The time now is I had used my This is a outstanding winder and one I will buy next for my next watch. Not all watch winders are the same quality. August 5th, 9. August 3rd, 4.

March 16th, 2. Cleaning a Speedmaster Next Topic: I’m not sure how quality is determined with these things. However, a measure of quality is how well the companhy stands behind their product. The best way to use a watch winder for long periods of time is to manually wind the watch up first, then place the watch in the winder. It holds 2 wathces per rotating head, rotates bi-drecionally with resting and sleep periods.

If you have your winder set at TPD and put a watch that is not fully wound in it for a few days. Most watches we all have like Omega Rolex,etc, Do you mean fully wind them turns before putting on a winder? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: I know with mine, the cost is mainly in the real wood used in the box itself: When you remove the watch from the winder, the watch will NOT be fully wound. This is the most common setting and works on most main stream watches. You can pick one of these up instead.

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Quiet is subjective but generally the motor shouldn’t grind or whine when operating. The door looks nothing like the picture with wimder popping out, poor quality hinge, patio door weatherstripping and worst of all when lock is open it hits my watch!

It falls well below the standard I would expect and I believe you should expect too for something that cost so much so take it back. March 16th, 5.


August 5th, March 16th, 4. This will not cause any needless wear on the clutch. It holds 2 wathces rfview rotating head, rotates bi-drecionally with resting and sleep periods. June 10th, A winder will exercise the movement much more effectively to show any defects in the movement like stoppage issues or accuracy problems.

Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. August 3rd, 5.

New Orbita In Safe 6 winder disappointed

Originally Posted by Dancing Fire. Last edited by KatGirl; March 16th, at One thing I’ve never been able to figure out is, exactly what makes a watch winder a “quality” watch winder? About a month or so ago I noticed the winder was rotating slower on the spindle where I always wind the Ploprof and only the Ploprof.

How much do you want ot spend? Just take it off the winder and wear.

Wood Watch Winder

Poorly made watch winders have been shown to magnetize the watches main spring over time. If you do it this way for daily or long turn use, you will never have to touch your crown. A good winder should last 20 years easily. With a 2 watch head, you do need to use 2 wartches of fairly close weight to it balances the rotation, otherwise it will eventually buirn out the motor trying to torque the head that is off weight.

Another side benefit of a watch winder is its effectiveness in showing any issues in a new watch. My Rolex has been either on my wrist or in the winder for its entire 11 year life.

March 16th, 7.

In fact there is tedbox arguemtn that keeping it wound keesp the oils fully dispersed and parts evenly lubricated so it does not settle. I emailed Rocket Red BOx explaing that I need to send it back for repairs for 1 dead head and ther other soon to be dead head so how much will it cost as it is way out of warranty?


August 3rd, 3. I emailed Orbita beforehand and was assured that the winder could handle it. August 5th, 8. I just bought a Boxy watch winder system. For 3K I think that would go back! Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Send it back and I too would have to wonder if you roket a fake.

March 17th, 9. Are they any better or worse than the tradtional rotationaly winders?

Help Forgot your password? Bi directional means that every time the winder cycles on, it turns in a different direction. I thought about the Orbit but; I did not like the fact it was battery operated, and only can be replaced through them. It will not “wind-up” the watch if set correctly to the watches specific TPD setting.

A good watch winder would rotate back and forth for 12 hours in periods of several roket in one direction, then reverse for several minutes in the other direction, then “sleep” for 12 hours so in fact it probably wears just the same. Do you know anything about them?