CLjIuAj t t-w jjj Li i meet you. May I see the menu? Are you waiting for someone? They must come along with other words. In English, we usually start with subject-verb-object, but in Arabic we have two cases; either we start with a noun and then it is called a nominal sentence, or we start with a verb and then it is called verbal sentence. The noun does not depend on time. It is now three o’clock. Minute hand Aaqraoboll Daqccqa Pn?

What time does the movie begin? Where’s the nearest bank? Ana Bi’ajala Min Amri. Are you waiting for someone? In is meaningless when standing alone, but it is meaningful when conjugating with this sentence. The diligent student passed. Numbers 5 Lesson 3:

You’re on the wrong road. What do you call this? Vi 1 JL3 Qad Ittasalt? What differs is the formation of the sentence. U T 29 Lesson 1 9: Ma Huwa Si’aru Attabdeel? I’d like a film for this fil. What time does the bank open?

I’m hungry I’m thirsty. One way round trip.

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Is there a swimming pool around here? Are you free this evening?


I’m very pleased to Ana Masrouron Jiddan. Ayumkinuni A1 Wosoolo Ilyha Mashyan? Second, the book is divided into 3 main parts: Learn How to Speak Arabic Finally, we would like to advice you to study well from this book and give some time in a daily based plan, as well as practicing this new language in daily life to obtain the fruit of your knowledge. What’s the roido rate? Where is the mailbox? The Animals 22 Lesson The Letter 43 Lesson 3: Naseehati Bimat w s jluv ‘aamcn Jayyed?

If the sentence ended here, the sentence is meaningless so, the predicate is needed to complete the meaning of the sentence which is are united. What time does the movie begin? Traveling jJLmSl 52 Lesson 6: Verbs Juki 36 Lesson The action of caring doesn’t stop, it continues to the future.

Do you have an English newspaper? Hatha Bilbareed A1 Khass. Numbers 5 Lesson 3: No part of oriddo publication may he reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of the copyright owners. Orido Filman Lihathihill Camera. Are you waiting for someone? Hal Taqbal Bibitaaqatill ‘Ai’atimad? People visit the prophet’s mosque. Mata Nastatee’au Ann Naltaqi?


What do you call that? Hathihill camera La Ta’amal.

What’s my room number? What time is it?

Mosalsal Fariha

It is now three o’clock. QD English I’m sad. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Is it walking distance? Arithmetic- AjJ l 14 Lesson How much is the admission? Yarsumu attilmeedh ‘aalal waraqa. It’s on the right.

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Hall Y ujadd ‘Aindakum Jareeda Billingliziyya? The best educational teaching techniques A clear articulated voice directly from the native speakers. Fee Ayyi Waqten Yaftahol Bank?