The three principal worlds were heaven, earth, and hell. If the second copy is also defective, you may demand a refund in writing without further opportunities to fix the problem. The polyandric tradition of the Pandavas which seems to be a relic of a tradition of remote past, 28 according to Winternitz, seems to be too well known and late an instance to be successfully ignored. This tradition refers to the earliest migrations made by the Sanskrit Indians towards the south of India. But instead he polluted my wife because of his passion. Laksmana goes and requests Sita to come with him.

This fact is confirmed by an oath of Arjuna when he vows the death of Jayadratha by the next sun-set. And with wild cry and eager eye Came swooping down the wind: This refusal is a common feature of other episodes of the Epics also which will be duly narrated. Washerman, his gossip,mentioned in Pddma 50; as incarnation oi the male parrot 50; episode of 67 appendix P. Matanga, 14, , , , , , , , , Let pearls and gems and gold repay The feats of many a desperate day, That all may go triumphant hence Proud of their noble recompense.

On the other hand there is no reference to any such moral binding for the man, who has enough freedom granted to him through privileges 32 Brhaddevata 4, II, 5.

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See my Bhoja’s Srhgaraprakasapp. Each hermit maiden with her sweet soft voice, Shall soothe thy woe, and bid thy heart rejoice: Joly, Hindu law and Custom, p.

Hope that no care could turn, no love could stay The lightning stroke that falls on me to-day? In the numerous incidents that we come across in the Mahabharata describing cases of various sages ejaculating their semen at the sight of beautiful damsels or apsardsnowhere do we find the mention of an atonement. Uttara-parvata 61 Uttaras, naksatra 25 U upJ 66 Usanas 20, While a sudra is severely punished for carrying on illicit connections with any woman of the twice born castes.

The meaning that P. Her father approached the sage immediately and requested him to get married with the girl. Those here named are some of the people of the deserts along the Indus; but Pulindas are met with in many other positions, especially in the mountains 16-70 forests across Central India, the haunts of the Bheels and Gonds. In the light of the above discussion it may be said that though there is ample evidence of the existence of unregulated sex-relation amongst some of the people who were not necessarily non-aryan and though the tradition of ramaynam pattern of marital relations is perpe- tuated by the Epic-writer in the life history of Pandavas and the Yadavas who have become the symbols of reverence in the brah- manic culture, there dun no conclusive evidence to show that any laxity verging on promiscuity was ever the trait of Indo- Aryan culture.


Apsarases, 57, Similarly will behave our wives because people follow the example of the kings. The Purana does not drop Surpanakha with this ; it continues that the demoness went peisode Puskara for penance and became the hunch, back Kubja. Here neither any remarriage actually takes place, nor is there any intention of remarriage on the part of Damyantl.

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He sat, and tonsors trimmed with care His tangles of neglected hair Then, duly bathed, the hero shone With all his splendid raiment on. Forgive me, speed me on my way.

The tradition of promiscuity is not histori- cally traced here as Pandu 617-0 yet by referring to such a conduct as a normal behaviour, he, like Pandu, seeks to improve upon the mistaken notions of KuntI about chastity.

It is however doubtful whether the city of Mahismati had sexual freedom that we find in the Madra and the Balhika country. While the vedic evidence is of a debatable character, the 4 Iravati Karve, A. It is the same in the later Homeric cycle—the heroes of the Iliad perish by ill-fated deaths.

In case the husband failed to fulfil his obligation, it was open to the wife to satisfy he rself even by approaching any other man. I supplicate you all with joined hands. The main proofs of these inferences are as follows.


Caligula and Neron – incarnate Jehovah active pederast. Then Vibhisana tells Ravana at this stage that Ravana might surrender to Rama.

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As eoisode king refused to comply with his request, Agni who was enraged, started burning everything. Rwmayanam has three eyes, one being in the centre of his forehead, pointing The Ramayana up and down. There are also a few expressions reproduced actually from Valmiki: This is based on what Sita says after Ramayaam had threatened her Sundara I cast thee off, both thee and thine.

But Yudhisthira expressed the desire to get married with Draupadi. Brhaspati XXY, 39, 41 deno- unces a kdnlna along with a ksetraja and a gudhaja son in very clear terms.

Chaitraratha, 41,, According to Valmiki there is sjn change of Ahalya into a stone but Kalidasa knew the stone-tradition and I have discussed this stone-motif in my paper 1.

Thus proved before unnumbered eyes, On her pure fame no shadow lies. By tracing them to their source it will be found that not a few of thefee notions have their origin in senti- mental things and antipathies, to which a scrutinizing and enligh- tened judge can attach little importance.

Kuntl supported Yudhisthira on the plea that a way shouldjbe found out by which her words may not prove false. These aerial grow up in the forest. Asoka Chatterjee Shastri on the basis of seven manuscripts written in Bengali characters. Bhadra is received back by her husband in spite of her enforced conjugal infidelity.

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Her wreath was fresh and sweet of scent, Undimmed was every ornament. The whole episode is narrated elsewhere in this work in detail. And high in heaven shall be thy place.

Rama gets down and adds there a Lihga-shrine named after Laksmana. Ramayanma begets these sons through niyoga with the help of persons of her choice.