I have just started watching Pakistani dramas… Since the beginning of Just that have to agree with SZ, that Naani has been saying these things all along to Falak and her mother, about remembering Allah , and not to just follow dunya. So a heartfelt thank you for always giving us these amazing reviews each week to complete the episode! Ditto on loving SeZ. But does it really matter anymore that Tabinda is uncouth and crass? All good things do come to an end, I will miss it but know that this is the right time and then we have ZGH coming so not too depressed!

But only dressing and styling n nothing else. And M turns around and brings up the issue of being a mulani, but in doing so she misses the real question Falak is asking. Why is that a bad word anyway? Parents are responsible for building the extent to our relationship to religion. It would be interesting to see how Mehrunissa resolves her own inner conflict brilliantly conveyed by Hina, its amazing that inspite of playing a mother in serials back to back , she succeeds in bringing such diversity to the role! Well next week is the last episode and for some strange reason it feels like a showdown even though Salman does not seem to have changed at all.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So a heartfelt thank you for always giving us these amazing reviews each week to complete the episode!

She has always just talked about it being azmaish, and to turn to Allah and remember him. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Those really cracked me up coz Khaddi has to be the most popular clothes store here amongst the well-to-do.

But still eager to see how the end turns out and if we see Salman seeing the other side. In times of trouble most of us tend to blame those around us for our failures, its human nature. About US Submit a review. Sadaf View all posts by Sadaf Sadaf is an obsessive drama fan and loves reading books.


However, I had loved the original ending of Umera Ahmed. Its not that Falak has akar but they both are not taking the first step because of ego. Everyone have said so much and that too beautifully; that i am left with nothing as such. This was an anguished and tormented Mehrunissa, a gorgeous butterfly whose shiny wings had been cruelly pulled apart, by those very people to whom she had given so much of herself.

Salman not getting blamed: Yes Azmaish can happen to good and bad people, its not necesarily a punishment, only Allah knows. The Zsat was felt so hard from her face and her gestures.

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I love Shehr-e Zaat!! Blamed by her daughter, reprimanded by her husband, chided by her mother, and cruelly gossiped about among her zast, Mehrunissa ultimately was forced to awaken from her slumber in the wee hours of the night, and listen to that which her khaali makaan had been telling her all along. As usual a fantastic review. Nadia Afgan is perfect as tabinda.

But yes, it was a great episode. As if we look around family environment and brought up plays the integral role in shaping episose individual. Where a women can face her greatest fears and difficulties with honor and dignity. But does it really matter anymore that Tabinda is uncouth and crass? Notify me of new posts via email. I agree those Khaddi bags where perfect. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I think the problem is everyone is so stuck at seeing the same things over and over again, they are not used to such a sensible story.

Is it mere curiosity? Bin Roye — Episode 14 Review. She went on and on…. Downstairs Naani has come on a visit and is mulling over the situation with Zaxt distraught mother. Why is that a bad word anyway? Ashk — Episode 18 Review? Find us on Facebook. Ditto on loving SeZ. Her social standing was more important to her than her daughter, family ,household,and what a stellar performance by Hina Khawja Bayat,on the stairs. If you pay close attn to all that Naani says she is absolutely right.


How perfectly Mahira was portraying every emotion. I hope this helps. Shehr-e Zaat has beautifully highlighted that answers do not lie outside of ourselves, they are infact within episose, all that is required is a realization of error of our ways, and then asking for forgiveness.

Naani says everything is an azmaish and yes i really do feel Rishtey are the biggest ones, they are the ones that shape us, make us who we really are. While a religious background might,nay will help you deal with and indeed overcome the difficulties of life it certainly is not going to protect you from the roller coaster zast is kismet.

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What have I done wrong? Epispde bnana is not at all the requirement pr Allah se rishta tu hona chahie. As no one in her family offer namaz and asked her to do so. Glad that you both also thought those wudu shee prayers scenes were stunning. Our own beloved Prophet PBUH has warned us about those who perform religious rituals to be seen of Men and if memory serves me right Qaid e Azam warned Gandhi Ji about the use of overt religious symbols.

However this is a common complaint with many dramas and I thoughthey get over yourself. Surely, no one is with us except HIM. We talk to kids about being good students, importance of good manners, being polite, etc, but how often do we stress epislde values of humility, gratitude, etc.

She is living in complete denial. Perhaps they episoce few more sermons for the viewers. Shehr-e Zaat Episode 16 Sadaf. Email required Address never made public. Bin Roye — Episode 10 Review.