Thank you and credits to http: I hope that they’ll be together but in the end i’ve got big sadness. Soldiers surround the trainees and lock down the assembly area. Yeom Jong is surprise that they need to withdraw. Types of pictures Photojournalism Rack focus common technique used in K-dramas ; Deokman is in focus while Kim Yushin is out of focus; then Deokman becomes out of focus and Kim Yushin becomes in focus; then Deokman becomes in focus again; and lastly, Kim Yushin becomes in focus. Home About Contact Log In. It was wonderful to have the story come full circle with the two Deokmans facing each other.

I wasn’t happy with the ending though. That also never happened. In the end she still showed her love for Yushin so it was pretty touching. This is because the nobility who do not desire to lose anything they had…. Bi Dam said that he is gracious move of their generosity. Hopefully he will get more projects, as I’m sure Kim Nam Gil will. He asks for SanTak.

There is a message to be delivered, but someone who couldn’t deliver it. I like his genius brain, his cool face, his amazing acting, and well. Deokman kills someone for the first time. But what a daring accomplishment, three strong women Seondeok, Chunmyoung, Misil ruling in the men’s world, the glorious characters, beautiful sets and the dazzling Silla Dynasty background. DeokMan, BiDam, both of them have crossed the line.

There’s a good reason why — the love story between Deokman and Bidam was never supposed to happen. JokBang says he need Santak to get in. There was a week when I sinnopsis to skip to the last part of the episode, and then watch the rest when I had time, but it didn’t work at all Also, for people who watched episode 62, let’s just say that Bidam clearly shows he’s the best swordsman in Shilla.

Ha Jong congratulate Bi Dam for the addition members to their faction. Oh well, I knew one of them was going to die Epizode the ending is so freakingly tragic and beautiful ending I also love guessing what’s going to happen isnopsis and see slnopsis I can be as smart as Mishil or Deokman for their next plans to outwit each other.


Catatanku: Queen Seon Deok

My breakdown of this drama really come down to three time slots. But Chilsuk also arrives and recognizes Munno. Galacio View my complete profile. Ha Jong said that Bi Dam has just mention that they are going to prolong this standoff for a long period.

BIDAM in episode 62 of Queen Seondeok – video dailymotion

Bidam finds out from the historical records that Mishil could be his mother; Lord Seolwon, however, has been following him everywhere. Episode 20 Episode 19 recap: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Natural frames Photojournalism But she is disappointed that BiDam did not seek confirmation from her. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. History is always determined thus. I wonder if the writers are male or female which would surely explains why the show ended up on such a whim. But I really did love QSD.

Creative writing through seeing Photojournalism Remember how he was proud of her after he declared that she as a boy saved his life? JokBang says for seom reason, BiDam thinks her sjnopsis tried to assassinate him. To them, MiShil and SeolWon no longer exist. In mourning, This Belleza officially removed “This” and is now back to sad, incoherent Belleza.

I stopped watching pretty much after Mi-shil left the series.

Kim Chun really wanted Queen Seon Deok to say it with her words. Meanwhile, Kim Yushin and his group tie up Princess Cheonmyeong, thinking that she stole the pendant.

Unfortunately, Chunchu was so disliked by the end of the show that they skipped Chunchu and went straight to the fall of Paekche.

I deol and shouted Bidam’s name Episode 44 Episode 43 recap: Photo essays and sequence shots Photojournalism I don’t think I sijopsis accurately describe any of the main characters sunopsis the drama using words After asking Deokman about her own reply, Mishil then shows her the painting of King Jinheung and the tiger.


I am one of the Army of Bidam Lovers, i watch this drama just to see him MyeonHwal The fort guards say the fort is empty of troops. Episode 23 Episode 22 recap: Before the competition begins, Bidam annoys Bojong and the other elite Hwarang officers. BiDam says the person who tried to assassinate him was one of her majesty’s guard.

It did seem to veer from qeuen it originally intended to go when it became apparent that Mishil and Bidam were the shining stars in this thing, but it was a fun ride. Sohwa wanders off from the shrine and, in the palace, meets King Jinpyeong. I hope that they’ll be together but in the end i’ve got big sadness.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 61

Episode 32 Episode 31 recap: In the beginning, i confused with the stories,maybe because the change of an actor n actres, and i don’t see the series full. Mishil takes a bow and shoots an arrow at Deokman. Episode – 7 Julai – Layar Drama Indonesia: I very much respect that reminiscent of Einopsis Elizabeth I, Seondeok’s story in this drama ended as her own woman rather than belonging with some man.

Chilsuk has become almost blind because of the fire in the desert when he tried to kill Deokman. I hope i can find another korean sdon that can match this kind of story I found that the love which was portrayed between these two was truly amazing.