I have the best translator of the world , but I have no time editing them.. But I’m not sure on how to do it! Mik mik 29 May at Thanks alot for make this request! I really appreciate the hard work and the awesome projects and also how fast you guys things upload! I love that manga too, sweet and cute hoshino lily style , but I cant say I will do it in the near future!

Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term. If I dont use a method, I am already a bit clumsy on my own Anonymous 1 December at I just wanted to thank you so much for your effort. And it’s still over there Of course if you want to do it, it’s not like I would not appreciate!!!

Otokogokoro Chapter 06 [Eng Sub] (Manga + Drama CD) –

I also asked to friends who work on computer antivirus. I think it’s already completed. Actually I already watched the video on Youtube but it was not the complete version.

Anonymous 26 January at I am sorry for the super late response. Roby85m 23 February at Anonymous 15 January at I dont even like alchol! Thankyou for the videos! fd


Otokogokoro Chapter 05a [Eng Sub] (Manga + Drama CD)

You sounded quite odd in this part of your comment, to say you the truth! When you have the time please start on this one! And we are happy u found this blog too! Maybe one of them will want to work on that!

K list, second page! Thanks for lettin me know what u would like to see here!

Ella Mai — Boo’d Up Remix ft. Sorry, I just want to ask, do you have ‘Hanayome kun’ drama cd? Fluffy Kitty 29 May at Let’s talk about it when it will be done! Anonymous 24 Otokogoloro at This mangaka is truly sexy and yeah I still remember doing Kichiku encount!

Arki’s Yaoi Fanpage: Otokogokoro Vol 1: Chapter 01 [Eng Sub] (Manga + Drama CD)

I heard the fourth drama cd on kuroneko kareshi series is out already? And I have to admit, it’s only my first project edited here, that I started appreciating this mangaka alot! Dont be shy and share what u think! Anonymous 9 February at Anonymous 12 July at Roby85m 22 May srama I’m discovering them now too!


Otokogokoro Chapter 07 [Eng Sub] (Manga + Drama CD) – YouTube

And wow, finally someone called for that manga too! Mmmmm now that u make me think there was something like a game between me and Kissy Agghhhhhh I will try my best! Anonymous 13 May at We will make our best here and out of here too!

My xap are pretty full right now!

But if u want to know the title of every fap titles u only need to leave the cursor for just one second and the title will appear! May i request to reupload Cd 1 and Cd 2 for Ze Series here in new blog? Cold Blood Kissy 23 December at They were more than mangas! Yup, still immersed in the big ocean of re uploads! I’ve read the one on fb private message too!!! Glad to know that and thank you!