The scene gives you goosebumps. Technically Sheher e Zaat always been wonderful; shot in such a way that almost makes you forget there is a screen between the audience and the actors, as if we were all sitting in the same room sharing the I have a feeling there might be some fanatics calling in to tell-off the cast and crew. I should have also included D for Dialogues. Perturbed by this behavior she tries to confront him and even tries to make an effort in making things right. I would but dramasonline and the comments there, their mentality and way of thinking and looking at things really piss me off for some reason. Haan shayed for Falak he was a total ss but for a Tabinda he was that perfect prince charming we all look for.

So much fun reading all these posts Afia thanks to you too for sharing these posts are so fun. But she felt the drama just showed what was happening in the world and one can take either meaning out of it. That quote hit home for me. Thank you so much for your kind words! I also thought for a minute is that orange shirt the same?? It could not have ended in any better way than this. The Beloved was always within; He only needed the lover to find him.

Perhaps we need to revisit the old adage: I mean for the love of God first they flul kitaabi hard to understand urdu and uper se they blas music thakay hum sab weak in urdu wolon ko bilkul samaj na aaye.

It is a very unique name! But they have repeatedly said these things.

Growth — the way Falak went from being self absorbed to self aware, from being arrogant to turning sympathetic, from feeling entitled to becoming humble. A period of time later, Falak and Salman go out for dinner. Main bhikari nahin hoon Main ne kabhi kisi se kuch nahin maanga After received her Prince, and then a beautiful wedding and now lives a blessed life in her lovely castle Falak can be forgiven for thinking that it is now In fact it was His mercy, because it showed Falak the reality of things, and brought her closer to Allah.


I love love Hisaam, he is one of my fav directors.

Sher-e-Zaat Episode 18

Sab ek se barh kar ek! On their ceremony, he tells Rushna that Falak is lucky to have him and not the other way around.

Wow wow wow thank you for such A Fab review! It could not have ended in any better way than this. Like let people enjoy the drama you mad woman….

Fariha there was the dialogue chezain be haya nahi hoti, it was not written by Umera check my first comment on the top of this page and the discussion underneath. Yet Salman is barely even attracted to her, let alone consider her as an important part of his life.

He really was not a womaniser before he encountered Tabinda. Here we owe YOU a huge thanks SZ for peeling off the layers one by one to reach the core of that idea and constantly reiterating and reinforcing those ideals with beautiful analogies. I hope you fll now continue commenting and I look forward to having you join us in our weekly conversation on ZGH, IA!

Really enjoyed your encounter, I think SZ is right, you do have a radar, and thus time you met 3 at once. Naani was fabulous, will remember her nasiyeeats for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing them. I do hope though that we get to see more of this powerhouse actress. What have they done or said to make a modest individual like him so upset. Really looking forward to your next projects, and good luck to you for the future!! You know that self-respect Hamza was talking about in the first few episodes?

Now besides the fact that I am a maleI can not in a million years belive that Salman could fall for a girl like Tabinda. Let me check i will have to re-read la hasil maybe some can confirm? The restlessness, crazy out-of-control feelings, leaving the person exhausted, no respite even after gaining the affection of the person in question.

Shehr e Zaat Episode 18 On Hum Tv (26 October ) Full Episode In HQ – video dailymotion

There might be something you like, which others may not like and that is totally okay. Thankyou SZ for giving us this space to come together in our journey! Her calmness offered solace and hope to Falak, gave Falak the strength to start her journey. Finally got it back Friday evening. The play ends abruptly and the ending does seem irrational and disjointed. Nadia Khan used to be my fave morning show host. I just wish more people would have learned a lesson from something so special. Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari.


Well well i am quiet speechless after such a beautiful heartening review where to start from. She is a wonderful actress who hardly needs my praise, but what a great job she has done with this role.

Though the journey is full of challenges, learning to hold on, with prayers, introspection and an open mind being our support system, gives us hope that we too may be one of those lucky ones who can make it through….

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Just wanted to write this dialogue that Nani says about gratitude: I dont exactally remember the details but there was a public fued between sarmad and farhat too on her page. I so agree with you SK. Kudos Sarmad Khosat you have just made a phenomenal play. N looking forward for more. All the best always! I think we all have enjoyed your performance immensely. I, as a director, disown Shehr e Zaat officially — Sarmad Khoosat.

Mark Zuckerberg gave away millions of dollars to fight Ebola. And my cousin became so tongue tied that she looked like a fish out of water. This may take a second or two. Falak finds Salman falls in love and when she ignores her well she is flared up so it was more for her egotistical reasons to get him.

She is uninhibited and wildly emotive.