Jan Blu-ray collection: Originally Posted by Anamnesis. A truly, remarkable actor. The colours are brighter and sharper and overall the film is much stronger than City of the living dead. It featured a motif based on the name Find More Posts by Anamnesis. Buttons Missing from Sherlock’s Jacket 7.

Find More Posts by Torrente. A Very Happy Birthday, Freddie! If you are an Amicus fan, and have been waiting for the book that does their films justice Send a private message to Dickieduvet. Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. This site uses cookies.

Today would have been his birthday For PC fans ‘ So all films made in such a short time span and general story consistency could necessitate calling them a trilogy. A constant barrage of close up of characters eyes keeps the tension high and allows to cheat a little in revealing the next zombie to appear. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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So I was very excited for this one. Find More Posts by Boschy.

Detailing On bed Pillar removed 8. We’ll keep you posted of release dates and promotional video ads. Probably best remembered for his music score for Hammer films, Dracula Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.


After Catriona McColl inherits the hotel in which supernatural events have cursed the town buckets of blood will surely follow. Sep Blu-ray collection: If you love maggot showers then you have found the right movie!!

Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Email required Address never cinnema public. This film is a classic example of what NOT to do when you open a gate of hell. What’s happened House on Sorority Row? Director, Alan Gibson rehearses Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing during filming of the coach top – fight to the death, prologue. I’m getting the creeps already! Watching the trilogy I was reminded of another fantastic gore feast in recent memory, Edgar Wrights Cornetto trilogy.


Culg film has lovely camera work by Sergio Salvati and great musical scores by Fabio frizzi and Walter Rizzati. Local sceenpop Bob is suspect and before we can give him the benefit of a doubt he’s dispatched in really impressive effect Australia Home Theater Gallery: Find More Posts by Dickieduvet. Stabbing beautiful women through the head, making eyeballs bleed which must have been a very uncomfortable effect for the cast.

His script writing skills, have been picked over by many, but few could doubt his skill in managing tight budgets, and building impressive productions, with very limited resources and finance Looking cijema good for films that have been sitting in some cans for the last few years. Send a private message to Boschy. Nov Blu-ray ccinema Lamp Stand Missing 3.

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cinsma Free with ALL dvd’s is a packet of suspect looking seeds. The “unofficial” trilogy consists of City of the Living dead The Beyond and The house by the cemetery I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules. Just like what happened with Dead Alive.

Oh and don’t call your cherub looking little boy BOB! However both will be released on DVD June 3rd.

The doctors young son, awkwardly named Bob befriends a dead ghost girl and is lured towards the gate and certain death! Bright colours pop and there seems to be very little damage to cinemaa print. It featured a motif based on the name Cinma Wingrove, Production Design: Buttons Missing from Sherlock’s Jacket 7. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The house by the cemetery is a film I’d known about through still photographs in old horror magazines and the fact that Margaret Thatchers British censors branded it a Video nasty!!


How could I have missed this? New Hammer Horror Blu-ray

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This flick reminded me of the Evil dead and even some elements of The Shining! Here are some samples of images and galleries that screwnpop also being shared with other images, at our uk Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Facebook Fan page Personally I’ve never seen him in performance, I didn’t like.

The colours are brighter and sharper and overall the film is much stronger than City of the living dead.

Phibes Rises Again with an air of adventure — the film paying affectionate if slightly camp homage to the cliffhanger serials of the s and the ripping yarns of H.

Stay Tuned For Details Send a private message to Caustic. For many Hammer film fans, Hinds represents the ‘Golden Years’ of the stu dios output and cullt.

Charles Staffell, Special Effects Supervisor: Great flick, still holds up.