Regarding the conflict between Oppa and NJ, Bing says it well in his voiceover. But what they did with that car is just unforgivable It’s such an accurate way to describe that period of your life. If so, then why build him up so much for eps? Zainab December 16, at 9: I don’t think I can hold out for two more weeks.. I am not rooting for him as the husband but I want to him to have more screen time as a character.

But the way they played the story out, I think most people were happy and are enjoying the Die-Bingeurae couple On a happier note, the proposal was so romantic and un-flashy. I’m not gay and I feel the same way, it was too much of a gimmick in the end. I’m disappointed with Binguerre’s arc, too, but for other reasons. It seems the show is relying more on gimmicks rather than substance in the home stretch. I would like to dedicate this song to all chilbongie shippers and kate who voiced some of my thoughts. And yes, the lyrics of the songs chosen for each scene really accentuate the feels!!

The stupid suspense is getting on my nerves esp over the last couple episodes. It seemed to deal with his confusing sexuality in a nuanced way, with the nice voice overs, the touching getting into and over oppa scenes, and the getting into die stuff.

Now I’m kind of in love with it. As time has passed the stuff largely supports trash now.

I want to add these voiceovers to my journal of favorite quotes, lol. That said, I increasingly doubted they would put enough time in BG to do such a story. He’s a hospital doctor and that’s more a vocation than a job.

Firstborn Firstborn Episode 13 Firstborn Episode The scene before that with them lying down to take a nap was also wonderfully done. Jung Woo’s lone tear as he kissed and the quivering voice.

In the beginning, without a doubt, was better than imo. King’s Family King’s Family Episode Z December 16, at 3: Back inSamcheonpo and Yoon-jin make another visit to the army.


I love AM97 but I watched that last year; I’m watching this now. With all that important work, how can anyone really expect Oppa to put NaJung above his work? Manipulation should be a little more subtle or it just leads to annoyance. Their kiss was kindergarden level, what about CB? It was a beautiful proposal according to me. 19994

If you do, then you have no business proposing. He opens the door giggling in glee… she bursts in shaking in excitement… and dramafo she sees the gym equipment standing there with a big bow around it.

It was a disappointment to me as well. I don’t miss him and I don’t care about his feelings, but I don’t think that’s what the writer was going for, not when they are still playing epidode “whose the husband” game.

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It makes them cranky and distrustful. But that is not the only reason by far. I just think they totally fumbled this BG story even if some of the messages of sexual confusion and the early scenes with Trash were good. Did I imply anything? Reply Thread Expand Link. This was my biggest gripe with how the Binguerre story played 9194.

This is where the comment about how there is very little plot to this drama is highlighted, I know it’s supposed to be a play and we’re supposed to be confused, but at this dramxgo in the game we all know who the husband is, if they wanted to make it more interesting they should have played the story another way. Oppa is in a lot of ways playing a repy female role for a k-romance and people don’t like it; Nj is playing a traditionally masculine role.

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What I am saying is that people seem to put CB on this pedestal and act like the drama told them he was such a great dude and then he started acting weirdly.

It has also just been 2 episodes since he went to Japan and he is clearly coming back. D I’m so pleased they’ve stayed together and we haven’t had to deal with the BS Kdramas typically employ to keep the leads apart even when they’re yes, dating. Not watching, and only reading occasionally, but after reading your analysis of Binggeure’s character development [which I can’t judge since I’m not watching and have not opinion drammago I really enjoyed replh to your at mind work.


I’m happy we got to see And really I’ve ranted about this a lot of times already but Na Jeong is like a puppet in this series ever since her and oppa got together. I wasn’t expecting that by the way so I was just as shocked as Najung.

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It took me forever to realize that was Maehri He sticks a photo onto her wallet, only to get yelled at for it. HaeTae, i think will have someone totally new like Die Die. I consider myself heterosexual, but the first year or so that I knew my friend, I admired and respected her so much ddramago to me my feelings of affection and fondness for her felt akin to a crush.

Selina December 16, at But alas, I was disappointed that they chose to ‘end’ Binggurae’s story with a simple 2-episode introduction of Die Die as the conclusion to his love story. It was so perfect. 194 tugs nervously at his collar…. To me it epiwode even a competition bc oppa got the better hand and of course Na Jung never wavered plus why did they make chilbong leave for so long?

I was actually amused at first when Yoon Jae in the scene was talking how he knew about Na Jeong’s appa.