Ki Joon reminds her that he told her that he likes her. Now I will keep on checking your site for spoilers for next week. That is in some way fine, but you have to be careful, some times, that can led you in a path of destruction! Everyone has their own personal flavor! His staff woould be txting the whole world hotel staffs. Tae Sun Comes Out of the Closet

Nam Hyun Joo Supporting Cast. Do not kick the fallen! Oh, it makes more sense now that I have read your thought Ms Koala. Jang Geun Suk Song: You still give us faster recaps betwen ur busy life. Put on a bow on it and it’s a KTB Christmas! Ah Jung is freaking out, and Ki Joon tells her to calm down. Her conclusion is that because they have been apart for three years, of course Ki Joon can be shaken.

Hopefully the next 8 episodes will show how the relationship will work, a date, kisses and misses stolen or intentional, cuddling, sweet talks. Ah Jung comes home to find her dad looking through old photos and talking to her mom about how their daughter seems so tired lately.

Episode 11

Sang Hee asks how the matchmaking date went? Kim Ji Sook Supporting Cast. December 13, at 8: It can be rapidly corrupted, by greed, pain, insecurities. They discuss another co-worker who just quit because she got involved in a love triangle and someone complained.

Episodes by odilettante. Yet, it’s needed as a ‘common’ k-drama formula. Secreet and Sith Lord are Star Wars references. I cant believe this.


Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap

Also, “he discovers a little memo that Ra-im left behind—a printout of instructions on how to tie a tie. And the honesty and truth that reappears at that exact moment. Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. So this show, dramacfazy others like it, just so reflects our own very crazy lives.

She reminds him that she asked that he forget what she said, so why did he have to tell Yoon Joo? Sometimes i feel like jumping in to my laptop and hit YJ on her face whenever she calls oppa oppa. I too was really surprised when reading comments in the forums that people saw the ending lines differently than I did. SBSi dont allow it to be broadcasted in singapore yet……hiks. Now, the only thing I can do is to refresh your blog every hour to check if the preview is release.

She’s not little mermaid because she doesn’t “love” the prince He is so talented.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Did someone pull the breaks for the writer?

Yoon Joo looks at pictures of her and Ki Joon. One hurries to grab his phone to spread the news, and the other does a little giddy dance at seeing their handsome hotel president in swoony moment. But that is gardem me watching from my TV. Creating our own OST, it is a form to show our love for the series. I would say to Ki Joon, you know, you are my fiancee, capisce?


She didn’t try to push him away when he hugged her.

Since I enter here, I never get out again. Totally agree, they both have a lot to lose, but they have a lot to gain too, so lets see what the next episodes unfolds! Koala, Thanks again for the recap…and taking time out from your blogging to raise two babies….

Ah Jung and the Minister walk out of the conference room and run right into the Chairman, who knows the Minister. Even my obssession with Secret Garden ok, mostly Binnie cannot be compared to this. Your really too funny. So Ran buys one for Ah Jung, saying that she feels sorry for her.

Your email address will not be published. Every time you open your heart, and let someone in, they just kick you, punch you in the face, and spit you!!

And her situation is not a rare one in Korea. He is asking his mother to back off in words that an overprotective 0ma needs to hear. It is just a matter of embracing culture differences.