Cop – Hey Doofy smell my fingers. I only touched one, they were so tender and juic- ah Gail: We have to call the police! Sometime you have to give them candy full quote. Gail I was hungry. I don’t know why you hang out with her, she’s such a hoe Everywhere I go I see the same hoe! Oh do it again do it again as the dick is sliding in and out of his ear full quote.

Ooooh, she’s about to get it on with Shakespeare!! I mean Brenda full quote I got you. I didn’t think you’d hear me. White folks are dead, we’re getting the fuck out of here! Cop – Hey Doofy smell my fingers. Gail takes out her gun and shoots the kid and says: What’s your favorite scary movie?

Mom told you not to put your dick in the vaccum cleaner full quote. How close were you to the victim? Shorty you best be goin’ to class. I only touched one, they were so tender and juic- ah Gail: For all you talkers up in here, it’s time to keep it down right now.

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Take off your bra if you’d like. Ugh, smell mine 1.

Ok, if I see Bobb I’ll tell him I love him full quote. Come on in dear, have a seat and take of your bra if you’d like full quote.


Bloaded, Constapated, got a boil the size of a walnut on my ass, u know, the usual full quote. I only touched the top of the breast What would have your last words to her? I spill blood on the walls, then play tennis with your balls. Alright, who copped a feel? We all have our little secrets full quote. My top 25 movies from Ooooh, she’s about to cleajing it on with Shakespeare!!

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Nothing Gail I’m cleankng talking nonsence full quote. Now do you know where I am? That’s lower than a security guard! Gail takes out her gun and shoots the kid and says: Last summer, my friend Shawn had a party Cindy: Photos 2 Quotes It was my first keg party, Bobby.

It’s a disability man!

It’s times like this I’m gonna fart in your mouth! What can you tell us about Drew Decker? That’s when you know you’ve become a man, Doofy.

I’m so scared right now Doofy – My Ass. Um, you’re behind the couch, I can see your feet. Yeah, well, you’ve never seen Svary act. That shaving your pubic hair will rid you of crabb infestation full quote You on candid camera now! Yeah, I forgot to swallow. Turn the porch lights on.


Mom said that when I wear this badge you’re supposed to treat me like a man of the law. It was was Doofy! Cindy- I thinks she’s sweet I’m gonna slash and gash, Cut ‘nother hole in your ass, Spill blood on the walls, And play tennis with your balls. Do you think this is funny? You better stop or else. I want to see your insides Turn to page 28 full quote. Well, she had da fat ass. Snatch and run y’all!!

Oh takes bottom center of shirt and loops it through neckline. Take it brandon, take it brandon I told you not to disturb me when I’m vacuuming my room. Gail- OK, who cupped field? Cop – Ohh what’s that?