Jennings i R. Gaelic Affair f 11 – McLeod’s winning time of 13min The most spectacular retirement was that of Derek Ddy, who went off at Paddock HOI Bend with one wheel detached from his Ensign and bounding high into the air. The Cabinet announced that it would discuss the Egyptian proposals and take a derision The previous 10 had produced 72 runs. Irish students lose Wellington- July

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Mr Dayan, Mr Kamel make a protest, but speaking and their retinues. Advance from PA to person at the lop—running the orftce.

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We are increasing the supporters of our position and increasing their trust in our intentions, while on the other side, we are increasing those who oppose Israel’s position and policy and who mistrust its intentions.


Regal Exception, six years ago. Todav Maftram played with much more assurance. He- admitted there-was perhaps some animosity between them.

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Another 21 seats—for the state of Sarawak—have yet to be amiounced- The Prime Minister took a calculated gamble in calling for elections 18 months ahead of schedule. Lauda i Brabham – A’fa Romeoi. An Exhibition or Summer Music begins. Mrs Pretty went agriculture system.

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Smokes Bear was outstanding in the earliei series but fairly ordinary firii weekend. Ninety years of service to Britain. Pleasant working conditions with opportunity to attend wine tastings.

Zaheer scored 81 and. A1 talent comes Into play seried you liaise with Him companies and become involved In the happening world ol film festivals. Head Hornreu il favi: Pfbfi Strand U-i fori: Hu idler, c Turner. But Warwickshire, who bad lost eight of their previous nine matches in the league this season, got home with 25 balls to spare.

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