The movie is based on true events that happened during the s off the coast of Townsville in far northern Queensland, Australia. When Matt goes to retrieve it, he is attacked by the shark. If you would like to participate, visit the project page. The Politics of Writing. This site uses cookies. And what if someone in the water was bleeding?

By this time the outer reef, offering safety, was in sight and ray made a lastditch effort to reach the reef in one piece, his desperate progress was watched by the shark zigzagging behind him. Kate and Suzie are supported by Matt and Luke as they are both in shock. San Francisco 49ers use franchise tag on kicker Robbie Gould. Actor Kieran Darcy-Smith, who plays Warren in this water set movie, previously had appeared in the Australian television series “Water Rats” Or splashing about madly? Showing all 21 items. Just one question, do sharks really act this way, i mean was it based on true story.

Inthe fishing boat where he was traveling in, along with his friend dennis smurf murphy, 24, and his girlfriend linda ann horton, 21, the boats cook.

The reef movie true story ray boundy

Shot in five weeks. Tripambitions It contains the world best places and things. So, here we are with the reef, a movie that shares quite a few similarities with open water.

Pretty girls in bikinis, a romance sub-plot and the wrong species great white in the film, tiger shark according to Mr Bound. He came along as slow as you like beside me then slewed around and grabbed Lindy around the arms and the chest,’ Boundy said. The general idea is the same hell, even the dvd cover looks similar, but there are enough differences to make it more than worth a reed.

Scary thriller and adventure travel bouney inspired by true.

The Reef Theatrical release poster. Damian Walshe-Howling stepped on a stone fish on the third day of shooting.

Rau if youre asking about the film ra tunnelits a. I strongly believe stlry the best way to achieve this is by using suggestion rather than revelation. There were wild, unsubstantiated theories they either committed suicide or had hashed some kind of insurance scam, but the official Queensland police was they perished at sea.


The reef is an australian horror film based supposedly on a true story of a man named ray boundy who was the sole survivor of a ruthless shark attack after he and his party were stranded in the middle of the ocean around the great barrier reef. As night falls, Luke, Kate and Suzie are once more stalked by the shark. They share a laugh when they mistake a dolphin for the shark that took Matt. Tom and Eileen Lonergan.


The three on board boudny up swimming toward the reef and of those three, ray boundy was the only survivor. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For the next hour or so stoy snorkled among the reef, enjoying the colourful fish that swam past and the corals waving in the currents. On 26 july ray boundy told how over the preceding 36 hours he had watched helplessly as a large shark first took a young crewman then came back for the female cook, after his 14meter trawler, the new venture, capsized and sank kilometers northeast of townsville.

But before reaching their destination they realized they were being hunted by a 15 foot long Tiger shark. Luke assists Kate to climb to safety, but as he himself climbs onto the rocks the tdue seizes him and drags him underwater. Top 40 Shark Movies. Email required Address never made public. The films rqy shoot began on 12 october in queenslands hervey bay, fraser island and bowen bay, with additional shark footage completed in south australia.

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Killer sharks on screen: dissecting fact from fiction

It approaches them several times, even brushing past Kate, before leaving. Boundy was able to finally reach shore, but not before being stalked and attacked by the shark, although he was lucky that rescuers were able to save him just in time before becoming victim No.

Just one question, do sharks really act this way, i mean was it based on true story. Of terror, the film’s writer-director-producer, Andrew Traucki, said: The date was July 25, Ray Boundy, 28, skipper of the New Venture, told his tale of maritime terror Tuesday a few hours after being rescued from Loaders Reef, 45 miles northeast of Townsville.


Retrieved from ” https: Paranoia affects the group as they continue. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Te film makers also take liberties when purporting to tell the truth, as in final lines at the end of the film.

However, the shark soon returns and kills Suzie. I just didn’t know how to deal with it because we had no dinghy. They begin to swim the final distance to the rocks as the shark closes in.

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Boundy said from his hospital bed that deckhand Dennis Patrick Murphy, 24, of Brisbane and his cook, Linda Anne Horton, 21, of Townsville were attacked by a shark he estimated at 15 feet long as they clung to the capsized vessel. The new venture, capsized, sending the trio into the shark infested waters near twonsville, australia. The story of the reef is a true life story of something.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The reefs tale is based on the sotry real attack that happened to roy boundy and two of his friends off the coast of australia in the summer of An hour or so later, seemingly in the middle reer the ocean, the boat stopped and dropped anchor next to a floating platform. The animal is synonymous with this country and yet Australians have never made a feature film about them. They clung to wreckage, which included a surfboard, a life ring and pieces of Styrofoam from shrimp boundj as the trawler sank.