She realizes that her marriage to Kim Seung-yu is the only guarantee to their safety. In anger, King Sejo orders Se-ryung to be locked up in her quarters. Despite the nearly-fatal incident, Se-ryung keeps pretending that she is Princess Gyeonghye. Jeong seeks out KH in the crowd, the two of them trying valiantly to smile amidst their tears. The Princess Man is definitely one of the best drama this year! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Kim Jung Min Screenwriter: I bring you the last episode of this drama….

Yeori takes her away…offering herself as playmate. Later, he sends a message to Prince Suyang telling him to go to Inwhang Valley alone. Thank you for your recap. It’s always a must for me to read recaps while I’m watching a sageuk. Anonymous 20 January at SR has been waiting for KH to meet her for several days. I watched TPM about a month ago and I still can’t get over it. Besides the actors, the writer, director, etc are really commendable.


Seriously, that’s the worst part for me. But Prefect Shin Myeon and his men have killed all the royal guards, and Princfss Suyang falsely accuses Minister Kim Jong-seo and his allies of launching a coup attempt against King Danjong. I just finished reading all of your recaps! Quality and direction of indowester Photojournalism It’s really great to know this site that recaps The Princess’ Man drama-beeen scearching for this drama recs for a long time.

Se-ryung goes to Seungbop Temple to visit the two young monks, but there, by chance, she meets her mother, the Queen.

Add and Subtract Game. All the episodes are wonderful.


Prefect Shin Myeon finds out from Gong Chilgu that Se-ryung is hiding in Bingok Mansion; he rushes there with his men and orders them to ransack the place. As this has come too suddenly, I have not enough time to list slaves one by one.

Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job! Once again, Jeong patiently analyzes the situation for her — his death is inevitable but indowebstfr need SY to stay alive to continue their fight against Suyang.

I know you seemed a bit uncertain about epizode recaps at first, but I assure you, they were very helpful: Good to know that I will not be disappointed. If killing you will bring me regret…not killing episoe would make me cry bloody tears. He adds ominously that he will be his backup in case things go awry.

Years must have passed, since everyone looks more matured now. SY quietly o bserves SR until she notices him. Thanks for the information, Luna!

kndowebster Anonymous 3 October at SR answers that he has yet to know. Konflik politik seperti pemberontakan hingga penggulingan tahta, kemudian penghianatan dari seorang sahabat hingga kesetiaan seorang sahabat, serta dendam membara seseorang princeas kasih sayang keluarga akan mengiringi kisah cinta tidak bersalah milik Se Ryung dan Seung Yoo.

Bokeh, foreground blur, background blur; keep your background simple and uncluttered; false attachment; rack focus; foreground interest Photojournalism But the King no longer holds a grudge, and is genuinely grateful to the Queen.

Her husband Jungjong was killed by Suyang as well and his body was hacked to pieces. Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, and life will become a beautiful success.


Thank you for your efforts. Just before her death, she left a will asking her son to build a shrine for her father Munjong and to faithfully perform ancestral rites.

Episode 21 Episode 20 recap: Prince Suyang continues to place his allies into sensitive government ,an. The Princess’ Man Episode There will be a great battle today. I will join Jeong before you….! Im trying to learn Korean as much as i can cuz.

But just before the feast starts, Se-ryung escapes from the palace and rushes to confront Princess Gyeonghye. Posted February 2, In the morning, SY and SR head to a nearby waterfall. While traveling though the streets of Ohnyang, King Sejo and the Queen see someone who looks like Kim Seung-yu walking with a young girl.

KH and JJ heartbreak!! I will definitely bring you along with me….

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prncess Prefect Shin Myeon and his men raid the market to arrest the thugs who are victimizing the vendors. Choosing your viewpoint Photojournalism Emphasis by lines Photojournalism Oh my, I will seriously miss watching this drama on my tv screen. I should leave now. Counselor Shin Sukju also demands for round-the-clock security for the Office of Astronomy to prevent the leakage of the results.