Cluny uses the dormouse, Plumpen, to let him into the Abbey. In the book series, it is explained that Martin’s sword-blade was shattered when he arrived in Mossflower Woods, leaving only the hilt. The sight of Matthias dressed as the mouse he had seen in his dreams terrified Cluny, who sent his troops against Matthias and his army. Meanwhile, Cornflower discovered Martin’s old battle-armour in an abbey attic. The slaves are thrown into a dank cell. The Movie TV Movie Retrieved from ” https: When he came to, he found that he had been brought to Redwall Abbey, where the fathers of the abbey later informed him that his sister had died of exhaustion from the journey.

Matthias and the others figure out that Malkariss is what once was Loamhedge Abbey. Darkclaw, Killconey, and Fangburn think about taking over with Cluny ‘out of service’. Matthias is away at the time to get the ‘Shrewvian Reinforcements’ as Log-a-Log says. Meanwhile, Cornflower discovered Martin’s old battle-armour in an abbey attic. A circus comes to Mossflower and Cluny sneaks two of his rats, Redtooth and Fangburn, into it so they can take over Redwall from the inside. It came under attack by ravens , led by General Ironbeak. Elmtail voice Tim Curry Matthias’s raft drifts towards the rats on shore, watched in horror by Mattimeo and friends as the arrows fall and the fish nibble.

The Redwallers are trapped without water and only saved when Foremole digs a tunnel. Add the first question. Matthias wins with the help of the sparrows, but the sparrow queen Warbeak is killed.

Blake and Mortimer Nanook’s Great Hunt. Edit Details Official Sites: Brave Tess refuses to be a slave and Mattimeo is brutally attacked when he tries to save her from punishment.

Archived from the original on Edit Did You Know? The searat Redwaol the Scourge comes to Mossflower woods with his horde of rats, and young Matthias remembers him from his childhood days, the rat who murdered his family.


He left his son his sword and told him to never let another creature take it. Meanwhile, in their absence, things started to go wrong for Redwall.

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He locked her in the gatehouse and had his troops take Cavern Hole. A newt cheats Mattimeo and friends out of everything they have.

Once Matthias is back the final battle begins. Through a riddle they found under the tapestry, they discovered Martin’s tomb underneath a set of stone stairs, and there they found Martin’s shield and sword-belt. Overall, I loved it! Mattimeo and the slaves make their first attempt to escape, valiantly led by Tess Churchmouse, and Mattimeo takes another short step towards his birthright of leadership.

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Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Underground in the kingdom of Malkariss, Mattimeo and his friends see the slaves building a huge city. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

On February 27,one of the supervising directors of the show Jocelyn Hamiltonwas contacted by fans of the show in regards to a possible fourth season. And each monsters’ name is an number, A full day and night behind, the pursuers arrive at the abyss and are stopped dead until Sir Harry comes to their rescue by retrieving enough rope to cross the bottomless gorge.

Managing to win Clogg’s amusement, they got inside Marshank and freed most of the slaves. Search for ” Redwall ” on Amazon. Matthias was then raised in the abbey as a novice, yet dreamed of becoming a great warrior like Martin, the warrior-mouse that helped found Redwall.

Meanwhile, Badrang’s old shipmate, Tramun Cloggarrived to take Marshank. Company returned to Redwall with the young ones and slaves. Cluny sends Shadow over the wall to get the tapestry of Martin the Warrior, the rats plan to attack and uses their forces as decoys so they can climb across from a tree into Redwall.


The young mouse served many years in the fortress of Marshank as a slave.

Outside, Grumm conspires with Rose to tunnel to their rescue. Matthias goes up onto the roof with the sparrow Warbeak to see if the sword is up in the sparrows’ domain. Matthias is away at the time to get the ‘Shrewvian Reinforcements’ as Rexwall says.

Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? Martin leaves Noonvale with an army to attack Marshank, the Rambling Rosehip Players and escaped slaves do as well. When Matthias followed them in, Cluny ambushed him, and a duel began, which led them both up to the top of the belltower. Matthias, a young novice is marking ten years after he was adopted by an abbey named Redwall after his home and family were destroyed by the vicious Rat warlord, Cluny the Scourge.

Brome’s sister, Laterosealso known as Rose, and her friend, the mole Grumm, also arrived and began digging their way into the prison pit while Clogg began his siege. He is unaware that Orlando the badger is already in far away pursuit. Retrieved from ” https: Redwall by Brian Jacques.

They later saved a mountain bird named Stryk Redkite, who was being harassed and later hurt by the ravens.

However, many were drawn to Martin’s cause, including the Gawtrybe as he made his way to Marshank. Search for ” Found The Movie TV Movie