Beautiful dialogues, exceptional acting and flawless direction Sadqay Tumhare is all that and more! Learn more More Like This. They look gorgeous on her but it just reminded me of all the cooking show channel aunties who deck to the nines while making biryani. AM on twitter replied to someone that most love stories in the sub continent have had sad endings but we should wait for this one to unfold…. This makes all more interesting.. Mehram, Digest Writer and now this one..

Missed you a lot and tum ko bara yaad kiya a week or so ago on this thread … poocho kyon? The lazy pace of the 70s is so much welcoming when little signs and gestures still made sense and sparing us the headache of constant phoning and texting romance. Jis se mohabbat ho jaye vo aise nahi milti jaise tumhe subha ka nashta mil jata hai conversation between Maqsood and Khalil was beautifully written. Shaamil Khan is doing an excellent job as Doc…. Also, will post my views on it on Mata-e-jaan thread if SZ has reviewed it. Kudos to everyone involved in this show. Story starts showing Yousaf in a railway station who, quickly jumps into the train, he sees Zulekha in a train for the very first time and is unable to get her out of his mind.

She looks luminiscent n fits d role perfectly.

Sadqay Tumharay Episode 4 Full HUM TV Drama In High Quality

I like Khelu just the way he is — akharbaz, nakhray wala — an angry young man who knows what he wants and will do anything to get it! This makes all more interesting. Notify me of new posts via email. Even I enjoyed the bus scene too. Also, will post my views on it on Mata-e-jaan thread if SZ has reviewed it. I just love it. After her marriage she moved to Canada, and then returned to PK as a singer. Extremely sorry for intruding.

As we learned from Pyare Afzal, KurQ likes to write reallly long scenes and since you cannot change his script around much being that epispde has a lot of nakhras ahem ahem I am glad Ehteshaam was able to work around those restrictions and keep our attention. Such was the impact. Does anyone know ke full song kab release Hogi? Hi SZ, I am here again. The supporting actors are also very good.


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More so, when there is a still single although slightly boring but almost as hunky, Dr. Fawad Khan would have been awesome, he plays brooding like no other, but that goes without saying.

I found Samia mumtazs exchange with the hubby interesting.

What a refreshing experience it is to revisit your tuhmaray but thankfully in real locations…not trying to pull off Turkey as US kind: Young man confronts his forbidden love and situation changes dramatically as things starts to unfold. Awww Afia, never meant to hurt your feelings. I can figured it out. Last but not the least, can you tell me the meaning of Sadqay please, I can guess but I want to know the exact meaning…once again loved your analysis, Love Tin Like Like.

WITH the exception of the hero, for me.

SZ great review as usual. Full Cast and Crew. All in all its fun to see how some older dramas dramz still get us so passionate abt them and then we have the latest dramas jin ke baarey mein kuch naa hi kaha jaaye tau behter hai!

Pakistani Best TV Serials. Edit Details Official Sites: Beautiful dialogues, exceptional acting and flawless direction Sadqay Tumhare is all that and more! Enjoyed the cricket moments.

Forgive me for a disjointed feedback.

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 4 HUM TV Drama Full Episode – video dailymotion

Everybody knows everything about you. I would have rather him left them on. Though due to excellent acting by everyone and a very good direction, it is being loved by almost everone. Also watched it with my daughters and we were all crying our eyes out! They live in a provincial town in Sindh. Going to watch these again if can find them online as Waaris came when I was very young n do not remember its story but have a distinct memory of markets closing early and barren roads in the border city I was living in.


If you remember, I did mention in one of my earlier s on another thread that I was wrong about Mahira and I really liked her in HS but am just loving her in ST. Though I must confess I am having a bit of difficulty in accepting Maria Khan as a teenager, I am loving Khalil though I failed to comprehend the nakras of his food habits in a shaadi bari?!

The credit goes to the director Ehtesham-ud-Din for bringing out the best in all the actors. Khelu ke chakay pe chakay and the change in his personality depicted his state of mind so aptly. How often do we see heroes like him on screen who are so likeable too? Khirad is caught within this love-triangle with other internal and external forces at play.

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 4 HUM TV Drama Full Episode

Loving it so far. Rashida clearly wants revenge, she wants to ridicule her sister and satisfy her bruised ego.

Like the the taking off the sunglasses scene, yeah filmy, but it was a good build up, and then he gumharay them off, and it falls flat for me. Also, can someone help with a couple of things here? This time she is not crying too much. Mahira is outstanding and Adnan Malik is doing full justice to his role as the angry young man…reminds us of Bachchan saab.