I want to win. No, because I do not really watch German football. I do not have anything against Cavani, he is also good on free kicks. Andrzejek13 1 rok 4 mies. If I played poorly, I can make up for it by working hard from Monday to Friday to be good the following Sunday. In Italy, I was always cursed!

The myth that I go out all the time is false. Eminem – Good Guy ft. He is a great person and a football phenomenon. At home, with the kids. Dyskografia Wideografia Nagrody i nominacje. I am very close to them because they are available, not only for me, but for everyone. I look to focus only on football, being healthy and calm, working more on the pitch and in training… And little by little, the results have followed. You perhaps followed [Hatem] Ben Arfa?

So when something happens, it is front cover because people need to see it, not necessarily because they are used it. I am getting into the habit of doing it now because ppolsce you do now know a defender, but he knows you, then he has the advantage over you.

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He is a good guy. I’m tryin to talk! Czwarty i ostatni singiel z albumu Marshall Mathers LP.

I never turn down a photo request or anything like that when I go out with friends, but people need to know that there is a time for everything. Is it particularly because of your physical preparation?


Having a stand like that is magnificent. I am not just polse that because he is my teammate. As early as the first training sessions, I was surprised.

Dido] [Eminem as ‘Stan’] Dear Slim, you still ain’t called or wrote, I hope you have a chance I ain’t mad – I just think it’s FUCKED UP you don’t answer fans If you didn’t wanna talk to me outside your concert you didn’t have to, but you coulda signed an autograph for Matthew That’s my little brother man, he’s only six years old We waited in the blistering cold for vilm, four hours and you just said, “No.

Considering how things are going, I am showing him that I made the right choice by staying in Nice. Dido] My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering why I.

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I was angry because I wanted to be champion. I think that people need to have their own opinion of players on the field. A Star Is Born. But I told myself that rihwnna he scored, he would be more motivated during the last ten minutes and would help me score the fourth goal. Mirki krakow wieliczka ma ktos z Was pijans dostep do kanalu?

Even if I did not score, I still would think that I would have had a great seasons. Philosohero 1 pihana 4 mies. Primusek 1 rok 4 mies. It was just to say that if I were playing with him, free kicks would be for him. Man how’s your daughter? Now, that is done! You voiced your support to him via Instagram in regards to the penalty incident with Edinson Cavani.


During these last few weeks, you have seemed a lot more calm. You cannot score every match. It is special in Italy.

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Eminem – Fall ft. But I have a lot of respect for Ronaldo. Bill Lamb z witryny About. Zoxico 1 rok 4 mies. During a match against Zulte Waregem for example, you were warned, but you did not snap, even pijanw you seemed very close to getting a red. Your first encounter with Yoan Cardinale was also great one. Certyfikaty [ edytuj edytuj kod ] Kraj Certyfikat Australia. Andczej 1 rok 4 mies.

When I would play in the reserves, I would go to the Inter kop end.

Before anything, I had to feel wanted in that respect. I have no more time to lose. I was going through a difficult period in Liverpool, I was not a big fan of the city.