Vidyachatur’s health deteriorates on learning about Saraswatichandra’s disappearance. Kalika requests Kumud to help her in reuniting with Yash. Jugnu decides to apply sindoor on Kumud’s forehead. Saraswatichandra manages to free himself. However, Saraswatichandra asks her to leave his room. Kumud refuses to relocate to Mumbai. Kumud defends him against the villagers.

She suggests Saraswatichandra and Kumud to enquire Menaka about the baby. She tells Kusum that she saw honesty and sadness in his eyes. Saraswatichandra returns home, and asks Kumud to close all the curtains of the house. The Desai family does not believe Anushka. Later, Danny and Kabir become delighted on seeing the students in the classrooms. The Desai family becomes shocked on learning that the girl whom Kabir has brought home is not Anushka. Ghuman asks him to handover the business to her, but in vain.

Later, Kusum apologises to Danny. Kabir apologises to Anushka for troubling her. She eavesdrops on Kabir’s telephonic conversation. She tries to convince Kabir not to commit a crime. He becomes upset and leaves the house as Kumud does not believe him. Kajal and Kusum meet the sheikh.

Saraswatichandra and Kumud succeed in getting the duplicate photograph created. He gives money to Kumari to buy kites for Uttarayan. Ghuman informs Sunanda that Saraswatichandra has gone in search of Kumud. The eunuch and Kumud enquire several people about Ghuman. Sunanda instructs Saraswatichandra to release her associate, if he wants to see Kumud alive. However, the police inform Kumud that Saraswatichandra’s car has not met with any accident.


Kumud eavesdrops on Kabir’s telephonic conversation, and follows him. Kumud tells her mother that Saraswatichandra is selfish and a coward. Ghuman praises Kabir for his plan against Saraswatichandra and Danny.

Sunanda tells Kumud about Ghuman’s past. She informs Menaka that she is aware of her conspiracies.

Saraswatichandra season 1 episode 337

Saraswatichandra challenges Kumud that he will see her face before the nightfall on Uttarayan. A stranger tells Kumud that he will take her to Ghuman. Saraswatichandra arrives at Shankar’s house, along with saraswafichandra police. Prashant spikes Saraswatichandra’s tea.

She records Ghuman and Menaka’s conversation. Kumud asks Danny to attend the puja in the evening. Laxminandan criticises his penchant for praying and fasting. Anushka wants to meet Kabir before leaving for Mumbai. The principal asks Kumud to meet the education minister, in Delhi.

Kalika requests Dinesh Bhai to give her some time, to repay his money. Laxminandan asks Ghuman to go to Ratnanagiri. Episode Jugnu pays Rs. A girl named Kusum feeds Kumud.

Hindi Tv Serials: Saraswatichandra Episode – 30th July Online HD Full Video

A performer asks Kumud to sing a saraswwatichandra. Sunny asks Saraswati Chandra to go to Gujarat on a business trip in his stead. She helps Saraswatichandra with his saraswatichanfra. Kabir hurts his leg, by mistake. Danny finds the grocery in Mr. Saraswatichandra takes Kumud to a restaurant. Kumud’s Badimaa disapproves of the culture and life style of Saraswati Chandra’s family. After making the pots, Saraswatichandra informs Kumud that he can leave the village on completing his punishment.


Prashant throws a stone at Saraswatichandra’s house. The Desai family tries to convince Kabir to get saraswatichanxra, but in vain. Dugba informs Vidyachatur about Ghuman’s plan against Kumud and Kusum.

Vidyachatur asks Kumud to get ready for a video chat with Saraswati Chandra. Kumud takes the mobile phone from the tailor, but fails to make a call due to low balance. Guniyal suggests Saraswatichandra to take Kumud to a doctor. Kumud wakes up at night as a flower vase falls from Prashant’s hands, and breaks.

She decides to help Kumud in finding the owner saaswatichandra the anklet. Saraswatichandra apologises to Dugba for his mistake. A messenger, zaraswatichandra a joker’s mask, informs Saraswatichandra about Kabir’s location. The police decide to raid Sunanda’s house.