And you can hear Sacriel moaning about BS in the background while Oshi is still engaged After respawning i got sniped 3 times on the coast in 5 mins and then as i spawned for the forth time it turned dark i ran towards a Ural that was beeping at me with it’s lights on in hope of a lift back up north where i hold down a camp with 2 buses and a jeep like a boss!!! PleagueX , racoonman , Ignak and 4 others like this. One thing I have to add: Especially when you are a good player. We dropped one guy to Kabanino and one north of the barn. Cos as far as I know, DayZ has been brutal since it’s early days i.

Call of Duty was originally PC only, so was Battlefield, and the players back then were exactly the same, just a considerably smaller number. But, honestly, I also have made some things during DayZ which was also not ok. I do not state things should be one way or another, I point to the way things are or at least how I have percieved them and I ask for something more or something better. MBmitch , anando and Rogorugu like this. They would cut off the head of a slave and play a very football-like game with the head in front of the enemy to lower their morale. Honestly a bit proud of the zombies. I’ve seen some ‘average’ players think that a ghille suit is still good camo for the rooftops of cherno. I don’t understand idealists who completely ignore the facts of what is at hand and merely state that some higher level of rules of engagement should still apply, when the game’s whole beginning was based on how people would kill you for a can of beans.

The Irish would play a ‘game’ before a battle that we call Murderball. They are killing nearly everyone who crosses their paths. Log in or Sign up. But, honestly, I also have made some things during DayZ which was also not ok.


Ok, maybe they are not on heavy pop servers, maybe they have to edit a lot, but the story they are playing is great fun to watch! They hang out on NWAF, for that long, and when someone finally shows frama, they call streamsnipers? Sacriel might be 5 v 1 when it comes to combat sometimes, but the fact that the single person didn’t see one of five other people before the shots started ringing out into the air?

[VIDEO] The DRAMA “stream sniping” of Sacriel, Oshi7 and Ngotie!

dama IamNatormanPleagueXjupats and 15 others like this. I play on a white-listed server MYDAY1 because i thought it would be a better community, no hackers, and no ghosting snipers, the ghosting and hackers are gone but the poor community is still there, so who is really to blame?

Also go to 5: It’s less of a gaming culture that has suddenly appeared and more of an extension of what was already there. They are doing a really good job in entertaining others. Their skill is a lot lower than you think.

Discussion in ‘ Cool story, bro. As well as you could get killed by Frankie – if he thinks you are a bandit who would not surrender. Oh if people see sqauds fully geared up they szcriel be a bit more clued up then to run over towards them. I was mostly writing about a form of visual entertainment, that of others clicking their mouse on pixels for the entertainment of many. I anticipate there will be a great divide if Rocket delivers the survival game he’s promised us with the stand-alone.

Sadly I did not get the info that they were doing dra,a – I would have loved to be a part of it. Yes I sacriek watch the stream and heard it firsthand. And if someone does not like them, just do not watch their content.


[VIDEO] The DRAMA “stream sniping” of Sacriel, Oshi7 and Ngotie! |

FurrezracoonmanGiel and 1 other ishi7 like this. I was just flying around to try spot stuff, so not much to see there. You think it’s a modern thing where people just want to go around killing people for the fun of it?

I was talking about the comments made during the stream.

Perhaps I am merely a glutton for punishment though, I am trying to have a discussion on the internets after all. Thank you Frankie for a good time watching you also play. Would love to see them banned xD.

Yesterday while up the NE airfield fully geared and playing solo because i love solo I came across a squad of 5 players and after cat and mouse trying to get them off guard i must have been spotted from around meters as i got shot while being in a tree, fair play draa them. Of course all of this is entirely my opinion based predominantly on what I want to see as entertainment.

Sacriel – Streamerpedia

Loved that noscope reaction. I do agree that sometimes he’s below average. Stop picking on them.

He and Jack are trying to be the good ones. I kid you not. They just think it’s a bug sacroel keep firing. S anyone got a blood bag, Morphine and a army made to dish out Hell amounts of pain on MyDayz1 i can borrow But you’re saying it’s leaving much to be desired One thing I have to add: