Santa skin worn for Christmas [] and []. Through Vechs, Pause became friends with Cleophas , joehillssays and Zisteau. It was here that Pause first met Guude. The purpose of the prank wars is to generate entertainment for the players and viewers. Recounting going to the dentist and getting cavities filled Answering questions asked over Twitter Background footage enchanting books, mining end stone, building Gaping Hole floor. Rerouting Guude’s nether path to lead a long distance away. Continuing building an animal barn Tales from the bad part of Winnipeg.

First Class , pronunciation of words, pet wolves. The intention of these guidelines is to minimize or eliminate the destructive quality of a prank while still allowing for comical frustration or bewilderment on the part of the victim. From age 14 to 23, Pause drank multiple energy drinks per day, before attempting to quit in late Etho’s Been Pranked” Guude: Giving people cats and taking 1 diamond per cat for his Cat Home Delivery Service. Loser of the selected game is punished. Working on his automated wheat farm, learning about water physics. Death games, a “prank prelude” to repay them for killing Pause.

Building a large pumpkin on a stick on top of PSJ’s fishing dock.

Following the trail of clues Guude discovered with Team Nancy Drew. Donations Adding dispensers to brewing room Transporting Dexter. This was in response to a prank by Etho and Docm77 in January whereby they littered his builds with boats but failed to identify themselves as responsible.

Pauseunpause mindcrack episode 124

Etho’s pet shop covered in webs elisode guarded by the spider from Charlotte’s Web. Discovering a chicken dispenser trick from Baj Finding generikb’s RV while continuing to excavate his base Building the second ring and starting the third Enchanting and repairing at the Ender Ender Discussing anvils and game balance. Footage of multiple zombies attacking him in a cave Caving for resources Talking about Vidcon.


This page was last modified on 7 Julyat Explaining what pauseunpsuse thinks about Minecraft right now Talking about DayZ, the charity stream and depression Caving. King of the Ladder”. Featuring KyleTheBearlater lakersfan Bedrock Doors prank 2 “. Please use the talk page for contact. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

The Wolf Among Us. Choose among killing a Sheep, a Cow, or have Pause’s valuables dumped into Lava. Building a lipstick on top of the witch hut at the Devils Daycare to commemorate generikb’s VidCon Exploring a cave system with Beef “Hating” each other, origin of popsic. Trading with Nebris Visiting the quad spider spawner for string and making dispensers Experimenting with ideas for an underwater home Building an artificial island for the villagers Showing the completed rail to the blaze farm.


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Mindcrack Server – Episode 55″ 0. The Art of Pranking” PauseUnpause: Rigged Dispensers filled with potions with negative effects are hidden throughout the place. Rebuilding the arena roof Talking pauseunpase the B-Team casino and one-upping others on the server Flooding the arena and playing with boats.

Building a jar of jam with cat records in it at Pyro’s library. Born in Winnipeg, ManitobaPause moved regularly during his childhood due to his father’s work. Portions of VintageBeef’s floor raised randomly unnoticed. Fighting Nebris and discussing the battle. Caving with Avidya and Pyro Answering questions about funniest high school memories, travelling back in time, favorite video game episoed, favorite book and movie, favorite subreddits.


Working on building a mushroom farm nether track to his cave. Trying to drop an anvil on generikb Looking at the speedy spawn animals and a baby pigman in the Nether Starting to build EthoCorp Laboratories.

New Super Mario Bros. Please use the talk page for contact. Views Read Edit View history.

Trying out boat elevators Visit from Etho Building a floating island. The Forgotten Prank” VintageBeef: Donations Eating spiders during your sleep, dentist troubles, Andrea’s nose bleeds Work on nether rails. A Machine for Pigs. Discussing modifications to the gold and ghast farm Raging at his ghast death A multitude of endermites Unexpected death Searching for ice plains spike biome.

Through Vechs, Pause became friends with Cleophasjoehillssays and Zisteau. Exploring the stronghold Looking through the abandoned mineshaft. Giving an update about his cat Navi, announcing he will be playing “Super Hostile 10” with Mhykol Visiting TheJims’ spider spawner, demonstrating how to use it Working on building the teepee, talking about livestreaming.