Ajay finally gets tranferred to Gayatri s department but is hurt when she prefers to travel in her dad s car rather than his scooter! Ajay also tells Rohit that the fragrance of his love for Shivani has spread far and wide! Though Ashish tells Shivani that his parents were talking about her romance with Rohit and she reacts violently! He tries to call out to Vicky when he finds that Vicky has dropped his gold chain while starting his mobile. Hence, she is taken aback to hear from Shivani that her world begins and ends with Avinash and she regards Rohit as part of her past while Avinash is and will always be her present! Watch tv shows online? This episode begins like a whirlwind with the sudden arrival of Girish Nag Makrand Deshpande in Shivani s home! She rings up Gayatri whose home is flooded with bouquets.

How can you watch live tv online? Where can you watch tv serials online that are in Russian? After five years of marriage, she finds no reason to regret her choice. Inder Anang Desai , Avinash s elder brother lands up out of the blue and offers to take Shivani back to Bangalore with him! Worse was to follow when her brother accused her of buying him shirts, paying his conveyance and implied that it was all from his hardearned money! Rohit asks her after she has finished reading if she feels such a day will ever dawn?

Girish advises him to emulate Shivani and hide his grief for Gayatri s sake. And he can repay him once he enters the big league as a writer. When she remarks that Ashish told her his knees are weak, he tells her he once had a daughter who would look after him like a baby whenever he fell ill, and requests her to convey this news to his daughter.

He is taken aback to hear her claim she thinks of him and thoses near and dear to them. Vicky is cross with Shivani for advertising her feelings for Rohit at his party watchh warns her that people aren t blind!

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The show starred actors Sachin Khedekar and Renuka Shahane in lead roles and gained popularity due to its fresh take on relationships [2]. Five years later, Rohit is still so deeply disturbed at losing Shivani that he makes blank calls late at night to Avinash! Sailaab – Episode 7 – Full Episode. Also there aren’t many ads so the site lots quickly. One of the first questions he asks Shivani is about Rohit and he deliberately keeps her in the dark about Rohit joining them for lunch!


Avinash turns it down as they are leaving for Bangalore that night but Shivani requests him to cancel their tickets as she is keen to meet all old friends! She emphasizes that at this stage in their life, they have several responsibilities, several dependents, they can t afford to overlook. And when Shivani and Avinash drop in at Vijay s home for dinner, Vijay quite matter-of-factly asks Avinash about the D-day as they are looking forward to-the arrival of Shivani s first born!

Indeed, she tells Avinash that she had taken the initiative to call Rohit and congratulate him on winning an award that he had always aspired to. Rohit is pained to receive a letter and money from his mother in Calcutta who requests him never to lose patience or courage in pursuit of his goal.

As Shivani walks home from college Ashish first tries to scare her by making weird sounds and then asks her for a loan Rs.

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Hence, once she comes face to face with Rohit there is a tense,musty silence first that is broken by Rohit who thanks her for driving some sense into his head or else he would have still been pursuing a mirage!

It is a traumatic morning for Vijay and Aakash however, as both of them nurse massive hangovers! Where can you watch TV shows online?

Sailaab TV series Early in the morning Vicky lands onljne at Shivani s home to invite them for the Get-together at his place!

Rohit is rejected by another publisher who tells him his work is outdated and asks him to get out! He is about to be sallaab to a gruelling interview by Badi Ma when Gayatri comes to his rescue. Still in flashback mode,Vijay is full of praise for Rohit too and he reveals to Seema that he is a writer!

Worse was to follow when her brother accused her of buying him shirts, paying his conveyance and implied that it was all from his hardearned money! Split and merge into it. Impressed by her level-headed attitude, to say nothing of honesty, Avinash forgives her and tells her he loves wqtch very much!

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Shivani pulls Gayatri s leg about Ajay and suggests she marry him adding that the dumb guy she gave his address is now staying with Ajay. She insists that she has drawn a line as far as her marital life is concerned and won t ever violate his faith in her.


Now, there is a flashback from Gayatri s point of view. Shivani gleans details of the new,successful Rohit s 16 hour days and his hectic lifestyle. Entertainment tech lifestyle food health politics money sports interviews All Sections. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As Inder gets ready to go to Vijay s home, Shivani recalls her first meeting with him in the days of yore when she was going steady oline Rohit.

Composed by Talat Aziz and sung by renowned ghazal singer, Jagjit Singhthe title track became very popular. As Avinash has to attend a party in honour of Dr.

After serving him coffee, Shivani, slips into a flashback where she recalls all that she told Rohit when they last met! He finally manages to con Pinky by telling her a sob story and borrows Rs. BatraShivani asks him for a gold bracelet that will adorn her wrist by evening.

Log In Sign Up. When Vicky suggests he forget her, Rohit asks him if she has been able to forget him Girish has an interesting theory about dreams and reality that he shares with Shivani. Sailaab – Episode 11 – Full Episode. Ajay consoles Rohit but asks him to be mentally prepared for more rejections as he has chosen to walk on a tangential track. Yet, when he asks her to name them she gets up to make coffee!

Avinash returns home looking upset and Shivani intuitively guesses something is amiss! Where can you watch ravi rai s sailaab tv serial online? Thereafter Ashish Ninad Kamath holds centrestage with his gluttonous appetite that is partially satisfied by Pinky Suchita Trivedi!

Rohit reveals he has been rejected by another publisher and tells Shivani that he writes from his heart. However, Ravi s man Friday promises to fix something for Rohit and asks him to stay in touch!

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