Pcrm este pus in lumina 1m40sec PCRM 1 pozitiva vladimir este prezentata vizita prim ministrului ungar de parca acesta a venit in MD 0m25sec voronin 1 doar ca sa se intalneasca cu Vladimir Voronin. Aspects focused on financial support to political parties and independent candidates in electoral campaigns are among the most sensitive areas of electoral process. Mocanu provided part of systematization of media related data. The difference is substantial in case of PDM 6 mln [observed] vs 9. These are highly professionally skilled services and therefore cost substantially. The likelihood of the adoption of the state financing is unclear, yet, the measure alone would not be sufficient to start changing the rules of the game in favor of a more independent and representative political parties. Media broadcasters exercise bold pressure on the political prices almost determing the increase the price of political compaign.

CEC states ceiling now is extremely high, if the average or median contribution of around 50 MDL would be set as a ceiling, which is highly uncertain, this is most probably an important factor that will shape additionally the political competition in elections. Balti, lot de pamint 1,14 ha r-l Falesti, s. Financing Political Parties in Parliamentary Elections of 28 November Desired situation is represented by graph 5. Broadcasters are forbidden to include political ads into news, sport, children and religious programsxcviii and candidates are not allowed to present tv and radio programsxcix. Financing Political Parties in Parliamentary Elections of 28 November Pretul declarat si observat minutului publicitate pe 1 minut pe post, MDL Declared and observed price for 1 minute per broadcaster, MDL 1 min declared 1 minute observed 0 2Plus TV7 Pro TV M1 Jurnal TV NIT N4 Publika TV One has to take into consideration that the average observed price is just one possible inficator that does not reflect the number of prices charged by the broadcaster given the time of ads and the program popularity. The expectations, therefore, are low and consequently pressure is low as well. We strongly recommend higher disclosure of the contractual relationship between the broadcasters and the parties subject to more comprehensive and timely reporting to CCA and CEC. According to this very conservative estimate, the expences of the examined parties do not exceed the ceiling established by the law on political parties.

Publika matches almost evenly the observed and declared expences. This table should present a starting point for a more comprehensive and inquisitive investigation into large donors income and capacity to donate. Perhaps renting of premises, transport and other expences as potential lines to accommodate the expences related to the organization of public events. One can see that the expence structure depends havily on the cost of equipment sound and paescinic and cost of artists as well as renting of space costs.

Banks report to CEC on each transaction from electoral account within 24 hourslxxix.

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Pe fondal apare voronin in mai multe ipostaze. The value of the state financing is another issue. Some data show that the contractual relations among fipm and political parties are not clear, therefore, more disclosure is needed. Below we present two graphs that explain the current situation 5. SA “Bucuria” actiuni Apartament 3 odai, vila, autoturisme: Financing Political Parties in Parliamentary Elections of 28 November significant expence for parties now.


Indeed, if comparing this ojline with the previous one and the rules stay unchanged, possible state financing for PCRM would stand at onlone 19 mln MDL, which is 4 times more than the declared income from the private contributions.

One cannot observe in this graph cost of personnel, rent for office, payment for consultants, renting equipment, etc.

Lupu Lupu in vizita pawecinic viniticultorii din sud. PL and AMN would receive about the same amount paeecinic state financing as their current declared income from private donations. Within AIE group exist some type ideological confrontation passecinic uneasy discussions on a number of problems. The report documents substantial discrepances between the observed and the declared direct ads of some broadcasters that could be explained by either deviation from the declared price, provision of undeclared services to parties including hidden ads.

Financing Political Parties in Parliamentary Elections of 28 November Analysis We discuss the five competitive forces that come under the play. Requirements outside the lectoral period of time are lighter and more general.

At the same time we see that the numer of donors is small and substantial and large donations prevail.

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Contain and provide incentives for lowering party political expenditures Rising obline of electoral campaign pushes political parties more dependent on the donors and makes parties to seek donations at gilm cost. The oversight and enbforcement mechanism is weak as the law provides for the creation of the so-called Central Control Commission and departmental commissions that are aided by the relevant fiscal authorities.

All major competitors order billboards. Soroca, imobil in or. One can see those items that are being added up on top of the declared ones, namely expences for staff, public events.

There had been more than 50 monitors out in the field analyzing campaign expenditures based on observed events. Most of public events observed expences are not found in the declared expenditures submitted by parties. There is low incidence of hidden ads with regard to these political parties. How could one provide an explanation for this?

Plahotniuc plahotniuc Stiri Ostaf has authored the concept, core content and editing of the report. As we see in the previous sections it is proportionate to the electoral performance and disfavours smaller parties and particies that receive less than 50 mandates in local general elections.

Priniting of electoral donors finance materials and bilboards materials appears on party declared expences, yet, directly services for elaboration and coordination lack. Most donors come from private sectors, followed by public sector and unemployed. Terzi-Barbarosie has interpreted gender-related information and D. Casa de locuit mp, imobil agricol mp, teren agricol ha, automobile – 3, masini agricole – 3.


Parties prefer to secure needed income from few large donors to match the demand for services and increasing cost of campaigns and society gradually looses contacts with electorate and donors and thus the institution of parties as an important element of the genuine democracy. Income of membership fees is insignificant, donations from non-members is small, while income from mission-based economic activities and state financing is abcent. Donations by persons with no income.

Enlarge party financial support basis, discourage large proportion of substantial and large donations36 The problem of narrow financial support base number, limited geography of donors, and over- dependence on substantial and large donors across parties has to be addressed effectively. Among the most important and influencial factors and at the same time with very high degree of uncertainty are: Broadcasters are forbidden to include political ads into news, sport, children and religious programsxcviii and candidates are not allowed to present tv and radio programsxcix.

Generally, actions should be taken to influence the created rules in the industry to the rules where quality of electoral message and polices are at stake, where the extent of popular support determines financial and electoral performance. People inherited believe in what tv says reinforces this pattern.

Analysis of CEC examination of the petitions brought by some parties against others show79 that the overall number of petitions where parties invoke that electoral materials do ot contain adequate information on the number of print-outs, publishing company, etc is small, limiting to just Effective policy measures target the core causes of the problem trying to diminish their strength or eliminate them entirely. Plahotniuc Edelweis Plahotniuc doneaza casa sinistratilor de la hincesti. The expectations, therefore, are low and consequently pressure is low as well.

Balti, lot de pamint 0,06 ari, automobil Mercedes CDI. Plahotniuc marinimosul Plahotniuc Plahotniuc ofera posibilitatea la copii si familiile lor sa Stiri The pricise figures could not be obtained.

Financing Political Parties in Parliamentary Elections of 28 November transparency of the expences, and change the mentality of the politicians that additional costs on expences do not necessarily bring additional votes. Parties are particularly vulnerable and dependent on limited number of donors. Spending on professional personnel has seemingly increased over late years The initiative had directly observed more than public events in the targeted regions invluding Chisinau, Balti Cahul, Ungheni, Edineti, Soroca, and Comrat as cities and as rayon centers.