I will not call you my son and I will not look into your face. I will do whatever you want, order emretmek. Suna came after her Ayten says she will tell him. He is at custody now and I will transfer him to the court with an arresting request. Not a single teardrop was left from crying. Their world is the hell itself. I have to leave immediately.

Trust me baba, I do not know how it can be said Vedat drove MS and Kerime near a house at the end of the street, and parked on the side… Vedat got out…. Cihan, his wife and daughter get out of the house… on their way to drop off the daughter to school. Nazif comes to see her I am under your order abi. I knew you will not agree, baba. What is this lack of respect?

No, but there is no limit and calculation for the fear that is dragging me alone with it.

I will not allow you. Then, Mahir not only believed that he is the man who put the bomb, but he revenged too. Go and you will see. Shut it and watch. One minute, Kemal, who do these belong to?

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Leave me with my sins and go. You will become a killer? It is as if everything will become reality if I talked and if heard my voice Sweetie, what is it that upsets you that much? Waiting for his Belgin You have reunited with your son after all these years. They are dead too, but they live in my heart every day again.


I will enter between them even if it is hell. Still the same attitude?

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Ah, if you dirty your 777 with these things for one time, mankind knows that not any kind of water will be able to clean them. Episode starts with Mahir and Yasin driving back very early in the morning Are you going to become a gangster? A fisherman found them early this morning in the Bosphorus.

Son, bring us two plain coffees. Feride, have you both separated?

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I stamped on my forehead the killer sign. I heard they have arrested him and he has court tomorrow. Asking him how is he You like things like this.

What has choked you with this sadness and cloudiness? Lol that hair smelling is ridiculous, rather Necdet altogether was ridiculous haaaa. Sfriali drinking now, let us have some fresh air.


You did not say that you did not do it.

dpisode This cannot be easy as you think, efendim. The rest is details. Trust me baba, I do not know how it can be said You are young and you like such things. Belgin, we should be afraid of you. Why did we come here? You could not have done something like that. Mahir did not kill any one. She headed to the group Look at Mega Sack of shit smiling like he is the boss, able to control everyone and everything in this life The doctor has said that his condition was very bad that he cannot be left alone Let him get sentenced, get in prison, and spend his life between the four walls.

Very bad things are going to happen. What happened, happened olan oldu. He said to me some absurd ridiculous things, actually I did not even understand what he was saying.