Call it a hidden blessing of the cast scheduling gymnastics this season is having to perform. Create Account Return to Login. However, the stuff with Hank and Ruby was great. Great performance from Max Burkholder this week, as I really felt all of his sadness and anger shine through. Any time spent on Max is generally time worth spent, and this week is no exception. What he does is creepy.

The next day, Max makes Dylan a collage to express his love for her. I loved that Ruby said “I hate you,” like a snobby teenager, but was willing to admit she was wrong and make amends even if she didn’t come out and say it. Jasmine’s mother of course figures out that the family is having financial troubles, and suggests that Crosby gets a part-time job. I was a big fan of what this episode did, and by focusing on only some of the story lines, we had enough time to delve a bit deeper. Verification code check your email for the verification code. He calls Sandy and seems totally lost on what to do. Also, Ruby’s party was a tad too cliche for my taste. It was nice that Kristina and Max shared a hug, too.

However, when he tries to find her at school to ask her, he finds her kissing Aaron Brownstein. Sarah makes a big decision and shares some good news with her dad. Is Sarah going to be cut out of this relationship again? He felt bad because Praenthood was having to postpone her own career-oriented dreams in order to make some money, while he kept on working at his own dream.

Kristina follows and tells Max he was very brave for making the collage and telling Dylan how he feels. I loved how at first, Hank wasn’t paeenthood to step up and do the right thing, but eventually he did.

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Hank is thrilled to see Ruby excited Also, I loved the stuff with Drew and Amber. Kristina explains to Max that what he did was not okay, but that it’s okay to feel hurt. I never felt like they were doing the whole sexist man-must-provide-for-wife-and-kids thing. He says he trusts Ruby, though, and since he’ll only be five minutes away, he thinks it’ll be okay for her to stay by herself. However, she can’t convince Drew, who has to study for a remake econ test. Season 6 Videos [none added].


View all posts by Michael Wampler. Let’s go plot by plot. Dylan comes over to the house later that night and says she’s sorry to Kristina. Nobody was mad at Dylan for not liking Max.

If only they could drop a line about Haddie every once in a while! Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more. Max asks Kristina how to ask out a girl. It came straight out of every movie I have ever seen where the kids throw a party while the parents were away.

I also hope that Drew gives up on this stupid econ major thing, and goes for what he truly wants. It was nice that Kristina and Max shared a hug, too.

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She promises over and over again that she won’t have people over, and so reluctantly Sandy concedes. I loved that Ruby said “I hate you,” like a snobby teenager, but was willing to admit she was wrong and make amends even if she didn’t come out and say it. You are successfully logged out. Jasmine even gets her own scenes, for the first time in what feels like forever. However, Hank then steps up and goes in to the party, kicking everybody out.

I would hate to see that. Dylan’s friends mock him for it, but Dylan is just confused and upset. He currently lives and works in Princeton, NJ while he shops around his debut novel and slowly picks away at his second. Post a Comment I’d really appreciate hearing what you think!


When Ruby learns that Hank has called Sandy, she tells Hank that she hates him. Zeek is rushed to the hospital and the entire family hurries to his side.

Prenthood has a hard time acting like an adult. I love this constant inclusion. Amber has an idea – what if they go to a concert and try to get a new up and coming band to sign with them? Ruby totally lies to her parents – she has a huge party.

Use a connected account. She doesn’t know why she likes Aaron, epissode she just does. The two boys get into a fight, and Max blurts out that he saw Aaron and Dylan kissing. Kristina and Adam find themselves tangled in the conflict.

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Kristina, even while hurting for Max, also understands how hard this must be for Dylan. Sarah’s absence was a bit more noticeable, because I feel like they should have called her when Amber was in the hospital, but she was mentioned as well. We haven’t seen much from Jasmine this season, so I was happy to see her making a proactive decision epiisode help the family.

Nobody accused her of leading him on or of being a bad person for not just giving in and saying yes. Also Watch Gilmore Girls.

Meanwhile, Hank approaches Zeek for his blessing and asks Drew for a special favor.