This movie belongs to Sai Kumar. The major idea of the movie is that there are no heroes good and villains bad rather its always the struggle between the good and bad within one’s self. Villain oka secret society agent ani telustundi. Shamdat Story – screenplay dialogues – direction: Dialouge are the big asset for the movie. Aa dialogues tho ne iddari characters elevate avthai. Prasthanam, written and directed by: Vennala Kishore, who had a great praise for his earlier role in Vennala film directed by Devkatta.

Direction of the movie is good. Sandeep,Sharwand,Saikumar gave there best performance. That’s the only negative. He was so good in the climax episode. The narration of the movie is not smooth little jerky. Which movie has the best opening dialogue? Iddaru vaalla pani vallu chestunnaru…kani journey matram opposite direction lo untundi.

Dialogues by Devi Katta were were intense and emotionally provoking. I am impressive with the guy who did the role of cop and his voice is very good. Story Loknath Sai Kumar takes over the reins of power from a dying man Balayya. Fjlm quick read each morning and bam! Especially the portrayal of the complex character by Sai Kumar is beyond the boundaries of imaginary perfection. Ee movie inkaa pedda hit ayyunte matram ee conversation ki mana TFI lo prathyeka sthanam undedi.

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But in this film he came up with terrific and serious performance. In fact Deva Katta’s hard work is written all over the screen, right from the title cards. The movie ends at the right time and fialogues last scene is simply brilliant.

Saikumar was intense through out the movie, He has the most powerful voice in the entire Telugu film industry. I have to admit I have seen many people in my real life portraying the differt shades showed in the film. Deva Katta is a serious filmmaker and Prasthanam is probably his kind of movie.

What is your favourite dialogue in Telugu? All else is as routine as a gangster movie. Athanu thana flashback lo entha cruel ga undevado and entha daarunanga manushulani champevado chepthu, chupistharu. Many of the good things from that script are also presented here in diverse and creative ways. The dialogues are novel and powerful. Jeeva is good as a contractor. The rest ptasthanam the story is all about what happens when Chinna rebels uncontrollably.


Saw prasthanam today, and i was disappointed. Villain ni ptasthanam powerful ga chupiste hero antha elevate avthadu. Deva Katta who gave birth to Vennela Kishore as an actor with Vennela has wasted him in this movie. Iddaru vaalla pani vallu chestunnaru…kani journey matram opposite direction lo untundi.

However, the pace of the film is too slow and it affects more adversely because it is a serious movie devoid of entertainment. What are some of the best Telugu movie dialogues that went unnoticed?

Jaya Prakash and his assistant Prithvi provide ample comedy. One movie against all others – Prasthanam, a new journey in Telugu cinema. Oka psychopath thoughts ni mirror lo chupinchinattu chupistaru.

The dialogues are exemplary and delivered superbly by Sai Kumar Lok Nath and Sharwanand played within his own self though at times his limitations were shown. Dev katta is a director to watch out. Ilanti conversations valla, aa scenes aa particular movie ke highlight ga nilustayi. Who has the faith to go the distance fialogues the one who can stumble upon any heads and destroy anything for his own selfishness.

This film is sure to win handful of awards. The narration is top notch, the dialog’s brilliant and the screenplay good.

Editing is bad and lot many scenes even if cut would not have made actual difference oh, please remove the romantic vilm throw them off. Devkatta, who earlier gave us Vennela came up with an awesome political thriller. The negative points are not-so-gripping screenplay, slow narration and serious nature of the movie. It actually included a lot many scenes just to justify characters is that necessary is what I ask the director, dialofues be for Telugu Audience yes, but I am one of the rotten lot or can I make a character in a few scenes and not too many, I think 2 scenes of consistency or 2 scenes of variation will bring out a character but here it revels in showing nearly 20 scenes to show us how corrupt and how selfish he is.


This film is a must see. What are the best dialogues on love in Telugu? Surekha Vani is good. Sign in prsathanam vote.

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This is mostly a dialog driven movie and a very serious one too. Aa murder chesina vallu serial killers ani telustundi. The legacy of his political career is the actual conflict point.

The writing is just poetic and out of the world for tollywood. Come out of the ideas of those old puranas Except the characters who are self-centred, there are no heroes or villains in this drama reference to life!!! There have been many films in the recent past, though not having a tight story line have fared well and people have liked them.

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Ikkada list lo miss chesina scenes emaina unte kindha comments section lo share cheyandi. Cinematography is diaolgues, not only in showing the feudal politics but also in showing us emotions and bringing characters alive.

The fklm dev katta maintained good grip over the movie and created a near perfect movie for the budget. Aa ball game, daanini hero explain chese style, vaalliddari classiness — anni Hollywood standards lo untai.

It is all about war between good and bad within our mind. But one expects prasthaanm the judges who are supposed to be esteemed critics of movies and know their ins-and-outs, would happily overlook these small hurdles on the road to cinematic wonder provided by Prasthanam.

The major idea of the movie is that there are no heroes good and villains bad rather its always the struggle between the good and bad within one’s self.