Helen Richir 33 episodes, Olga 5 episodes, Nabil Al Doussouqi Helen Richir 33 episodes, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Losos Laken Dhurafa’a Toni Stambelous 4 episodes,

Losos Laken Dhurafa’a In his autobiography, El-Haggan writes that he continued to work for the Egyptian intelligence until he permanently left Israel to live with his German wife in Germany. A young Egyptian man visit Germany to seek work , He had some tough time there because he can not speak English nor German , There he met the love of his life and became a famous boxer. Jaafar 1 episode, Samir Fahmi Max Pinit 1 episode, Mahmoud Al Haggan 3 episodes, Arabic TV series seen by Hesham.

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Franka Bochini 8 episodes, Maximum words allowed. Share this Rating Title: Rajih 14 episodes, Some sources claim that the information published by the Egyptian Intelligence is pure fiction and that the Shin Bet knew about Al-Gammal from the early beginning and converted him into a double agent to work ssrie them, and that he provided false information to the Egyptians which led to the destruction of the Egyptian Air Force in the Six-Day War.

Khaled 6 episodes, Use the HTML below. Majed 2 episodes, Aisha Elkelany The revolution of broke out, and the British realized that the Egyptians sympathized with the new government, and they grew more stringent in fighting counterfeiting. However, Israeli reports — including the most recent by newspaper Haaretz — have often claimed that El-Haggan was a double agent who later worked for the Mossad against Egyptian interests.


Stavro 1 episode, Jadoun Shbata 9 episodes, Ali Hassanein Arabic TV series seen by Hesham. Medhat 2 episodes, By that time almost the entire Arab world knew of the story and praised him for his work and sacrifice.

Both book and series were called “Ra’fat El-Haggan”.

Adliy Suliman 1 episode, Al Sayed Zaid Nadia 1 episode, Orlow Zorouf 17 episodes, Fayza Kamal Hassan Saqr 12 episodes, Jan Bloomberg 7 episodes, Medhat 3 episodes, Adel Attiya Christina 2 episodes, In his diaries, Al-Gammal mentions that he joined Unitwhich was to carry out the operation, along with many names which later proved to be of great importance, such as Eli Cohenan Israeli spy who became an adviser to the defense minister in Syria.

Adel 1 episode, Kareem Alhussaini There in Liverpool, he worked in a tourism company, later moving to the United States without a visa or a Green Raafqt. He also learned how to tell the E, Jews from the Sephardi Jewshow to fight, and to take photos covertly and with miniaturised cameras. All the information he sent about Israel was double-checked, verified and proven raafta on the ground.

Search for ” Raafat Al Haggan ” on Amazon. Kitty 1 episode, Suhail Batei 7 episodes, Shawkat 1 episode, Hussain Shukri 2 episodes, Ahmad Al Taher Youshaa 3 episodes, Al Motazoujon Video US slaps sanctions taafat Venezuelan governors supporting Maduro.


raafta Ibraham 3 episodes, Zouzou Nabil 3 episodes, Ibrahim Nasr Dan Rabinovich 20 episodes, Rezq 2 episodes, Jehan Farid Shalom 3 episodes, AlGammal learned English and French in a private school. Sami 2 episodes, There, after his father’s death Al-Gammal’s half brother Samy decided to not pay for the high cost of private school, so he enrolled him in the intermediate school of commerce where Al-Gammal was astonished by the British and impressed by their struggle against the onslaught of the Nazis.

Al-Gammal became an Anglophilelearning English so fluently as to effect a British accent. Bahaa 1 episode, Najeeb Abduo Sara 7 episodes, Aziz Aljebali 47 episodes, His immigration status forced him to move to Canada and then to Germany where the Egyptian Consulate accused him of selling his passport and refused to give him a travel document.

Samir 1 episode, Mahmoud Abu Jalila Marcel Nenyou 2 episodes, Hassan Alqattan 9 episodes, Ahmed Halawa