A stressed-out university lecturer snaps one night at the incessant barking of a neighbor’s puppy. A beautifully-shot melodrama shot on Kanghwa Island, about two people living two years apart who are able to communicate through letters. Starring Choi Min-shik and Cecelia Cheung. Includes trailers, music video, director’s audio track, deleted scenes, interviews, making-of featurette, etc. Starring Baek Jong-hak and Oh Yoon-hong. Starring Park Joong-hoon and Steve Baston. Korean, Dolby Surround, 2.

Directed by Kim Sung-soo. English and Chinese removable. An interesting if somewhat gruesome exploration of eating disorders and gender issues. This is the uncut version. A standing ovation to So-Jeong Yun, who played the mother: English, Dolby Digital 5.

Ji-woo has been in a number of popular movies throughout the years, including parts in the likes of Nowhere to Hide and Shadowless Sword.

From Spectrum Video in Korea. Includes music video, still photos, cast and crew info, etc. From Saerom Entertainment in Korea. Widescreen enhanced for When they find it has no money, they take the workers hostage and work the pumps themselves.

An animated feature about an oppressive gang called the Camellia Blossoms who threaten the land of Chungwon. A Hollywood-style action thriller about a group of firefighters, set in Pusan.

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I’m not sure if this is the uncut version or the edited domestic release. Asia’s first Dogme film, about a group of filmmakers assembling a documentary and the director who falls in love with one of his interviewees. However, he must spend a lot of time away from home because of his job granting the mother-in-law sufficient time to plot how to eliminate her rival.


There have been no recommendations submitted. He goes on a murderous rampage throughout the city. Kkorean is, until she meets her mother-in-law. Starring Choi Min-shik and Cecelia Cheung. Starring Seo Jung and Kim Yoo-seok.

Dubbed into Cantonese — no Korean soundtrack. Add the first question. Best High School Dramas. Directed by Park Kwang-choon.

Jin Sook wants to be a woman movi her son, and feels as if Soo Jin is merely a plaything for him. A performance wach the Pyongyang Circus Troupe during their visit to Seoul in early Again, I’m not sure if this is the uncut version or the domestic release. From Shu Kei in Hong Kong. When she seems to take a romantic interest in a regular customer, he encourages it in hopes of making her happy. Detective Cho discovers that the victims are all connected with one woman.

Once in, the remaining 80 minutes can be summarised as So-jeong attempting to force Ji-woo out of the house through a series of increasingly violent encounters, while playing innocent and charming whenever Yong-woo arrives home from work each evening.

Soo Jin dreams of having a wonderful life after her marriage but feels very uneasy about her mother-in-law’s behavior. This opening exchange does a fantastic job at setting the scene, for what could best be moie as a psychopathic koraen version of Monster-in-Law.

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An official Korean remake of the Japanese horror film, Ring. From Cinexus in Korea. The mother in question is played by Yoon Korezn, an actress who amazingly, despite being in the industry sincehas only featured in a total olgaji 21 productions her most sparse period being between —during which there are only 3 credited movies to her name.


Directed by Song Hye-sung. Your email address will not be published. English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese removable. A serial killer is leaving body parts in plastic bags around Seoul.

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The top-selling Korean movie of all time. A “fusion melodrama” starring Lee Byung-heon and Lee Eun-ju. From Alto Media in Korea. Includes trailer, music video, Korean-language screenplay PC only’making of’ featurette, director and cast info. Directed by Shim Hyung-rae. A love story based on a traditional Korean folk tale, and narrated with pansori movvie singing.

The following list provides information about Korean films with English subtitles that can be purchased over the internet. Directed by various artists. Directed by Park Kwang-soo. A documentary-style film about and partly shot by the lives of street kids and teenagers. Korean, Dolby Digital Surround. Dubbed into English no subtitles. No copyright infringement intended. Includes gallery, production notes.