I enjoyed it a lot. Parasites Sometimes Essential July 23, What an immersive show. Fantastic concept – science meets “Night Air”! Perhaps I just need to listen to the original source material without the annoying interruptions from the “DJ’s”. Reply Alert moderator Margie Murray: I would have thought that the failures would have vastly outweighed the successes.

Agree with you, guys. What an immersive show. David Attenborough gets his meaning across without pain. Related If you enjoyed this episode, you may like these. I would have thought that the failures would have vastly outweighed the successes. Parasites Download audio show transcript Broadcast:

Loke says that was good enough for the entrepreneur in San Francisco, who started looking for his own source of parasitic worm eggs.

Eat Your Worms: The Upside Of Parasites

As for the people who don’t like it the presentation style, there’s no need to be snide and insulting. Perhaps this upsets the literal minded but thats just too bad for them if they can’t enjoy a bit of well done story telling and humor.

Please do not make this a regular hookorm for rasiolab Science Show. I have come to expect a high standard from The Science Show. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. During that time, the worms began to die off and the man’s disease came back. We need to oblige the constraints of WNYC copyright arrangements and apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Reply Alert moderator BlindWatcher: Listen To Radiolab’s “Parasites”. I only caught a fragment of the program on the car radio, and heard about parasites treating allergies. Reply Alert moderator John Childs: Now I realise this is a presentational style, and that’s ok, but there were those moments I found a struggle to listen to.

It would be less ignorant, if you were to simply rate the show low, express the fact that it was not to your liking, and leave others to enjoy according to their tastes and intellect. While the show may fail in some aspect of your standards, and be rated low by you, there is no doubt that there is no single standard that can be applied.


And for the couple claiming that you didn’t learn anything, epislde probably know enough that you wouldn’t learn much from regular abc programming anyways.

Eggs are infective between two weeks and a month and hookwlrm be ingested via soil-contaminated hands or food. Behind enemy lines, sometimes people get confused about whose side they’re on I am a little tired of the “Old Firm” approach to programing,same old faces on TV and what seems an elite stable of writers who get all the gigs year in, year out.

Southerners Aren’t Lazy and Dumb, They Just Had Hookworm | Stuff You Should Know

Over lunch, the man told Loke a remarkable story about how he’d recovered from ulcerative colitis, a bowel disease in which the immune system appears to attack the lining of the colon, causing devastating ulcers. Radiolab sometimes does science in a rather entertaining way, telling stories not just throwing out dry science. He was a fixer. And now back to normal service I hope. It was pretty interesting, but I’m afraid I have to say – after listening to the second show as well – is that I just find occasional moments where the radio “soundscape” simply irritates me, in particular the repeating echoes of a sound grab.

This may work for short attention span audiences but I much prefer having Robin Williams pursue comprehensive lines of reason and argument with specialists in the field. They hatch in the small intestine 5and adult worms attach themselves to the walls of the colon 6where they can live for about a year.

I’ll be subscribing to their podcasts directly.

Reply Alert moderator viv: Reply Alert moderator DM: Reply Alert moderator DebF: Reply Alert moderator Kerri: Another story about parasites. I lasted 23 minutes before I just had to switch it over to another station. Female worms shed 3, to 20, eggs per day. There are 80 diseases which can be treated with hookworms.


We have different tastes, that’s all.

Eat Your Worms: The Upside Of Parasites : NPR

To travel to West Africa and purposefully become infected with the parasite. Perhaps you should learn to relax a bit and stop being so quick to jump to conclusions. Carl Zimmer talks with Ira about how parasites manage the trick of living inside of us, behind enemy lines, without us finding out. Such is the breadth of Robins knowledge base that his interviews are seemingly enjoyed as much by the scientist in question as with me the listener.

Reply Alert moderator joanium: Reply Alert moderator Margie Murray: Great show, great style, just a different style. Facebook Twitter Delicious Reddit Digg what are these?

Prologue By Ira Glass. Could you please forward me some contact details of the relevant professors conducting study in this area. Others, are more technical and spisode bored by much less than a series of concatenated facts. Yea i find it amusing that he is claiming that its stupid, yet he’s distracted by a few sound effects.

Southerners Aren’t Lazy and Dumb, They Just Had Hookworm

Part two of our program on Harper High School in Chicago, where in the last year 29 current and recent students were shot. Reply Alert moderator gary ashton: Reply Alert moderator Mihaly: It would be interesting to hypothesise just how such bizarre behaviour arose in these parasitic organisms.

I was walking on the street listening to this and I gasped and laughed out aloud.