Anyone who has bhakthi can come and one who does not have bhakthi if they come they will get into bhakthi. Siddha Dharma is explained in the Vedantam. Ram did knew Sangeetham. Vashisti – Vashistacharyar Ishvagu vamsathu seermaikaga ayodhyin sirappugkaga, agayathil irundu kuttikondu vanthathal Vashisti. South Indian temples have varied architecture chola,pallava , varied utsavam all through the year theppotsavam, poochathi utsavam,brahmotsavam, vasanthoutsavam , varied pooja, lots of flower malai ,different types of prasadam and many such things. Ans – More than musician making it possible, it is the sangeetham which makes it possible.

Why should we go on yatrai? Birth of Brahma Brahma recites the veda’s thorugh all his 4 faces. Greatness of Bittoor Slogam: There is one Yaga Salai in Vashista kund. Now Brahma came again to meet Valmiki and this time he wanted to give Ramayanam which is nothing but the 4 veda’s. More news are sevi vazhi seithigal what we heard. All these rules had changed and were not followed in Thretha yugam.

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One has to follow the orders of his brother, kula guru, father, mother. Everyone even animals will help us if we follow path of dharma, if not even our own brother will disown us. Unless one can refute and disapprove it is true.

Lot of items to buy related to Ram when we enter Ram janma bhoomi. From North she comes down to south, near ayodhya sarayu turns towards east, runs around ayodhya then runs towards east epiaode full speed If Seetha was episodr son then they are here grandson’s.


Kanakam – Thangam, Bhavanam – Maligai. While Hanuman was serving Ram he starved and served him. Ayodhya is the first in the list. He has advised Rishi’s too like Vashistar, Vishwamithra and even his mother Kausalya. Why this thought arise?

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Kathavu thiranthathu Ramanaiyum darisithom, dasarathanaiyum Darishithom. SrirangasAyI bhagvAn praNavartha prakasakah. Bhagawan thiruullam thiruppthi yerpattal pirpadu yethu than nammakku nadakathu. Pattu theriyathavan padinale azharapole irukkum” used to say my father.

Bharathan – “Rajya bharanathu ” rajiyathai 16 aandu bharathai load pola thanginane athanala bharathan. Gop prathartha theertham, 15 kms from Ayodhya.

Ram uses the arrow called viveka Gyana to remove the 10 bad qualities we Jeevatma possess which includes the 5 karma indriya’s and 5 gyana indriya’s. Why is Rama not seen in Nada vadivu or described as Nada vadivu? Various routes to follow karma yogam like – aradhanai of a vigraham, pranayanam,vedam solluvathu, Veda karuthu meaning araichi research pannuvathu, dhana dharmam, puniya theerthathil neeraduvathu, kshetradanam and many more.

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Since valmiki didn’t want to explain the truth to all he said that a precious Vana devi has come here. They will remember Ram, anjaneya, places visited and the divine experience will be remembered for ever.

So travel included From Ayodhya, bihar SiddhashramNepal Mithilaayodhya,UP MP border episodee chitrakut, Nasik panchavati, climbed lonavala to enter kishikintha then to Lakshmana theertham near coorg, Thirukurungudi mahendra giri and rameshwaram.

Ayodhya Parikrama Indru nam anaivarum serunthu Ayodhya parikrama merkolla pogirom. This is called as “Apoorva artha bhodanam”. Ramanathan, Rameshwaran are the names of Shivan.


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Yathrika’s did the pooja,pradakshinam for the pathugai. Namathalla sotthu, namai nam kattukollla kudathu we don’t belong to us and we need not take care of us. He listens and at times he advices back pqdhayil them too. Perumanukku adimai thanam purivathu yeppadi yeppadi yeppadi yendru namakku solli kudukka kudiya oli than nam kathugalukku yetuginrana. When crossing a place called Chapra, in that place Ganga, Sarayu Sangamam.

He had to conquer the bhakthi towards Ram first so that spisode can serve Ram’s bhakthan Bharathan.

From Bhagawan’s nabhi arises a lotus and from that lotus comes Brahma and he recites the 4 veda’s through the 4 faces. Ramaanin Bhagavat Gita, Krishna explains about Karma yogam. This is explained here. He taught them with 7 swaram with veenai in a manner to sing and talk and meditate.

Doubts will araise asking is this the place lakshman stayed lakshman bhavanis this exactly the place where ram was born?

Ippadi parikramavil neraiya idangal ullana.