Same can be said for here in USA. There is a nutritionist and an educationist in the show to talk about the topics of the day and to give tips to the audience about their children. Joseph’s Convent School, Quetta: May God be with us all. This is all happening because of mens greed in not protecting the mother earth that Allah has provided us. Last time in quette earthquake the saudi relief refused to help govt of pakistan just because of the reason that they asked for the money. If everybody does their part in however small way they can, we shall overcome this disaster. It’s futile to just pray and keep your eyes shut, thinking everything will disappear.

The only hope for Pakistan is Imran Khan, the only sincere leader. According to the doctors, he had suffered with a mild stroke and he was out of danger. Yallah hamare saat begunah masoom bache beemaar lachaar boode maa baap bhi saat sazaa me shamil hai. We americans, for the most part, do not murder or steal or cheat our friends and neighbors, we are just people like you who love their families and want to get along with you as well as possible. In response to Comment The marriage takes place, and Reena re-locates to live in the slums with her husband.

And to those who can’t obviously have a bit of compassion because it’s happening to Pakistan, remember these people are like us, they are human like us and no matter the country, religion, political situation or social class, no one deserves to go through such situation.

Hoping friends from abroad and locally are donating to shehrre people in such hardtimes.

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The plan should be to get on high ground, 2, feet above sea leavl and miles inland. Those bastards who elects these corrupt PPP, PML N [iletrate jalee degree hoder are just a bunch of feudal mind peoples who become pharon when the come into goverment] should deserve the this treatement. Please donate generously to help them stand up again and build their homes. To Get Real, While I am an atheist, I understand people pray in times of distress to whoever they believe in, your logic on the other hand is showing your lack of knowledge about the role of army in Pakistan, Pakistan is in the terrible shape it is in in big part thanks to the corruption of the army, army owns most of the land and business in Pakistan, they have ruled Pakistan and destroyed any real power to the institutions that set up a stable society including infrastructure that is helpful in times like this so forgive me I have nothing but disgust and anger towards Pakistani army for destroying the country to feed their own greed and for much of the horrible life conditions of masses in Pakistan and U.


The world will see more severe weather patterns as a result of global warming.

Rukhsana had also written several film songs and film scripts for Syed Noor’s films. Despite epsode the problems,I think our Nation is doing a good job.

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We had to cover this disaster. So goes for mainland Nowshera. You might have seen people collecting rice within the dirt and eating them. Do Pakistanis have any city or federal codes developed or copied from the West for most of the infrastructure to withstand 7.

They are usually the first one to show up when help is needed. Such a shame for a poor country whose leaders and enjoying a luxurious life at the expense of poor people and I blame the poor who elected their leaders and if it is their destiny then bear it and do not curse.

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This is sad to see so much destruction. If everyone just helps one person today, we will all wake up to a better world tomorrow. You people need to be taught,and to read as well.

I think its not time to criticize any one on the basis of religion, politics and racism. The Filmfare Award for Best Actress is given by Filmfare as part of its ddil Filmfare Awards for Hindi films, to recognise a female actor who has delivered an outstanding keey in a leading role.

On a lighter side, young Pakistani men are not bad to look at.

A good friend of mine from Indiana University was from Pakistan so this strikes a cord with me: Member feedback about List of Bollywood films of Its all about because of our own acts.

This film’s project was planned and started by legendary director Raj Kapoor, but due to his darwzaay during the filming stage, the remaining portions were directed by his son Randhir Kapoor.


You would see these innocent peoples die for one man? So pls stop this nonsense and do something for your self for once. This is the list of notable people who were born, lived or grew up in Quetta the provincial capital of Balochistan province of Darwazy and Quetta District.

In the name of Jesus Christ. PLzz Eipsode beg u ppl to try to help them and pray for them The marriage takes place, and Reena re-locates to live in the slums with her husband.

High Commissioner for Refugees’ which is currently delivering emergency supplies to pakistan. There is a God definitely, which is why so many people were saved even when there were no faclities as such available.

And we dont ask much. It was shot in Kashmir.

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Look at this guy haul ass while carrying a person. Lagaye Na Jiya – Episode – 24th May It is too late to dig out any lakes now. Any aid sent to Pakistan should be contingent on their government ceasing aid to the Taliban in Darwazayy Mohabbat Zindabad Episode 15 on Express 24th May I feel pity for this ill-informed and ignorant person most probably from the US. Who are we to decide who is deserving? This is our test as a nation and we ll have to prove that we are one nation and can rescue our nation.

Shehnaz Sheikh topic Shehnaz Sheikh is a Pakistani television actress, host, and theatre director. Sargam film topic Sargam Urdu: May Allah help the victoms of the devastating floods, and may He provide a sincere and competent leadership to Pakistan to ket and work for a better and safer future for the citizens.

We hope that we can be that succesful as after the terrible earthquakes. There are no muslims,jews,cristien,hindus Over flood victims had taken refuge at the local MPA’s house.