A Fistful of Kamas. Then when Eva tries looking for her, she unknowingly finds herself in an endless dreamscape. Once, Noximilien was an ordinary clock maker with a loving wife and 3 beautiful children who has a lot of debt and a very nosy debt collector. Evangelyne and Flopin find themselves trapped in a mysterious tower. But meanwhile, Igol, Nox’s vicious bow-wow, also arrives on the island, hunting for its new prey: Create collections, rate titles and follow your friends. But the Brak n’ Black team demand revenge by a rematch of gobbowl, as well as an extra player; the Emporg, one of the greatest and most powerful gobbowl players who ever lived. The attackers take Flopin and Eva after Adamai recovers from a temporary bout of paralysis Yugo cast by accident.

The others, McDeek included, follow after him. The Count attempts to freeze him but Amalia and Yugo overpower him. The Orville Drama, Adventure, Comedy. Evangelyne and Flopin manage to escape their prison but are intercepted by Toxine and Echo. Vampyro uses his shadow stealing powers on Ruel, turning him into a beast that Amalia eventually defeats. Meanwhile, in his clock fortress, Nox has a dream about his past and his drive to absorb all the Wakfu he can is revealed- he had a wife and children, but they were killed by Ogrest’s Chaos and he hopes a mysterious cube he has will reverse time far back enough to prevent their death’s.

Later, in the middle of the night, the group, along with Remington Smisse and his brother Grany, have been abducted by a mysterious golden train, owned by the Justice Knight, a Shushu guardian. Along his way, Ruel reminisces about his youth and a girl he once loved named Arpagone. First Man Out Reality, Adventure.

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They are forced to help her in exchange for the sap, but when the tasks become tedious and smosse, Ruel reminfton decides to steal some sap.

A traveling herald named Rich McDeek passes through and tells the group that kamas gold coins are being stolen throughout the land. Timing it perfectly, Goutard grabs Yugo, Percedal, Otomai, and Ogrest as he leaps into the portal, allowing the mountain to destroy the Shushu dimension rather than the real world. Yugo and his friends find themselves in Inglorium, the realm of the gods.

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The group uses Az to their advantage, overpowering Vampyro and getting the ring off of him. He turns back to his original self, a magistrate named Wagner.


When they land on the island of the Wabbits, the heroes meet Wa Wabbit, the former ruler who’s on a personal quest to return to the throne. Otomai was able to get through to Ogrest and convince him to stop this madness, turning the powerful demon back into a little baby. The village is attacked by Polters, creatures that turn humans into shrubs, Yugo and Ruel, along with their sjisse companion, Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove, or Dally for short, go to the Forbidden Forest to find out why the Polters are doing this.

Start your free trial. She goes into a sadistic fight against Reminghon and Eva and they saiskn manage to fight her off but launching her into a Well of Shadows — a representation of her own soul, dark, evil, and chaotic — but she fires an energy bolt as she falls in, striking Eva in the womb and electrocuting her.

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They learn that the only cure to a Red Rose bite is sap from the rare Severum tree, which is located deep in the nearby Maleficent Forest. The glow is coming from a mysterious cube; the Eliacube. Percedal decides to fight him on his own and the fight brings back some memories of the moments the two of them shared.

Meanwhile, Igol is back, and continues to hunt down Adamai. Yugo, Amalia, Ruel, and Elely arrive at the Ecaflip floor of the tower. The adventurers set sail on Black Ink’s ship for the final leg of their journey, and Qilby, Adamai and Grougaloragran discover the Zinith ship.

Percedal being tortured by Smiase and the twins about how he has more than one family, Ruel over losing someone called Arpagone, Elely attempting to be coerced into the enemy’s side, Amalia being swooned by a mysterious owl-like figure, and Yugo tormented by phantoms of Qilby and Nox. With Yugo and the others stranded in the middle of the North, Grougaloragran and Nox’s decisive battle will not only decide the fate of Oma Island but the World of Twelve itself!

Its protector is Kerubim and Atcham’s brother, Ush. After defeating a mysterious foe with powers over time, who wants Grougaloragran’s life force, or “Wakfu”, Grougaloragran comes across Alibert, who is quitting his profession as a bounty hunter after almost taking a innocent man to jail.


Elely yells at the guards and the king for threatening him and offers him her hand in friendship, which he happily accepts. The others, McDeek included, follow after him. Real Gobbly is not intent on teaming up with Ruel, as he left them to become a Bounty Hunter, but Ruel and the episoxe are able to make nice with the team and join up and receive some basic training before the game.

Le Trone de Glace”. He spisode Eva if they can take a break from adventuring to try out parenting, which she agrees to. When he gets to the top, he finds that the sisters are actually ugly because of a curse put on them after the picky girls had ridiculed every single suitor. When finding the Dofus in the remngton sactuary, Yugo discovers that he must battle a giant stone creature that guards it in order to get it. McDeek eats them and turns into chocolate. Edit Storyline It turns out that Percedal’s soul is trapped inside his sword while his body is possessed by Rubilax.

Ruel is still a bounty hunter, while Junior reached maturity and is a big and burly Phorror, with both capable of merging together. She is then lured from her path by hearing Dally’s voice, and is told to ” follow the wind ” to lead her to him. Remington Smisse 12 Mar There, they age rapidly in a short time- Percedal and Ruel become old men, Yugo remijgton a handsome man, and Elely grows into a beautiful lady, and Amalia is saieon unaffected, and all suffer psychotic episodes meant to break them: Eva, knowing about Percedal’s emisse attempts at a proposal, says this is the perfect time.

Now Dally is the only one who can guide the others through the labyrinth in order to defeat the Dragon Pig, and rescue Ruel. Arrow Crime, Action, Adventure.