Box fear Shen as he attempts to ultimate. First, let me say that the g it costs to go to Hydra from Tiamat is the same as the g to get the Cutlass, which makes the gold equal. Taking all the offense on the left side of the tree such as double edged sword all the way down and picking up the flat AP while still having a choice whether or not to take dangerous game. So many close Pentakills Shaclone 3 years ago. But more so, the name was specifically because of one person that I care about a lot, therefore I get involved in a lot of anti abuse communities and anti human trafficking societies. AwwYiss2 January 31,

The shiv has a 1. Keep in mind the crit percentage increases with level. The clone will also take more damage and cannot use spells. Try split pushes to play your team comp properly and make plays because you cannot afford to wait. Therefore, to make Shaco more consistent for team fighting, defensive items should be built. If you are building for more burst damage you will be maxing Q. One might wonder why would you get these two items over a pure Hydra.

If I am snowballing the game but am still afraid of the other jungler I would finish my offensive item, either Elder Lizard or an item rush Hydra, Botrk etc. Careful of the bounce from your clone to you. The 10 AD will manifest itself 4 times in 2 autos, Tiamat proc and shiv, so effectively 40 AD shwco damage which you trade for magic damage.

To shove a unit over the wall one must spam the unit that wants to go over in that direction and the other must remain in the original box with spam, this however is unreasonably difficult as you cannot simultaneously click the original spot and the spot over the wall at the same time.

Most Frequent Skill Order. Make sure to box in an area where the box will hit the tower and not the minions. You chose a timer composition and got screwed over. To close out the game repeat and perhaps sneak baron with good vision control. Under tanking is the category of kiting and diving, one in which you would peek back for your backline carries and the other where you would attempt to distract or even kill their backline carries.


This is a safe early game item that will do damage and operate as a pressure item to secure objectives. These items will give the fastest pushing power. For a general clear, begin stacking boxes at your first buff at 55 seconds and continuously stack boxes until the box spawns.

Split pushing is applying simultaneous pressure on another lane while your team also applies pressure in another lane. Each of these items gives their own utility and thus should be used in different situations to try and snowball the game.

Shaco ap VS Teemo Pink Ward Full Game Ranked

Now you need to go all in to try and get into the game, go for jungle item skip, mobility, baron sneaks, dives, perma ganks, camping lanes, anything to get you into the game. This movement is the most consistent I have found so far for early invasions. Your box cannot proc on her masteriws she is invisible.

This is definitely one of the most scaling spells for Shaco as it has a 1. The notion that a champion should not be played because its uncommon should not deter you from playing Shaco or any other champion for that matter.

Additionally, maybe you do want them to blink back to you depending. First, a blue shaci red buff will give exp each.

Ganking Shaco – VideoClip

Youmuus gives movespeed and tower taking power to be very swift in a split. Or maybe I only have gold so it would be 2 long swords instead.

Warding dragon and baron as well as stopping dives is your priority and so is giving the carries farm. Shacloe is by far the most important rule for Shaco players.

One team might have a Tristana versus an Ezreal and the Tristana would arguably have the better late game, perhaps the Ezreal has a midlane Orianna and thus they might have a better team composition due to aoe.


Just for funzies, my favorite skin is Asylum Shaco.

However, when low, it might be better to use it as the finisher to the camp and then base. All my masteries can be found at my lolking using probably one of my first 3 mastery pages.

Shaco Build Guide by Guest

His third skill will immobilize you so try and get away from it before it happens. If it is procced at 60 seconds it will now have a 5 second life timer so in total it will have been on the map shzclone 65 seconds 60 invisible and 5 visible attacking.

You are in solo queue, and thus you should be nice and not rage to win games. Your clone will always spawn facing the top of the map, use this to your advantage to not get it frozen by cassio ult. All this AD also manifests itself into your shiv 1.

Ulting her ult before it hits you puts it on a 5s cooldown. Jungle Champions that Shaco Counters. While you still want shacco get all the objectives, you will spend less time farming your jungle and more time pressing the map.

Im looking at you Darshan. All skins except Masked Shaco including the original Shaco skin will reveal a orange tint of smoke for a second post deceive.

Hydra rush gives more burst than any other build immediately in the first few seconds, allows for faster split pushing and nice camp clear sustain. This is done to take our turrets and control area not otherwise possible if grouped. Hitting a saclone with 3 separate attacks or abilities in seasob deals bonus adaptive damage. Countering Shaco Shaclone 3 years ago.