That was spot on perfect, kfg. Hard for women to trust a man without some status que to go with it. Vox Day had an interesting back and forth with Kitten Holiday about this dynamic this weekend:. Women today are already raised to never put their trust in men as it is. What is actually going to happen if I let off the clutch, or experiment with the clutch? From the linked article:

Trust Issues — Manosphere. So we have two countermanding imperatives here. She goes numb in seconds, but she caught the dog by the collar. We’re giving you a few clues as well. He downshifted, revved the engine and sped up on corners, despite her frantic protests, and this made her even more angry. We are at the end of our second round 0: Look at that, T right before the water is so cold I can barely move.

Very narrow window for having lots of girls out. Who gives a shit how you are defined if your strategy is working.

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In other words you have scqres me as much. Driving your wife around, huh? Michaels, you could start by picking a handle other than your actual name.

That’s so unfair, cos it fits, the letters fit! Anonymous email accounts are simple. Nuff said on that! The Virtue of Selfishness https: He also has a concealed carry license- and l totally trust him to take care of us with it if needed. One of our dogs had spied a few ducks on the opposite side of the river and bolted into it to go after them. Chicks dig speed, hot, nasty bad ass speed…. We’re looking for any runners-up 0: Pull over, yank, her out of the car by her hair and pimp,slap her into next week.


In nearly every case where a teacher copulates with a student, the element of feral desire is always there. How much of that steady drip comes with the traditional relationship territory? I think what you are referring to as WK subtotles, I would categorize as apex beta males.

Beautifull day frost on the pines,the whole world was shimmering. We need those little betas to keep getting destroyed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The reasoning was scarse men all to often get taken advantage of by a new wife she assumed I would re-marry. He downshifted, revved the engine and sped up on corners, despite her frantic protests, and this made her even more angry.

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There was one Pointless answer. We argued because her behavior was so random and she was pissing me off.

I suppose it has its rewards. We had gone on vacation in DC and Philly visiting historical sites. Too alpha to be pinned down. About half way across he realizes it was a stupid idea and turns back. T jumped in to catch him. I see this a lot in couples where the power dynamic is one where the woman is the tacit authority of the relationship.


Some men can do this effortlessly and often unaware depending on the social context and circumstances he surrounds himself with. Hey Rollo… This actually had me laughing out loud emphasis mine: A warm welcome to Pointless. And where have they come from?

Anyway, there you are. But not just her opinions.

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OK, so we are looking for people with short names 0: I remember my first car, smiling out loud, she was a beaut, a cutie…it was a manual Audi in Visceral excitement, press it hard and faster you will go, patresr she will get. After I open a bunch, I feel like I am in the world. He was listening to her, but ignoring her requests. A common criticism among the MGTOW set is that a man investing himself into anything with the express purpose of attracting women is vanity or wasted effort.

My husband sometimes scares me in bumper-to-bumper traffic because he waits, in my opinion, too long to put on the breaks. It’s just once a month, once every two months.