After Martin discovers Tommy has a special announcement to make, he believes that Tommy is going to pop the question. When Cole loses his job, Martin gets him a job working at the TV station. The prospect of owning a home gets scarier when Martin and Gina buy their ” dream house ” on Halloween, but soon find that the place is a haunted, calamity-filled horror. Pam’s crazy twin cousin Tammy portrayed by Tichina Arnold in a dual role escapes from a mental ward and comes to stay at Pam’s house, but eventually Pam ends up imprisoned in the same mental ward after being mistaken for Tammy. Prior to the episode’s airing, fans had the chance to influence the script by calling in a hotline to vote on who should initiate the reunification, Gina or Martin. The polls were decided that Martin should be the one to apologize. This is the only episode that Martin Payne played by Martin Lawrence does not appear in physically. Martin invites a crowd of friends over to watch boxing on TV, but can never get to watch it, because he is constantly interrupted by his guests.

Retrieved from ” https: Martin and an old friend get arrested for committing credit card fraud. Cole’s parents interrupts Cole’s evening with his girlfriend to demand back rent from their son. Gina and the gang quickly scramble to come up with bail money. Martin and Gina fight just before going to their engagement party, which Snoop Doggy Dogg has crashed. Gina, and Pam have taken roles in an upcoming play to help raise money for needy kids. Nobody knows what Tommy does for a living, so Martin and Gina attempt to find out. But can Tommy really hear his plea?

Her voice is later heard in the Season 5 episode “Scrooge”.

So they seek the help of a church Minister for counseling to help them resolve their issues. Martin tries to adapt to the new format. Martin is extremely jealous kartin the fact that Gina is out with another man, and decides to “help” him out when he begins choking on his food.


Gina is nominated for an advertising award, and she tells Martin not to play basketball with the boys because his back has been bothering him. Audible Download Audio Books.

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With Gina out of his life, Martin reconsiders his decision to let her go to New York to move on with her life, and he sets out to win her back. Gina also has been offered a new job that is also in L. Martin is chosen by his radio station manager to be the producer of a charity variety show for AIDS. As they go around the room, each of them has a different remembrance of the events that day, with Gina imagining Martin as a shy nerd, Cole imagining Pam madly in love with him, Martin imagining himself as a super fly guy who wowed everyone on the sax, and Pam reimagining the episoddes hijacked by gunmen and Martin holding Gina hostage.

They both disapprove of the maids each other has chosen. Martin is dreaming that he is attracted to Pam.

And after his advice on the show brings an arguing couple back together, Martin begins referring to himself as the Love Doctor, and begins handing out relationship advice to everyone he meets.

So they get with Jerome to track down the 3 female thieves at their hideaway. As they work together, Martin finds that he has taken a liking to Monica, and tries to resist the temptation to be with her.

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As they prepare, some of Martin’s old friends stop by and they gather the gang at Nipsey’s and recall past good times. They eventually settle on Miss Minnie Marla Gibbsa nice older motherly woman on the outside, but who makes their lives unliveable with her domineering ways. In the end, Martin is left to do the whole show by himself, but he fails miserably. When Martin announces on his talk show that any man can beat any woman at anything, especially in sports, Gina, Laquita and Pam challenge him to a girls-against-guys basketball game.


Gina’s conceited college friend, Monique Merrin Dungey comes to town. Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. Martin agrees to baby-sit his infant cousin-in-law Cameron when his parents go out of town.

They try everything to get her head unstuck; Tommy uses a welding torch to get most of it off.

Martin S01E06 Forever Sheneneh

Control 03 Oct 8. Everybody pools together to get a raffle ticket from Roscoe, and wind up winning episores brand new SUV. Martin then decides that he will give up all the rich foods he used to enjoy, and in true Martin tradition, he takes his dieting and exercise to the extreme. Meanwhile, Cole hangs out with Pam at the bar, where they begin to drink heavily.

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Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. With the help of Tommy and Cole, Martin goes to a chiropractor who helps him make it to the event in time.

Gina’s company is hired by Martin’s production company to advise new changes to for the show. Pamela James Jon Gries Martin and Gina decide to make a bet to see who will be the first one to give in to their primal urges.

So he hires his own personal consultant — Sneneneh Man Tracy Morgan. You’re not even Bobby Brown, okay? Martin and Gina flee to the Bahamas from their bickering families with Tommy and Pam to elope. Martin is determined not to have Tommy in his life as a sbeneneh, until Cole comes by to deliver some bad news. So they decide to sublet their old place to a young couple Kristoff St.

After Gina and Pam get promotions, Martin realizes his job is going nowhere.