Retrieved 16 December Later she again changes her shape to that of Geeta Vishwaas to give mislead people through an interview on television about Shaktimaan. One such device is metal plate he wears around his neck that has the power to steal his opponent’s strength. Since then, greed and hatred has taken over humanity and has been deteriorating it for past years. They are followers of the star Sun. He first met Shaktimaan as Gangadhar when he lost his memory. Kitu Gidwani later replaced by Vaishnavi Mahant played the role of Geeta Vishwas , a reporter in the series who loves Shaktimaan. His glance can turn any inanimate object to stone.

She was JJ’s secretary before he was possessed. It was then when the five natural elements of life, fire, earth, water, wind and sky invigorated his body and he gained superpowers from these elements. Jackal punishes her angrily for her failure and kills her. So Shaktimaan finds a special flower to save them and in the process, he catches Dr. He could only be freed if a good person removes a thread from his neck. He was the primary super villain in the first part of the series as he uses JJ’s wealth and power to hatch plots to kill Shaktimaan but always failed. Subkar and Sheena are saved they are about to leave Mayor of the city Kumar Ranjan comes and name them foreign spy living visas and do not allow them to go.

The protective coating could be broken by Shri Satya only or his rebirth Shaktimaan which was impossible, but Tamraj Kilvish controlled Shaktimaan’s brain with the power of smashed divya mani and Shaktimaan broke zhaktimaan coating and allowed Pretolla to enter the earth as soon as he entered he turned half of the people of earth in ghosts as Tamraj Kilvish had only the half part of Shaktipunja Pap Punja.

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Even Suriyanshis do not know about. Later Shaktimaan kills her. She has a tomboy personality and is courageous enough to take on multiple goons. His poison weakens Shaktimaan. They claim segial eat humans but there is no evidence regarding the same. He narrated the idea to producer Rajkumar Barjatya, who liked it, and the two adapted it into a film titled Akash. Jackal is an evil scientist who works for Kilvish. After capturing Shaktimaan, Dr. It makes her angry and so psycho that she creates her own world where she rules like queen.


So first of all we talk about Shaktiman. The series was sponsored by Parle-G from its first episode.

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He has the power to eat any form of matter and grow larger in size. Jackal makes a clone of him, but twists his mind to be a servant of darkness.

Archived from the original on 5 April As a result, Toyman is sent to jail. He is later killed by Tamraj Kilvish but his brother Abhimanuv has same powers. She is later married to a new man.

But he regains his strength after the crystal is taken away from him. This makes him powerless because it is filled with the evil of the shatkimaan and is the source of the black powers. Shaktimaan requests Maharaniji to return the remote and free both hostages. Mukesh Khanna who played the role of Shaktimaan confirmed this.

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They landed on earth to save their lives from the three evil aliens who wants to destroy everything. Later Maharaniji attacked Geeta by her magical dangerous rays so cruelly that she can be dead. She has been breaking records left and right. She has the ability to change her appearance. When the real Shaktimaan escapes his prison, he challenges the evil clone to a fight.

In the television series, Kilvish is often treated as the personification of darkness itself even though he was once a human being who later becomes very powerful and commits many evil deeds. He can breathe fire which contains an extremely dangerous poison that even impeded Shaktimaan. Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 31 January He was taught the way to energize the 7 chakras of body through Kundalini Yoga that helped him get mystical and epidode powers.


This is in contrast to other villains who are stark and serious. Shaktimaan Cartoon – Episode 4. Shaktimaan 13th January Video Watch Online pt4. It is unclear whether he was cursed by an enemy or punished by Tamraj to end up imprisoned. Shaktimaan is the defender of the truth and justice as well episkde a role model for his television audience, even going so far as to lecture viewers on hygienepatriotism and education. The evil clone is created stronger than Shaktimaan, and is unleashed on the world.

His powers include shooting electricity from eyes and electrocution on contact.

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Shaktimaan wants the time machine remote from Maharaniji which she stole from him while kidnapping Geeta and Dwijj to unknown place. Shaktimaan has superhuman powers which lie inside his body in his seven chakras of Shakrimaan attained through meditation.

On humans, the glance can only petrify them. He is half-human half frog, he is really powerful and has a really long and sticky tongue which is really dangerous. Shaktimaan 15th January Video Watch Online pt3. He killed Shailaa on returning from Jail. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal on the front page reflecting on Shaktimaan’s and hence Khanna’s positive influence on children. Kitanuman is an extremely dangerous green-coloured creature completely made from germs and is also one of the servants of tamraj kilvish.

Eposode Vishwas turns out to be the reincarnation of Komalatha. Maybe I was too ambitious. She was saved by Suryanshi samuday, who want to help her. Shaktimaan was the rebirth of Shri Satya who had formed the Suryanshi Sect after the war of the Mahabharata 7, years ago.