I am pretty sure the clock will be a one-time hit item. Tired of listening to his voice over and over again, she wonders if the message can be deleted, and dismantles the bomb! I must warn you, though, episodes 1 and 2 are a bit crappy. Blast From The Past: Yang Hee Kyung Supporting Cast. Log in with Email.

Did he use a lot of money? Eun-ji became a mother at that age and was no able to enjoy her youth. And I’m so glad it’s a lengthy one! You came to me as a manipulative idiot and the fact that you honestly cared for me took you by surprise. There was a small confrontation before the proper fight. I do believe to the basic facts of his behavior, with out reinterpreting the facts to suit “your desire for Romance” prove my point very well, and if you guys stop given a new meaning to his behavior than I feel that you will see things my WAY!!!! I love this drama and that ending so ridiculously much.

Definitely the best drama so far this year! It princesss like in the picture Hye-ri showed, the one of her and Go Man-chul going out of the hotel, displayed true events. Whatthehell expression from Jung-sun, who refuses to do it. I told you to get a hold of yourself. The fun is to look for the hidden messages, that’s where the real joy is! Please enter your username or email address. For crime understanding purposes, a chart was made with all the involved parties and the facts up until this episode.


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Hye-ri runs out crying, In-woo sees her from his balcony, and follows her from a short distance. Your email address will not be published. Megumi December 25, at 8: I hope we can keep on doing it when another future controversial drama airs!

I am pretty sure the clock will be a one-time hit item. You came to me as a manipulative idiot and the fact that you honestly pdincess for me took you by surprise. Despite the popularity of the other dramas Cinderella Sister, Personal Taste, Dong Yi, etc this is the only one that I watch the episde way through. Thanks for translating the last bit She has been very patient, caring for his daughter tooand maybe a bit scared, too.

Prosecutor Princess

episoode The apartment and everything else were bricks in his revenge wall. Just want to point out, the clock scene reminds me alot with one scene in all about eve drama where kim so yeon was in it,too. It is so nice here. Kim So Yeon Main Cast.

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He’s using the law to get justice for his father; if he was a sociopath he’d have seduced Ma Hye Ri, gotten married to her and then killed all three members of the Ma family in front of each other. Although she cares more about skincare and fashion, she easily gets into law school with her incredible intellect and focus and passes the bar exam with flying colors. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Choi Sung Ho Supporting Cast. Right after Hye-ri leaves, Jung-nan invites In-woo to the store he was patrolling outside, hidden in his oh-so-remarkable-car-that-is-never-noticed-by-Hye-ri.


As the shows continued I got more hook. Especially the scene where she goes to slap him and she’s barefeet o. I would clearly beat him with that stupid gas bomb clock thing till death. Best drama for me this year! I was very glad I stayed with this drama, because it has really grown on me a lot.

Oh, God, I could barely go through his entire message without crying. Does she want an apology?

Hye-ri as a responsible professional. Also, great stuff with the correlation chart! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Eventually, Jung-nan demands for proof.