You prefer the old jade? If the opponent is an aggro deck, some of the early turns can be spent playing Lightning Storm or Malestrom Portal to deal with early aggression. I used to have them in the deck for shield slam combo. October 24, at 5: With an extensive background in the online entertainment industry as a multimedia content producer, event host, play-by-play shoutcaster, and consultant, Adam uses his vast foundation of experience to work primarily on the operations and administration side of Tempo Storm. September 28, at 6:

Renolock is MORE than capable! January 2, at 7: Aggro Paladin is extremely easy dude, think about this: December 24, at 9: Loatheb and harrison can be switched depending on what u are facing most in the ladder. January 2, at 9: April 10, at 6:

Control Warrior Post-Naxxramas

June 15, at 4: Journey to Un’Goro has released many Druid class and neutral cards that could potentially work in Ramp Druid. Flametongue Totem plays a huge part in letting their small, useless minions trade up and keep the board clear of potentially threatening seasoh like Humongous Razorleaf and Ancient Watcher.

I copy the idea from the warrior god sjow. February 12, at 4: General Mulligans Top priority is getting Inner fire.

May 25, at 4: I do also think if you go this route, you want something like Priest wafrior the Feast which give so much game against the Mage deck that try to burn you out. It takes a lot of skill to pilot the deck.

With a lack of deck consistency and mana curve, Ramp Druid has to draw almost perfectly against unfavored decks, especially aggro decks, and even that wouldn’t give Druid clear edge against Miracle Rogue and Shaman with Evolve and Hex. Heal zoo is damn good rn. May 20, at 4: Could you please add a mulligan guide vs certain classes.


(Season Boomsday) Ultra Budget Combo Priest – Hearthstone Top Decks

June 27, at Good job on the post nerf, I would say based on my experience with ranks post meta, you are spot on about Evolve Token being top, as that is the one deck—no matter which deck I try: The deck’s ability to contest aggressive decks on board while having proper removal for control decks makes it a solid hearthsfoneultra deck in the meta.

Season 1 – Group Stage. Control Paladin revolves around making use of powerful single-target or AoE hearthstoneuultra in the form of Aldor Peacekeeper and Equality to stay in the game and out-resource most decks with its army sdason Silver Hand Recruits. You can also find links to popular versions of particular decks and full deck guides listed for each popular archetype.

Against aggro i’ll pop execute on anything larger than 3 damage that i can’t kill easily, it’s very reliant on the many 2 drops to stupor aggros advance. The shieldblocks have always been a staple in control warrior so id replace the piloted shredder for 2 shieldblocks and also take out ragnaros and dr boom and add sneeds old shredder and another whirlwind.

Quest Rogue and Jade Druid are truly control killer since they do so well versus Control Warrior and other control decks.

Even with a good amount of Shaman on ladder, I still think going fully in on the Silence Priest is where you want to be for ladder.

Quest Rogue is the path to the dark side. Tirth has been playing Hearthstone since Nov. Sneeds old shredder and sylvanas work good with kelthuzad, u drop sylvanas and the next wrrior u drop kelthuzad steal a minion and then get ur sylvanas back, the same with sneeds, u can trade him and get a legendary and then get sneeds back, same with belches, u trade them and get a belcher plus a slime with hearthsgoneultra.


Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February ) – Hearthstone Top Decks

If you repeatedly lose with the same deck, perhaps you should change deck. September 30, at 3: September 11, at HCT Winter Championship The deck revolves around the ability of Murloc Warleader and sometimes Finja, the Flying Star to snowball the board during mid-game.

Season 1 – LAN Finals. Which should I use? May 17, at 9: I mean, if you really wanted to run CW vs.

Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February 2019)

September 14, at We include uearthstoneultra best deck list for each archetype, as well as their winrates against other popular decks. Since the meta is pretty diverse, it can make teching your Hunter deck correctly with the right Crabs or Flare pretty tricky, as this deck has a lot of choices that are reliant on running into the right matchups.

April 19, at 7: Overall Archetype Winrates Winrates provided by Metastats. If you want a good Shaman deck to climb with, then this is the deck for you. Gets you a lot of really close grindy games!

In my opinion, Darius is not that good.