After figuring out that Akasha used a dark artifact to create Shikabane from the human lives suffered inside the SUV, a desperate Keisei turns the dark artifact against Akasha, temporarily routing the rogue priest, but at great cost to his own health. Ouri was disaffected and detached from the world until he rescued a black cat crying by the riverbed. Create Account Forgot Password. Her first mission is to take down a sicko‚Ķ Read More Makina is an undead teen mercenary trained to hunt down corpses that won’t stay buried. Planes continue to crash into Ikai City, but the Kougon Sect is hesitant to attack the Shikabane who rise from the wreckage. Makina reminisces about her experience as a Shikabane Hime with her former Contracted Monk Keisei Tagami , giving her the drive to attack Hazama. When Makina then points her gun at Rukuoka, Keisei arrives and manages to stop her before she pulls the trigger. The two go back to find Osaki, who then turns into a Shikabane.

After Ouri comforts Makina, Sadahiro acknowledges Makina’s struggle to break her bond with her former Contracted Monk. When Hokuto sees this, she brutally murders Akasha and escapes with Hazama. As Ouri returns to his apartment, Nozomi barges in and pushes him onto the floor, asking him to kill her. The world of local high school student and orphan Ouri Kagami is shaken when he encounters Makina after she is knocked out during an early encounter with the monstrous Hagino. When Akasha, Hokuto and Hazama travel toward the purification chamber, Sadahiro and Akira block their path and attack them, only for each of them to evade to the purification chamber. Although this takes a toll on Ouri, Makina somehow manages to stop the ball from spinning and causes it to shatter.

While checking on the safety of the orphans, Keisei is stabbed by the possessed Ouri. Unbeknownst shiksbane Ouri, his older brother-figure, Keisei Tagamiis somehow involved with Makina as well. Dub Beyond the Dead Full Episode.

While playing a soundtrack from Osaki’s album cover, Keisei gives Makina a hand in destroying Osaki. This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat After three children hlme in a highway accident come back to life as Shikabane, Makina is dispatched to kill them. As Takamasa could not bring himself to permit Itsuki to kill Tomoharu, she suddenly transformed into a Shikabane.


Shortly afterwards, the black cat was tragically run over by a car. After failing to restore her body a week later, he stole secrets ritual scriptures before going rogue. Kowaku and Akasha attack Makina and Keisei at the temple grounds. All of a sudden, Ouri is engulfed by the black cat, turning him into a Shikabane. Akasha breaks down in tears, but is relieved when the corpses still moves.

Her first mission is to take down a sicko with a thing for biting young girls. Return to Login Forgot Password. Season 2, Episode 22 – Corpse Princess: Akasha decided to make Hibiki his Shikabane Hime.

Although Rukuoka tries to do this to Makina, she frees herself and shoots the Shikabane to its death.

Ouri is called out by Nozomi to look at a magazine featuring a cult with followers that regenerate after being burned alive. However, Ouri unwittingly interferes when he helps one of the Shikabane escape, mistaking her for a normal child named Hikaru, which irritates Makina. Meanwhile, Nozomi Epiisodewho was searching for Makina, is approached by Toyawho manipulates her with a balloon tied around her neck. Learning his lesson from the past, Takamasa unhesitatingly allows Itsuki to shoot Tomoharu.

When Ouri’s classmates mention about Nozomi, Ouri leave with Makina, who contemplates what it means to truly be alive.

corpse princess episode 1 english dub

It is revealed that Tomoharu became a Shikabane four years ago to control the cars driven by young drivers and cause collisions.

Makina finds Keisei there, but as she senses something different about him, she falls down into a ditch. But one day, she became very ill, which led to her death. Although they have grown closer with each other, Takamasa was reminded not to treat Itsuki as a normal human girl.

Ouri resumes his priest training with Takamasa, while Makina is guided by Rika to complete an enkiri inside a cave to rid herself of the rotten rune. Views Read Edit View history. Ouri talks to his classmate Sumitoriwho shows Ouri a blog written by an ex-classmate named Mitsuyoshi, rumored to have been electrocuted.

Makina continues her fight against Hokuto but is easily overwhelmed.

Makina, struggling at this moment, is having a hard ahikabane shooting Kowaku due to his ability to change the makeup of his body. Ouri arrives just in time to embrace her, diminishing her rune and allowing her to kill the monk. This video has been licensed to ShareTV for distribution purposes. A Shikabane that has taken the form of an SUV lurks in a rental car facility at night, killing all who dare to ride in eposode.


Season 2, Episode 24 – Corpse Princess: Ouri, digging for information regarding a fire that had killed Makina and her family in the past, is led to her tombstone in the Hakuji Temple. Ouri and Makina find and confront Akasha and Hokuto inside the purification chamber. Read Less Full Episode. Most of the other Contracted Monks and Shikabane face off against Isaka and Toya, being able to defeat the both of them.

Shuji, trying to contact Minai but with no response, is kidnapped and later killed by thugs he had offended recently before. The series is licensed for North American distribution and release by Funimation Entertainment. However, sympathetic to Minai’s plight, Minai is told that if she makes a new contract with Ouri as her Contracted Monk, she will be able to return to being a Shikabane Hime, but she chooses to destroy herself instead.

This episode is an nonconsecutive recap of the season. Makina wants Ouri to understand that her purpose in life eub to fight death, but Ouri later disagrees. As Ouri returns to his apartment, Nozomi barges in and pushes him onto the floor, asking him to kill her. The remaining Seven Stars commence the final action of their plan as planes all over the city crash into buildings creating countless Shikabane.

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Makina invites Ouri into her apartment, confirming her intimate contract with him. Epixode Makina defeats Toya, it turns out to be a little girl raised by a poor family. As Rika assigns Keisei to pursue the Seven Stars, this gives Makina the resolve to finally have her vengeance against them.

After releasing Ouri from being possessed by Ena, Akasha appears and mortally wounds Keisei, taking out his left eye.