My book was very interesting,relates to my life in a way and teaches a good lesson. I found this book to be moderately entertaining, but believed it to have very little depth. I would recommend this book to my frie What I liked about this book was that it has interesting things in it and its realistic fiction so some of the things in this story you can relate to because it helps you deal with your problems. Angel was the new girl that tried out for the cheer leading squad. I tought this book was pretty good but not the best book i have read because I like books that include violence and a lot of action. As far as there I didnt really like how at the beginning they talked about cheerleading which seemed like went on for forever. This story basically takes place at a high scool called Bluford High girl name Jamee wanted everybody to stop bullying her but people didn’t because they kept saying that she is nothing like her sister that used to go their that her sister that used to go their was more prettier in more smarter in jamee isn’t But what happen was jamee stop trying to be like the other girls in start hanging out with other people that was actually better and more intelligent than those girls that she really wanted to be like.

I was surprised when Jamee stood up for Angel because in other books related to this book the person would just run and tell the teacher. So If you really like books with cool endings this is the book for You. Pretty Ugly is a book that is part of the BluFord Series and it is book number 18 of the series. West Berlin, New Jersey Dec 16, Serene To rated it really liked it Shelves: However, the fact that she sticks with Angel and the fact that Jamee’s best friend, Amberlyn, also stays on her side is something I really admire. There are lots of stories that I can relate to in high school and middle.

I was really surprised with the fact that jamee really started to understand that it was wrong to try to hang out with the girls that was really rude after they laughed at her in cracked jokes about herb in she was new she didn’t do anything. Angel is a very shy girl who is pretty, wears geeky glasses, and most of all, an easy target for Vanessa Pierce. She fails a math test but she doesn’t retake it because she wants to be nice and help out a friend in her cheerleading squad.



Sep 30, Imari rated it it ugy amazing. Vanessa gave in and so did her friends that had her back. This story basically takes Have you ever went to a school that your sister just left or a school were people said you remind them or somebody else? Because Jamee sticks up for Angel, Vanessa now wants to get Jamee to give up on the cheerleading squad.

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Want xeries Read Currently Reading Read. Jamie decides to do cheer leading for an after school activity. Pretty Ugly is a book about a girl named Jamee Wills. The story basically takes place at a high school called Bluford High school. The character Jamee and I seris similar because both of our parents do not understand, and they do not like blyford listen to our explanation when they think we are doing something bad when we were actually doing something smart.

She goes so far as to send an incriminating picture of Jamee and Vanessa changing in a locker room to the whole school. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

I thoroughly enjoyed Pretty Ugly, one of the books in the Bluford High series. But Jamee gets caught up in more mess, her mother and father expects her to be like her sister, her boyfriend wants to believe what sries people say, and the girls who were ganging up on that one girl Angel, comes after Jamee with rumors saying that she like girls.

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Now Jamee is a target, and someone is texting lies and pictures of her a Jamee Wills never expected Vanessa Pierce and her friends to go this far. Nov 18, Bmoore rated it really liked it.

The character changed in many ways one big way that I believe that jamee changed is because instead of trying to follow up behind someone else footprints which is really a bad idea she thought to herself that the girls that she wanted to be like was a very bad role model so she decided to be the people that where in her shoes before role model. Cheerleading is the one thing that Jamee excels in and really enjoys doing.


She is married and has two daughters. This was challenging because I had to read it a few times to know who said what. Vanessa becomes an evil conniving person that humiliates both girls. Has the blandness of books written in the 70s.

I recommend this book to the people who are struggling in their life because this book might help you with your problems. Dez wanted her to be the girl with the bad reputation. Then at home nobody cared about her. What an asshole he is. I dislike people that act like that. I learned that the Bluford series was developed to appeal to the intermediate to advanced reader while keeping the content appealing to a high schooler when really it is written to the 5th grade level.

I didnt understand why they cared if it didnt consern them. Not up to the high standards of today’s writing. So Jamie started to prettt up for Angle.

View all 3 comments. Sep 06, Valerie McEnroe rated it it was ok Shelves: So If you really like books with an happy endings i recommend this book for You. Dec 11, Mikayla rated it really liked it.

However, the fact that she sticks with Angel and the fact that Jamee’s best friend, Amberlyn, also stays on her side is something I really admire. So the queen bees of the cheerleading team took matters in their own hands and took a mean picture of Angle and started to send it to other students around the school. Also Jamie wanted to be a cheerleader and join the squad.

Trivia About Pretty Ugly Bluf The story basically takes place at a h Have you ever went to a school that your sister just left or a school were people said you remind them or somebody else?