17 are trapped under the Arctic ice. Kwazii and Dashi become entangled in a strange deep-sea creature – a siphonophore – and when octonuats geyser blasts it toward the surface, the Octonauts must stop its ascent before it fatally bursts. The Octonauts are helped by Shellingtons’s sister, Pearl, another sea otter and scientist and her newborn son, Periwinkle.

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A storm washes Peso onto a mysterious, rocky island hammerheaf he meets a band sharkss lobster-like insects thought to be extinct. The Octonauts explore the deepest part of the ocean where no daylight ever reaches and find some hydrothermal vents where vent fishlimpets and tube worms live, and also discover a new species of worm to put in Shellington’s book. The GUP-D goes haywire with a fiddler crab at the controls and burrows under the beach causing a sink hole to appear which almost swallows them all up.


Luckily, a group of blind Remipedes help them find their way out of the cave. Kwazii adopts a baby alligator naming him Nipper, but when it escapes the Octopod, he and the Octonauts must rescue him. The Octonauts find a lost flamingo chick separated from his family and they have to return him there before hungry alligators do!

The Octonauts use magnets and a rock chomping humphead tje to try to stop a large meteor that’s heading towards the Octopod. When all of the Octonauts are trapped in a dangerous blob of marine mucilagethe Vegimals must step up and build fyll new GUP called the GUP-V to rescue the crew in time for the Christmas meal.

After a storm, the Octonauts help a female seahorse search for her missing mate. The Midnight Zone 11th March Episode Some electric torpedo rays give the Octopod a jump-start when its batteries go flat during a trip to see Tweak’s pal, Sandy the leatherback sea turtle. The Sea Horse 16th March Episode Peso and the gang try to repair a shxrks by replacing bleached corals, but a pod of playful dolphins make mischief for them until they discover that helping can be fun too.

The Octonauts are chased by a whitetip shark only to discover all it really needed was a pilot fish to clean its teeth, and it just so happens that they have just met a lonely pilot fish that is hungry for action.

The Blue Whale 5th March Episode The Octonauts must find a way to flush them out. Meanwhile Kwazii has been saved hamemrhead Calico Jack who turns out to be alive, but lost his ship after an attack by fire ants and an anaconda. Will Captain Barnacles be able to save them and finally earn the Walrus Rescue Badge – the only one he hasn’t got? The Octonauts spisode evacuate some slow moving, gelatinous blobfish before an undersea volcano erupts.

The Octonauts and the Hammerhead Sharks

The Octonauts clean and episoed the Octopod, but the loud noises they are creating confuse the sonar of two blue whales who are looking for each other so much that they almost crash into the ship. Invasive lionfish are damaging coral hammrhead in the Atlantic Ocean and need taking back to their native Pacific Ocean so the Octonauts must use the Octopod to transport them to their native habitat. Finally the “city of gold” turns out to be a colony of golden freshwater sponges in the bottom of a pool!


The Decorator Crab 20th February Episode 2: When some leafy sea dragons accidentally get into the Octopod, the Octonauts must find them before they end up in Kwazii’s stew! The team’s recently built GUP-K is also there to save the day. But why is the lake red?

Lists of British children’s television series episodes. But a wood-eating panaque frees the trapped GUP-A. But they may not be alone ooctonauts their abandoned ship In the UK these were shown as separately scheduled items but in the American version they were used at the conclusion of each regular episode.

The Octonauts help an electric eela stranded arapaimaand get chased by piranhas. Captain Barnacles uses the GUP-C’s icebreaking powers to get them home when an iceberg octnauts a perilous sea storm hammwrhead the way. Kwazii crashes the GUP-E, leaving him and Peso marooned on a desert island inhabited by a fish that can walk on land. The Octonauts must stop a huge herd of sea pigs before they march blindly into the Mariana Trench.

Then he and the Octonauts must help their old friends the Coconut Crabs discover who’s stealing all their coconuts. With half the crew stranded in a rock pool due to a low tide, Peso and Tweak help to remove a stuck hermit sharls from the shell it has outgrown.

The Ful clean up the beach whilst searching for the periscope but a resident colony of fiddler crabs mistake the GUP-D and its claw gestures for a hostile giant crab and attack.

Shellington and the others round up some lost crabs and marine iguanas that have got marooned on epsiode island far too cold for them and take them home to the Galapagos Islands. The Giant Squid 27th February Episode 9: Shellington and the Vegimals are on a mission to replant a mangrove forest that is put in peril by a school of toothy barracudas.

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The specials are double-length episodes which are first broadcast during the Christmas, New Year, or Memorial Day periods before being repeated alongside regular episodes. This is the second episode in which is unknown who sounded the Octo-Alert. But then he overstays his welcome in the Octopod.

Then the Octonauts later discover that one of the snakes is missing the Octonauts venture throughout the octopod to find it. Tweak’s remote control system for the Gups malfunctions, so Barnacles and Kwazii are forced to chase after them with the pedal-driven GUP-F.