Jodha Akbar 27th November Written Update Scene 1 Jodha is doing puja of tulsi when jalal comes and takes aarti before jodha can ask. Jalal gets emotional and hugs ruks tightly. Kumud smiles, and Saras smiles too. She talks to it and says I have seen your love for Didi and maybe thats why I fell in love with you, I hope you will fulfill this relation with honesty. If this nikkah is ilegel then all are responsible because all gave their goodwill to this relation. But zoya is unfazed. He says I could not ruined four loves for one. Ayan explains everything to the priest, and the priest wonders if she actually is Rajni and not humaira.

Saras and Kumud stand facing each other. Our partners use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Badimaa says then why did you punish yourself and Saras. He says Danny did all the rituals with her. And he run away, as it was a blind date, and the girl was fat. At the temple Humaira is tensed when she sees that the priest is referring to a child as a Vikram.

Saraswatichandra: 9th May; Search For Kabir Continues, Kusum Expels Danny

He says say thanks for saving u n she says u rather thank me! Badimaa asks her to go and not to hurry to come home. Jalal gives a fierce look to Adham and leaves. Episod says then you can do anything for me right. Saras keeps on watching Kumud and keeps smiling.

If you my friend would be there, you would have punished jalal, i am going to separate from this family, maybe mistake was mine, your rukaiya. Sign in Recover your password.

Ghuman sees them and feels angry. Rashid is talking about badi bi and her disappearance, to the inspector, razia comes down and is surprised.


She goes to Danny and says I should have known whats love seeing you, I have hurt you a lot, but you have always saraswatichwndra care of my wounds, I m unlucky that I was getting a lovely husband in my friend but I did not value you and wasted time in hatred, I m sorry.

He says her to meet him daily, and he will also come. Ghuman comes there and asks her where she is mxy.

While humaira is happy, all others are shocked. To everyone’s surprise, Kusum comes and supports Kalika. Its Saras in the hall. Saras asks Sunny what do you do on the first date. Kumud comes home in anger and Saras says sorry to her, saying he knows he did a mistake. Saras asks Sunny what she gifted his girlfriend on the first date. Ghuman says I came to your room but you were not there.

Badimaa comes there and saves Kumud. Kumud says I m going to school.

Telly Duniya – Written Updates: Saraswatichandra 5th September Written Update

Welcome, Login to your account. She throws off the papers in the air, and is about to leave, when tanveer stops her. He suggests to call RK n Madhu says no. Everyone tease Saras and asks Saras sarassatichandra say it perfectly. Kumud and Saras look at each other and smile.

Sunny gives it to Saras. Saras says Miss Kumud, I will definitely make you Mrs. Jodha says stop, enough.

I writteb justice for tasnim only. So he call salima and ask her to read. I know Saras does not have anything to do with this, you are the reason behind everything. RK is getting in the car but unable to put key in the ignition!


Like 0 Dislike 0. Jalal says so the message will be made in the entire kingdom that no one will ever wrritten an immature woman. Jodha says adham talked about divorce not me. Bittu thanks Madhu for delicious dinner!

Pramad gets ready and takes his bag to leave from Desai house. She says will see and smiles. Jalal says then send the message there that since the wedding of me and Rukaiya all the immature weddings that have been done should get ready for divorce.

She says ok I will come. Zoya says that even if she doesnt say anything, her truth wont be hidden for long. She says what are you doing. Kumari asks how come you are in the kitchen.

Kumari is outside and she meets Umesh on the way, She asks what are you doing here, he does some shayari. He says I made one decision, and for that….

Telly Duniya – Written Updates: Qubool Hai 25th July Written Update

Humaira comes back sad that she couldnt find him. Badimaa says then why did you punish yourself and Saras. While ayan and rashid and shirin are discussing about family affairs, they are shocked when they hear someone calling out for rajni.

O piya plays… He feels every single sound of her payal with his heart closing his eyes and thinking about her, how he saw her the first time.